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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Short Spring


While outside watering,

which is one of my very favorite things to do,

I saw the temperature.

It was in the 90’s today.

What a short spring.


So I walked my yard,

which is right at an acre,

and I talked to my plants,

especially my tomatoes.

I doubt I’ll grow Sungold cherry tomatoes again,

but they sure are lobbying for a return appearance.

This is what I said.



“ It’s going to get really hot around here,

and it will last for months.”

”I promise I will water as often as I need to so don’t worry.”

”I know. Sometimes I drink from the hose and run water all over my face

and hose off my feet,

but I won’t forget you.

I’m just pretending I am a young girl again.”

”We’re in this together.”


Does anyone else do this?



Olive Cooper said...

I planted seeds for a perennial wildflower bed today and will be watering it daily. I get very dirty and icky in my garden but I do not mind a bit. Your tomatoes look very fetching Laura.

Blondie's Journal said...

I don't, but if I could have tomatoes in April, I would!


Sarah said...

Laura, it's way too early to be in the 90s, but I'm afraid it's here. And yes, I love to cool off with the hose when I'm out watering. ;-)

Rita said...

I don't do it, but I sure love to eat those tomatoes that grow in your garden! There is just nothing better than a tomatoe picked out of the garden! Sounds like you are having the weather we are! It's already reached the 90's a couple of times so far.

Karen said...

I wish I did get out more often. I just get so hot! lol
Neighbor, I saw 102 on the temperature gauge on my car. Was that possible??? Yikes.
Ladybug Creek

Preppy 101 said...

No, actually, I don't have a green thumb. My flowers probably hate to see me coming, unless I have that cold water in hand ;-). xoxo

jojo said...

I wish it were spring here, oh, and the love of tomatos in April!! We are still under a frost warning and a possible snow warning on Thursday so I haven't even planted yet. Short about no spring! Oh, and yes, I talk to my plants, they are the only ones who listen!

NanaDiana said...

Yep! I don't like drinking out of our hose though cuz...well...just cuz... But I love hosing off my legs and feet and arms with water when I am outside working. We are still getting ready for Spring here...but my grass is finally green! YAAAAY~xxoo Diana

Dayle said...

:) I talk to my flowers and plants all the time.

Low Tide High Style said...

Hehe I love it! Most of my talking is directed at the weeds, and well I can't really repeat what I say to them! ;-)

Kat :)

Renée Finberg said...

since it is 90 degrees here everyday....
i walk around my garden and water if not daily...
every other day.
it is so relaxing.

your garden looks lovely xxx

Monica@The White Bench said...

Yep! Always. I so enjoyed seeing your tomatoes today, I used to grow them in the orchard when I had my home. They are very productive.
Thanks for taking the time to leave me a lovely note.

June said...

Laura I can't even imagine that. It is 45 here today and that's the high. We live in two different worlds I think. Your tomatoes are awesome and I can't even put mine out until June first here~~sigh~~
If you ever need a break from the heat...think about coming here to visit okay?!!!!!!
sending hugs from here...

Lisa said...

Well no wonder your garden does so well. With pep talks like that anything could thrive.:)

cityfarmer said...

... yup ... me and the hose are in a love affair ...

Theresa said...

I do:) They get lonely out there and then we just eat them! Kinda cruel, huh? Oh well, we gotta eat:)

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, I talk to my houseplants but not my outside plants. It's very theraputic for me and they seem to response favorably too. :o)

Always enjoy stopping by......blessings!

Nancy said...

This post made me smile. Or maybe it was the young girl inside of me that smiled at the thought of cool water over a hot face and feet. :-)

Sweet Tea said...

No, I don't talk to my veggies, perhaps that's what I'm doing wrong! Obviously your garden loves you!

Lynne said...

I just love your blog. You always make everything so interesting in the way you tell it and show pictures. Have a great week!

Grandma Nina said...

We haven't even had Spring yet!! I can't wait to get warmed up. Although I must say, 90 is a little high.
Your tomato plants look wonderful, as does your whole garden.
Yes, I talk to my plants, too. They know when I'm ignoring them!

Cozy Little House said...

Well, why do you think my garden is so lush and green? I talk to my pretties!

Deb said...

your tomatoes look great...must be the pep talks...I think I will give that a try...

Marguerite said...

Wow, tomatoes already! We're having a freak cold front right now, with rain and 50 degree temps. Hope all is well.

Kelsey said...

Oh, yes! My favorite thing in the day is to water the garden! Very calming and cooling in the Texas heat! I am from Del Rio and so I too spent my summers with a water hose! HAve a great day and thanks for visiting my blog! Kelsey @ Cowgirl Culture

Attic Rat said...

I only planted one tomato plant this year. I know, it's pathetic but that's the way it is.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my.... I'm shivering as I write this.....and even my primroses are having a tough time. Can't wait for some yummy tomatoes...


CHERI said...

We gave up on tomatoes a few summers back...they always got the blight:( We've had some 90 degree days here too, but today is so nice! Rather like March with cooler temp and absolutely gorgeous day though. I do dread the soon-to-come heat, and, of course, the gnats who have already found there way back from wherever it is they go during the winter!!! I think they should spend at least one summer up north to let those folks know what they're missing!

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