Friday, February 10, 2017

Selling Our Home

Dear Friends-

Goodness, things in my life are in such a state of excited, stressed upheaval.

Our home went on the market January 13th, and we had a contract the next week.

Why are we moving? It becomes very simple and clear when it involves grandsons and family and adventure.

As I have said often in recent weeks, there are lots of moving parts involved in this process.

Here are a few things I have realized in recent weeks, and if you are going through a big change in your life like I am, these will probably make perfect sense.

* It is ok to cry. Crying doesn't mean the decision to move out of a home that has your soul embedded in every single inch of it is a wrong decision. It simply means that crying is processing.

*The reason (grandsons) you may be moving remains the same regardless of how you feel. Just because at times it feels overwhelming and scary doesn't mean the reason for doing it has changed. It just means it feels overwhelming and scary.

* Change is good and is not finite. Life doesn't give us a change limit. We can keep changing. We can be brave and strong.
Change is good.

 Let me know if you are planning a big move this year.
We are in this together!


I am sharing this today as part of a wonderful group of bloggers participating in Ten on the 10th.

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