Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When It Looks Like Your Home But It's Not

And so the story that began on March 15th, when my husband and I moved to El Paso to be nearer our grandsons, continues.
It is all good even though we have not found a house.
Let me rephrase.
We found a house- a fixer upper to be exact- whose inspection later revealed all sorts of hidden issues that were not part of the plan,
and so we said thank you but no thank you.

It was going to be amazing, I thought,
even though my entire family disliked the house.

And so here we are.
Why have I not lost it?
Because I believe more will be revealed, and
because so many things in my daughter’s home look like my home-

I feel at home.

These plates from Mexico sitting against
the Saltillo tile in her kitchen look just like something I had/will have in my kitchen.

I found 12 of these plates in a small shop on a bottom
shelf in Old Mesilla , New Mexico last year.
They became an early birthday gift for her, and they look wonderful in her

This is the hallmark on the back.
She has other wonderful treasures that I often teasingly ask,
“Is that mine?”
I love this ginger jar,
and I gave her a pair of these large ginger jars with blue chevron stripes for another birthday.
They caused a real motherly moral dilemma which mentally sounded like this:
“I want these- I need to give them to Heather- I want these- I need to give these to Heather”.

And so the message here as we move into June dear friends is that
more really will be revealed.
We really can find our home even if we are temporarily living in someone else’s.
I hope things are going well for you all.
My dear friend Anna gently chided me on the phone this morning as she said-
“you need to get back to blogging”.
She is right!

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