Friday, October 26, 2012

October Mantels Past

Fall Mantel 2011

Mantel 2011

The seasonal history blogging creates

is so much fun.

It is a wonderful reminder of the

standing in the middle of our respective homes

that we all did earlier this month ,

surrounded with plastic tubs marked



Mantel 2010

That standing and sorting and trying this and moving that certainly creates our mantel for that fall season,

but it is also a time for me to

*pray prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude

*pray for what ails us or others 

*shoo away the fear

* and in a more practical sense think,

”I can NOT buy another pumpkin.”


Mantel 2012

And I am sure you are not surprised that I have a philosophy about

decorating for the seasons.

Once seasonally decorated, I like my house to look like it has on a pair of cool shoes

or a great necklace,

as opposed to wearing a costume.

Best Halloween costume advice I gave my girls?

Pick out a costume where you still get to look good.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Daughters: Take a Ham


Dear Daughters,

If you want to be the

Queen of the Covered Dish,

which has its merits and does not involve a swimsuit competition

or twirling fire batons,

take a ham.

I realized this when I put a pencil to it.

Here are the choices:

Plan A

Drive to Wal Mart to purchase ingredients for a moderately priced but allegedly delicious casserole.

Become distracted in the spray paint department with a new variety of metallic gold spray paint . Put 2 cans
in your basket.

After all Christmas is right around the corner.

Push your basket through the garden department and spot miniature pots of succulents- your latest obsession.

Place three in your basket.  

Cruise past the magazine aisle and spot all of the new Christmas magazines.
Grab one and throw it in your basket.

Decide its time to head toward the grocery department.

Locate your ingredients and head to the checkout counter.

Ask yourself how a simple casserole could cost $42.00.


Plan B

Drive to Wal Mart.

Find a small to medium sized spiral sliced ham .

Put it in your basket.

Head to the checkout counter and pay the $20(ish)


Head home with a self satisfied smile on your face.

Locate your crown and put it on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Tablescape For Friends


There are moments in time when entertaining is about something other than

the occasion or the season,

and that ‘something’ makes it perfect.

This is not because of the home or the table or the menu;

but rather, because of the people and the ties and history that bind.

On the surface it appears to be a simple teacher’s birthday group celebration

for group members whose birthdays are in October.


But for me,  it was a chance for me to show these women (the 8 present and the 2 who were missing)

that I love them.

That many of my proudest moments in life were experienced in their midst

in the English wing at Sharyland High School


that they are oh so smart and funny and humble and the best teachers I have ever known.


My messages of love were all tied up in

* the place cards I made with cardstock I found at the check out counter at TJ Maxx,


*in the book pages I used on the place cards (which I knew would cause raised eyebrows because teachers NEVER destroy a book),
*and in the colors I used on the table ( black and linen, and white) all based on the

linen curtain panels I found on the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx for $10.00.

It was in the fall colored flowers on the table and the new black chargers I found on sale at Hobby Lobby,


And it was in the laughter.

We laughed and laughed and laughed,

and we ate,

and then we laughed some more.

I asked everyone to bring their favorite

Fall Comfort Food,

and they did.


spiral sliced ham

hash brown casserole

broccoli salad

green bean casserole

Sister Schubert rolls and butter

Mandarin orange cake

and coffee


It was one of those perfect moments in time.


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dancing in the Utility Room



Every day really is a new day here at White Spray Paint,

and yes, my utility room is cobalt blue.

Every other paint color choice seemed wrong.

Why not, right?

And when I started having all sorts of British colonial

design fantasies after it was painted,

straw baskets seemed right.



But that seemed a little tame

until gold came to mind.


And so it goes.


Now it is the perfect place to dance.

I know that because I was dancing there this morning

as my husband walked by the open door and said,

”Get it Mom.”


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Graphic Pattern


Is my current love of graphic fabric pattern because I am of an age where I might have witnessed the 60’s and 70’s and all of its glorious pattern?

Regardless of the era, trends all circles back around anyway. 

Well- all except avocado green and harvest gold. I hope that ship has permanently sailed.

I think it is because it works in my den of my new found black love.

I especially think it works because of my mother’s chairs of the curled arms and the cream fabric.

It takes a pretty confident chair to hold pillows like these.


They seem to be saying ‘bring it on’,

don’t you think?


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Daughters: Black


Dear Daughters,

As you well know, I have mentioned ‘cart before the horse’ design more than once.

Remember this post?

And the rules for this highly complex design process (not!) that Nonnie and I and you created? 

There are no rules

If there were, we’d break them anyway. It is ALL about the flea market.

And so this cart before the horse thinking goes to my new favorite color in the den- BLACK

It all started with Nonnie’s red chest that I painted in Maison Blanche’s chalk paint in Wrought Iron.

Oh what a difference.


Add to that the fact that I had been really lucky at the flea market lately.

We all know the best choice for our homes can be in the accessories and what lady luck unearths at the flea market any given week.

And then it all started to fall into place.

I added the cream colored oyster plate from the flea market,


the clay pot that I used for my faux succulents.


and the bust of the lady I found at the Antique Mall in Spring.



And finally there’s the starburst mirror that I found at the flea market that matches the mirror

I already have. What are the odds?

I can’t wait for you to see it.

It is so much fun, isn’t it?

Love you,



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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wooden Monograms and A List


If I could hang these monogram letters on the front of my Tahoe,

I would.

I love them that much.

And yes…

I have more than one set.


And so it goes.

I am

copying MYSELF.

Does a COLLECTION of wooden monograms make sense?

Has anyone ever done that?


And so here is my list of things that

has been floating around in my thinking lately.

*The key to blogging is desire.

* Occasionally you have to Act As If and write a post anyway.

* Writing creates writing. Trust me on this one. I will always be in my mind and heart an English teacher.

*You have to write to write. I promise that makes perfect sense.

*Having said that, it is also just as important to do other things, right?

And finally,

*October is a wonderful month.


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