Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Graphic Pattern


Is my current love of graphic fabric pattern because I am of an age where I might have witnessed the 60’s and 70’s and all of its glorious pattern?

Regardless of the era, trends all circles back around anyway. 

Well- all except avocado green and harvest gold. I hope that ship has permanently sailed.

I think it is because it works in my den of my new found black love.

I especially think it works because of my mother’s chairs of the curled arms and the cream fabric.

It takes a pretty confident chair to hold pillows like these.


They seem to be saying ‘bring it on’,

don’t you think?


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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love the pattern. I love those chairs... and it all seems to work together with your new 'black' scheme/theme! Does this have anything to do with a certain zebra print acquired earlier in the year? (sshhh...not too loud we don't want the daughter to hear)

on another note...Avocado Green will always be a favorite of mine (my new bread box will attest to that)
and...I've seen plenty of 'chevron' patterned pillows done up in harvest gold!!

here! here! for avocado green and harvest gold!!!
somebody had to say it...might as well of been me. =D

Pura Vida said...

Those chairs are amazing. I have my grandmother's and her drum table that have never been apart in my whole life. good form!

trash talk said...

I'd wear a pattern like that if I was as curvy as your chairs. As it is...I'd look like a herd of turtles set up for target practice!

joanne said...

those chairs are a treasure, both elegant and graceful and the pillows like jewels around her neck!

Donnamae said...

Those are two statement graceful, and I love the pillows! The lamp is the curves!

I'm with you on avocado green and harvest gold....when you live thru those times you tend to feel differently.

I really like your new black accents...I think I'm inspired to try some myself! ;)

Chenille Cottage said...

What a striking pose your black and white pillows have made perched on your lovely chairs.
I love the simplicity of your new seating area.
Autumn Blessings,


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