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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Swinging Basket


Is there anything better than walking across a yard to your garden beds with a basket swinging on your arm?

At this wonderful stage of life, I can’t imagine there is.

Of course I had to search the flea market for just the right basket .

There is always a search at the flea market .

The key? You never plan the search. 

First I found this one, and I loved its no frills practicality.

First Basket

Here it is on my pondering table ( in my new zinnia garden area) where I sit and

think about all sorts of important things.

I also liked it because of what was printed on the end.


But then one early morning at the flea market, I found this one, and I knew it was the one.


It has the perfect swing.



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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dear Daughters: When Your Space Bar Doesn’t Work




Dear Daughters,

I may or may not have mentioned that the space bar on my relatively new computer does not work properly.

That means I have to correct every. single. sentence I write because the computer randomly decides which spaces between words are needed or not needed.

This is VERY irritating, and yes I am taking it in to be repaired.

However, because I am blogging again, I haven’t wanted to be without my computer for 3 weeks..

I am choosing to live in the land of irritability.

Here is the point ( and please stop rolling your eyes. Eventually there is a point).


Irritability, whatever the cause, is a slippery slope.  

It is a place to avoid for extended visits.

It is usually a symptom of something else: a faulty space bar, lack of sleep, an imagined slight, or a little righteous indignation.

It may even be caused by a Dear Daughters post.

And now I have cracked myself up.

I hope you are laughing too.

The point is to find your own way to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

I  love you,


Oh…I almost forgot. 

There are remedies.

These work for me: 

laughter , doing the next right thing even if it is a sink full of dishes, the idea that I need to get over it , and a prayer to say thank you and to keep my mouth shut.


I love you-



Monday, May 18, 2015

My Zinnias Are Making Friends

Zinnias and Floral Frogs

A wonderful thing has happened this spring.

My zinnias have made friends.

Zinnias and Cobalt Blue Vase 

How did this happen?

I started taking them with me when I went to special places to see special people.

*They stayed behind at a friend’s house after a ladies' get-together.

*They went with me to visit a dear teacher friend one afternoon to talk about her house .

*I gave a small arrangement to the mother of a very dear friend when I went to visit.

Her mother and my mother were friends.

Many of you know my friend.

It is Nancy of Nancy’s Notes

Isn’t she wonderful?

And so my zinnias were there when her mother reminisced about my mother. 

I will always treasure that afternoon. 


May I make a humble suggestion?

Find a container; dig up a sunny corner in a flower bed.

Plant some zinnias.

It is so rewarding. 

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee (and once you were settled and comfortable),

I’d ask you a blogging question because you are all so smart, and I still get a little confused regarding technology.

In fact, to this day my husband and I still call the television remote ‘the changer’.

And then we would laugh while you fixed your coffee,because I don’t think we hold this blogging technology business all too closely.


Now for the question.

Can anyone please tell me why am I receiving a Message Failure Delivery email when I leave comments on some blogs- but not all blogs?  

If you really want to laugh about technology, go to you tube and watch Amy Shumer’s  Mom Computer Therapy video.

It is hilarious.

I didn’t download it here, because I don’t know how!!!

And now I am laughing again.


PS.  This is really good coffee. 

We do not have a Trader Joe’s in our area, but every time we are near one I ask my husband for ‘just 5 minutes, I promise’.

Now go watch that video.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Daybook Entry: May 13th



For Today... the week of May 11th.

Outside my window...

everything is wet from an overnight thunderstorm-which in South Texas is usually not a bad thing.

I am thinking...


that my love of gardening really is seasonal.  When temperatures reach the 100’s it gets tough .

This year however, I am going to do a better job of staying on top of things.

I am thankful... 

for this wonderful neighborhood of new blogs and bloggers that I have met in the last two weeks.

I am grateful for the familiar faces of blogging friends that are still blogging. 

They have all been so kind. 


In the kitchen… 

tonight my husband cooked supper. 

He made pot roast with onions and roasted potatoes, yellow squash, and a green salad with ranch dressing.  It was so good. 


I am creating... 

a pile of things I am taking to my daughter and grandsons when we visit next week. 

So far the pile includes:

every little boy food item I have in my pantry (ie: pancake mix and syrup,pasta and spaghetti sauce),

community cookbooks for my daughter- and no, I couldn’t part with all of them,

and 3 retablos (that I found at the flea market) for my daughter’s house.  I can’t wait.


I am wondering... 

how my husband and I can make the drive from the Rio Grande Valley to El Paso in less that 12 hours.

The speed limit on IH 10 is 85

Don’t you think that is too fast?

I do.

It is probably going to take us 15 hours!

In my garden...


my zinnias continue to make friends

More on that later.

Have a wonderful week! 


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