Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Be Bold

Be Bold
Welcome to Ten on the Tenth!
In honor of Valentine’s Day 2018, which is right around the corner, a group of bloggers have come together, as we do each month, to offer inspiration.
With that in mind,
let’s talk about
Being Bold!
I have very distinct memories of various Valentine’s Days from years past.

I will always treasure one in particular,

It was 3rd grade at Riviera Elementary school, and after arriving at school on Valentine’s Day, clutching my valentines sealed in their small envelopes, 
ready to drop in my classmates’ decorated sacks, I was stopped in my tracks when I reached my desk.

There sitting in all of its over the top glory was a Valentine’s Day gift that resembled this.

It was enormous.
Bed Doll
I didn’t know where to look.

Remember when you were little, and you were pleased and embarrassed all at the same time?
You sort of sucked your cheeks in trying not to smile?

I knew who it was from.  He was already sitting at his desk looking equally embarrassed.  Oh the sweet shyness of youth .

Valentine’s Day has all sorts of implications, doesn’t it ?

And so what if this Valentine’s Day of 2018- that is right around the calendar’s rapidly speeding corner- we are BOLD?

Let’s channel Laura Ellen (me) at age 9, and give her another chance to stand tall, release her cheeks that are trying so hard to not smile, and look the gift giver in the
eye, and smile .

Whatever Valentine’s Day brings this year- and whether or not we have big plans- let’s all straighten our shoulders, get dolled up, ‘throw the closet’- (footnote below ), look someone straight in the eye and smile.

What a wonderful Valentine’s day that will create.

‘Throw the Closet’ is an expression my dear friend Celeste from South Texas always says before getting dressed for a special occasion-
which means, bring it all out- go for it, and when it is time to stop, you'll know- or someone will tell you!

Here are some bold spirit building ideas to help accomplish that.

Wear Red
IMG_3861 (2)

Wear Big Red Earrings


 Wear a Smokey Eye

Wear Red Lipstick   
Red Lipstick Passionate Red

Wear Red Nail Polish

These are just examples friends.
We all have something red in our closet or in our cosmetics, and if we don’t, Wal Mart does for all of the right prices.

Let’s use what we have and Be Bold.


I am blessed to be joining a group of ladies for Ten on the Tenth, who don’t seem to mind that I break the rules every month.

Visit all of their blogs for wonderful Valentine’s Day inspiration. They are all so talented.


They are BOLD.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

If We Were Having Coffee: My Word For The Year and Blogging

Casa Golondrina Christmas

Casa Gondrina at Christmas 2017

If we were having coffee, and after we discussed whether or not our Christmas decorations were boxed away, I would tell you about something I learned recently,

how it impacts my ‘word’ for the year, and a few thoughts on blogging.

For a few months, I have been following the Blogging Over Breakfast Facebook live posts of Gina Luker (of her famously successful blog The Shabby Creek Cottage).

Gina is smart, self deprecating in the right way, honest, and generous- all of the qualities I love in a person.

After listening to her emphasize how bloggers must know who is reading their blog in terms of interest- as well as suggestions and strategies for how to do that- I realized something.


Casa Golondrina Entry

So right about now would be a good time to insert a disclaimer .


I know I wrote very few posts in 2017. I know what the struggle and lack of willingness to do so looked like on my end.  I was living life on life’s terms (aren’t we all?), and

blogging about it was not at the top of my list. All of the opposites in life were fast at work in me in 2017.  (happy/sad…carefree/worried…laughing/crying).

I also know, however, that I need this blog as a voice for my creativity, the new changes in our lives due to a move, my quirky way of looking at things, and I need you.

So the paradigm shift in my thinking happened as I began to read, read, read.

I think it is also important to say that it was not planned reading.  It began in that serendipitous way that all great things do in today’s world.

I was simply clicking from one thing to the next on my computer.

I began to read about blogging, and I was blessed to stumble on people whose message I liked.

And so Gina’s message (to me) resonated.

So what did I determine following a little research of my blog?

I believe anyone who visits White Spray Paint and stays doesn’t mind reading.

I want to thank you for that .

I don’t always make it easy:)  One post may be like this one, the next may be on my husband’s delicious black-eyed pea recipe, and the next may be about my favorite finds at the flea market.

So… my word for the year- in honor of YOU is READ.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting 2018 Differently

 Photos from my 2017 Instagram feed

Happy New Year Friends!

I know we are all catching our breath from our holiday celebrations, but before you fully move into 2018, I would like to suggest an idea.

The turning of our yearly calendar usually inspires us to look ahead at what we need to do or change in 2018.

What if instead, we did things differently?

I have, and here is why.

Early one morning while watching a Facebook live video titled Your Best Year Yet  by one of my all time favorite bloggers- Edie Wadsworth of LifeinGrace- she made a simple suggestion that knocked my socks off.

I grabbed a piece of paper while watching and started writing.

Edie- in her infinite wisdom- suggested this task before doing anything else associated with 2018 thinking and goal setting.

Write a list of what you accomplished in 2017

If you are a rebel like I am who has wanted so badly to create a magic list of resolutions (ugh) for the new year- then this is a game changer.

As I listed in my favorite don’t overthink it stream of consciousness Laura zone- I started to feel my shoulders relax, and I felt encouraged.

I was then able to look at the new year differently, and I realized that I could do it. I could plan. I could succeed however that looked.

I could give that rebellious little girl in me credit where credit was due.

You can too.

Thank you Edie.


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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Zinnias in the Snow

Zinnias Winter 2017

This story begins with a conversation that took place in early September of this year, when I called the El Paso County Extension office.

I needed to talk to a master gardener.

You see I was in a bit of a panic.

I couldn’t imagine making my gardening way through 2017 without having zinnias.

It may seem hard to understand, but it was the last bridge too far in a year of monumental changes.

Here is what happened when I made that phone call.

Me:  “Hi- we’re new to El Paso, and I wanted to plant zinnia seeds in raised beds this week, and I need to get some information.”

Him: “Oh dear- I am afraid it is too late in the year. “

Me:  “But I need to do this…I haven’t gone a year without planting zinnias in years.”

Him:  “It is really about the growing and blooming season. Plus the nights and mornings are too cool. I just don’t think it will work.”

Me:   “I just have to…”

Him:  “Oh dear. “

And so I did.


 I walked outside, took the wooden mirror crate the movers had used, and I ripped off the cardboard backing.

There were still wooden slats across the bottom of the crate, but there were about 6 inch gaps in between.

I am a slinger, so I left them in place.

I worked up the soil a bit, dropped the box in place, and filled it with gardening soil.

I then poked a hole in the bed to find the rows that would clear the boards, and I planted my beloved zinnia seeds.


And then they came through.

And of course, the gentleman at the extension office was right.

The nights and mornings were too cool.

But I was right too.

And were they the healthiest zinnias I have ever planted? No.

But what they lacked in perfection, they made up for in perseverance and that kind of ‘vamanos’ spirit I love.


And earlier this month when it snowed, I walked outside to check on them, and I found this.

Zinnias in the Snow 2017 (2)

Aren’t they beautiful?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas at Casa Golondrina

It's beginning to look like Christmas at Casa Golondrina- 
our new home in El Paso.

Earlier this month, as I emptied crates of Christmas treasures from their home in the garage, I rediscovered old and new friends , as I do each year.

They each have a history and tell a story of sorts creating their own Christmas tour.
Here are their stories:)

Sagrado de Corazon
Each of the three gold tin hearts is a Sagrado de Corazon- or Sacred Heart. My dear friend Anna said they represent Jesus's love for humanity.Isn't that a beautiful message this time of the year? I bought them on our last trip across the border before we moved. Somehow I knew I would find a home for them.
Christmas Angel
The tall gold angel is exactly like the gold angel I gave another dear friend- Lupita- many years ago.
Three Wise Men
The three wise men belonged to my mother.
As a child, I thought they were so beautiful, and I still do.
Christmas and Blue and White
This buffet has displayed so many of our Christmas favorites- all nestled in with my blue and white.

I bought the red velvet and glittered poinsettia stems years ago on a trip to Laredo with my friends, Anna, Mary Jo, and Fran. Mary Jo pulled an enormous trailer with her husband's truck that day to hold all of our finds, and I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Christmas Tree 2017
And when we moved in, I didn't have a Christmas tree that would look right in a room with high ceilings. I found this one at a warehouse sale with my daughters which always means lots of laughter and comments of  "Oh, Mom." 

Christmas Tureen Collection
My collection of tureens survived the move, and I feel comforted seeing them in their traditional location.

I want to thank Katie of Let's Add Sprinkles for organizing this wonderful Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour.
All of these ladies have stunning homes and amazing Christmas decor.
Make sure you visit all of them!

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