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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dear Daughters: Wrinkles

La Senora Zinnia 2015

Dear Daughters,

First of all, I wasn’t about to include a photo of a wrinkled face in this letter. 

This is a zinnia variety called La Senora.  Isn’t it wonderful?

Back to wrinkles.

I didn’t listen to my mother who often said , “Laura Ellen, you better take care of your skin.” 

I confess I gave her cause for concern.

Each summer I slathered myself in my homemade baby oil and iodine suntan mixture
and then stretched out in the hot South Texas sun at the Kelsey Bass Exxon Camp pool,

a mile from our house on the ranch.

(Aside:  Did any other baby boomers do this? I had a friend at boarding school who added  sheets of aluminum foil to her routine to increase the results!)

While there, when I got hot, I dove into the water, cooled off in the pool, practiced my water ballet a la Esther Williams, raced my brother to the pool drain in the deep end, jumped out, slathered on more baby oil and iodine and stretched out for another round.

And even though, sweet daughters,  this is a cautionary tale about the adult after effects of sun tanning, this
time in my life was also great fun.

I drove a stick shift jeep to the pool, tried to get KTSA on the radio in hopes of hearing the Four Tops,
pondered in angst  if ‘he’ liked me or not, probably threatened to leave my little brother if he didn’t hurry up, and I had a library book in tow. 

At the end of our swimming, I also knew we were going to stop at a tiny store situated at the entrance to the camp, where we would buy ice cream sandwiches that we charged.

I learned early about signing charge tickets-which is a topic for another letter.

I was in heaven.

So here is my mother’s (Nonnie’s) ‘Laura Ellen’ speech to you.

You need to take care of your skin.

You may not have wrinkles now, but they are sneaky little devils who surface when you thought you were home free.

Trust me- I know.

You need to cleanse your skin, apply sunscreen, and any other potion you find that works for you.

Contrary to what people may say, these products do not have to be expensive.

I have gone that route, and the guilt of spending that much money on a problem I caused, I believe, cancelled out their good effect.

(I know… that’s a stretch.  Just agree.) 

Go to Ross or TJ Maxx or Marshalls and look through their ever changing stock of face creams.

Find serums that contain vitamin c or hyaluronic acid or alpha hydroxy acid
or if you are brave, retinol.

Spend $20 instead of$200.

I know you love all of these tidbits of great advice.

I also know you have been making faces during the reading of this letter and you need to stop right now.

That causes WRINKLES!

I love you, Mom



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Thursday, July 9, 2015

If We Were Having Coffee


                                                             Talavera Bird Bath in my Esperanza Garden

If we were having coffee this morning, and once we talked about my favorite coffee right now- specifically Gevalia Columbian, Community Club Columbian , and Eight O’Clock Columbian- I’d bring up the following:

We are headed back to El Paso this morning . 

Didn’t we just get back?

It seems like it, but it doesn’t matter because I miss my grandsons desperately and this time we are going to fly.

Our other daughters will be there too, and we have some adventures and exploring planned, so I can’t stop smiling.

I hope you have some exploring  planned this summer too.

In my book, that is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

800 Miles


We just returned from a week in El Paso where we helped our oldest daughter and her family move.

Allegedly it is a 12 hour drive…

If I am in the car, it takes us about 13 hours- and that is driving 85 mph most of the way.

There is even a time change.

Having grown up on a ranch 45 miles from town, I am a fast driver from way back, but I am here to say no

speed makes this trip shorter.

From: Mission, TX To: El Paso, TX


It is 800 miles no matter what you do.

None of that matters though because our two grandsons are at the end of the drive .

And now we are home, and I am already planning our next trip.

I think we need to fly, don’t you?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Inexpensive Summer Beauty Finds

NYC Dark Pink frost 2                                                                                                        

Here is your weekend assignment ladies.

Head to the cosmetic department at  Wal Mart or your local grocery store.

Look for the Wet and Wild cosmetic display and then lower yourself into a squatting position.

I kid you not.

Trust me- it will be worth it.

This lipstick is always at the bottom.

Look for Dark Pink Frost in # 502 A.

It is only 99cents!  Grab 2.

Now look for the next item on your list.

The good news is it is in the same display.

Wet and Wild Reserve Your Cabana

Look for Wet n Wild’s Coloricon Bronzer Illuminator

in Reserve Your Cabana.

It is really a highlighter more than it is a bronzer.

Grab one.  It is less than $4.00.

And finally, make your way to the NYC display.

NYC HD Eyeliner Deep Purple

Look for NYC’s HD Eyeliner in Deep Purple.

Do not worry about the color. It is really a brownish plum.

It is amazing and less than $2.00.

You now have 3 beauty products to ‘summerize’ your makeup for less than $10.00!

Application Tips:

Dark Pink Frost Lipstick-  I have never been a fan of pink lipstick but this shade is wonderful.  You can wear it alone or over a darker shade.

Reserve Your Cabana-  After you have applied your blush, lightly brush this highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. It creates the perfect highlight. 

Deep Purple Eyeliner-  This is a wonderful smudge proof eyeliner in a brownish plum. It enhances all eye colors.

Have fun!  I expect a full report!

Isn’t summer fun?

Do you have any makeup favorites?


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Favorite Summer Outfit




Enough about stink bugs.


I am officially over it. Whatever happens the rest of this gardening season, happens.

Let’s visit instead about my favorite summer outfit.

I love to wear any type of Mexican top(like the example pictured above)

with white boyfriend jeans and sandals.

Current/Elliott The Fling Slim Boyfriend Jeans

Add my favorite turquoise bracelet and Federico earrings, and I am ready.

Turquoise Jewelry

The bracelet was a birthday gift from my oldest daughter Heather,

found during an Urban Market (Houston) shopping trip.

I love it and wear it often.

The Federico earrings are a treasure I found on Ebay years ago.

What’s next?

My recent make up and skin care finds.


What’s your favorite summer outfit?

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