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The Art of Thrifting: My Story

Welcome to a new series 
 Join me again here, Monday, September 26th for the first guest post in this series, written by my dear friend

I have had a sneak peak, and you are in for a treat!

Now for my story.

     My love of exploring and searching for treasures at the flea market is in my DNA and all began because of my mother.

She was a great finder and collector, and I learned through her how much fun the journey can be and how you can add beautiful things to your home in the process.

I started following her footsteps by going to the same local flea market she frequented on Saturdays, when our girls' activities didn't pull me elsewhere.

     She always got there earlier than I did. 
And even years later, when ovarian cancer was part of her life, she was always there bright and early.

I have a precious picture etched in my memory of turning down an aisle one Saturday morning at the flea market and seeing her at the far end with a scarf tied around her head, after a chemotherapy treatment had caused her to lose her hair.

This is not a sad tale friends-
although she was far too young to leave us (64).
Because even though I miss her every single day and my girls do as well, she is in us.

My love of treasure hunting is one of life's greatest pleasures, and my girls have that love as well. 
That is because of her.  

I started out buying pieces of milk glass and hammered aluminum because they called to me, and they were always on sale for less than a dollar.

Any Saturday morning when I found either, I was in heaven.

Over the years, I moved on to all sorts of things (art work, books, silver plate, china, pottery, kitchen ware, tables, chairs, lamps...), all the while creating collections or simply buying a unique item once.

All of these years of thrifting developed my personal philosophy about all of this, which is:

Build It and They Will Come

Remember this line from the movie Field of Dreams

When asked how I find things at the flea market, the key is I don't go looking for them.
They come to me.
In typical White Spray Paint fashion, this makes perfect sense to me.
If you are an avid flea market, estate sale , yard sale shopper you know what I mean.
Things appear that I need/want somehow.
It is serendipity at its finest.

Checks and Balances 

I don't 'over' haggle. I think it is rude and besides the vendor is selling a product he owns.
His price is his business.
My business is to decide if I will pay the price.
The only thing I ever ask is
"Is that your best price?"
If I can't pay that price, I say thank you , smile, and walk on.

It's a Blast 

I love it. I just do.
On Saturday morning I throw on my yard clothes- or a Mexican top, swipe sunscreen on my face and head out in Hauler 2.
I stop at the ATM, get cash, and head to the Chick fil A drive thru for a cup of delicious coffee.
My cart is in the back along with my hat and my shoulder strapped flea market purse from Guatamala.

As I arrive, I start saying good morning to everyone- sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish , and I am always greeted respectfully and kindly.

I head to my favorite vendor, park my cart and wait for the boxes to be hauled off the truck.

More often than not, my daughter Lauren is at the flea market with me, while my oldest daughter Heather is at the flea market in El Paso, and our youngest daughter Katherine is at estate sales or at local thrift stores in Dallas.

My mother's legacy continues.
It gets a little dicey once the boxes are unloaded, but I get that. It is after all a competitive sport. The fun is still there nevertheless.

You Might Be Horrified  

These places are not refined, and I don't care.
My favorite places are not antique stores or antique malls.
Whether it's a Ropa Usada Warehouse where I find books or digging through boxes with laser focus at the flea market or thrift stores, this is not for the faint of heart.

To that I say, to each his own.
This all feeds my introverted spirit, and I am as happy as I can be.

My daughters and I go to Round Top at least once a year where
treasures are certainly in a different type of setting, and we enjoy that too.
We are going next week in fact. 
It is about the inspiration and artistry there and the amazement at what the Warrenton (our favorite) vendors have created.

It is My Therapy      

Life has its ups and downs, and its highs and lows.
Somehow this is how I process.
This is how I reboot and regain my footing.


All of the photos above contain flea market finds.
I had fun finding them.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thoughts of Home on Thursday #33

Welcome to Thoughts of Home on Thursday and welcome to the first day of fall!

To celebrate the beginning of fall here at Thoughts of Home, we would like to offer you a copy of the free printable of the autumn graphic above.

Just click on the link below to get your copy!

Autumn Printable 

As your hostess this week, Laura of White Spray Paint would like to invite you to 
join in the fun this week and share your inspiring posts.

Here are last week's features. 

 Pat of Life at Lydia's House does a beautiful job of upholstering a chair. Isn't the chinoiserie fabric lovely?

Jody of Southern Seazons at the North Ranch created a beautiful fall vignette of fall florals and pumpkins in the perfect tray.
 Marci of Stone Cottage Adventures shares a delicious recipe for Heirloom Tomato Soup which is perfect for fall. She used tomatoes from her garden.

Tracey Lee of Mia Bella Passions shares her love of magnolias and this beautiful
Black Tulip variety. Isn't it unique?

 And I was fascinated with the title of Jocelyn's  post "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"-taken from the title of a book- on her blog Just a Little Southern Hospitality. Her encouragement to relax as the seasons unfold is an important one.

Now to this week's party.
We ask that you please:
1. Link back to this post or any of the four hosts websites.
Stacey from Poofing The Pillows
Laura of Decor To Adore
Jemma from At Home With Jemma
Laura of White Spray Paint
2. Share up to three of your favorite posts, remembering to not link to advertising or shops.
By linking up you are providing permission that Thoughts of Home on Thursday can feature your post and accompanying photos on future blog posts or other forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. A link back to your blog will always be provided.

Thank you so very much for joining us, and we hope to see you each and every week at
Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finds and Favorites

It wouldn’t be a post at White Spray Paint lately if I didn’t begin by saying,
“It is still hot here.”
It was in the 90s today.
I know…enough already.
Now that that is out of the way, l have some wonderful finds and old favorites
I rediscovered lately.

What I’m Reading
Defending Jacob
The bargain hunter in me loves that I can download e books from our public library on my kindle at no charge.

I am currently reading Defending Jacob that I checked out as an ebook from the library
and prior to that I checked out Robert Crais’s book The Promise. 
I have decided that I need to stop reading book blurbs or dust jacket summaries.
All books these days sound so weird to me, or goofy, or slightly depressing.
If I stick to mysteries and courtroom dramas I am engaged. Some storylines are a real beating.

What I’m Wearing IMG_1679

On a recent trip to San Antonio, I found two San Antonino dresses, a shawl , and a cool table runner from
Mexico I couldn’t live without-
all while my husband waited in the car.
He has had lots of experience .
San Antonio has the best selection of Mexican dresses and tops both at the market downtown and at
I have found the absolute best fall lipstick color by Revlon recently.
Spicy Cinnamon # 641
Spicy Cinnamon
This color is perfect for fall. Revlon has the best color selection for lipsticks,
and if you are from Texas and you shop at HEB , they always have coupons available in their
cosmetic department.
And ladies, I know the trend is nude lipstick colors, but trust me that is not always a good look.

Who I’m Applauding
pink banner
I have contacted Linda of the blog Life and Linda for her blogging expertise so much in
technology desperation, I now call her my
Blog Paramedic.
She has talked me through all of the weird glitches that happen on my blog,
and she is gracious while doing it.
In addition she thinks of you and your blog even when you haven’t contacted her , and she researches issues
you have.
Her rates are affordable and the experience is delightful.

That’s it for now.
I am off to the flea market.
Watch for an introduction this weekend to my new White Spray Paint series!
The Art of Thrifting Edited II

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tiered Tray Extravaganza Wrap Up

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful decorated tiered trays that were part of our

Thoughts of Home Tiered Tray Extravaganza.

I know I have, and here is what I have enjoyed:

*we are all using things we have,

*we are all creating tiered trays out of other home decor items that we have re-purposed,

*and every tray and vignette created is beautiful.


Now to some wonderful features.

Tiered Tray Feature FarAboveRubies

Anita of Far From Rubies created her tray and has it beautifully arranged with fruit.

Her post DIY Tiered Tray includes a simple, practical tutorial.

Tiered Tray Feature White-pumpkins-and-pine-cones

Shelley of Calypso in the Country used my favorite color of pumpkins this season (cream)

to fill a a metal tray along with pinecones.

Tiered Tray Feature Nancy's Notes

My dear friend Nancy of Nancy’s Notes has a beautiful home (I know, I have seen it!)

and this lovely corner is no exception. Her tiered tray is perfect for fall.

Tiered Tray Feature Belle-Bleu-Interiors-Fall-Tiered-Tray-7

Shannon of Belle Bleu Interiors creates a beautiful tiered tray using fall colors and

my favorite (and I think hers) blue and white in her post Designing a Tiered Tray.

Tiered TRay Feature Offaeriesandfauna

Of Faeries and Fauna Craft Co. created a beautiful tiered tray with soft creams and white

and a pop of orange.

I love that owl.


Tiered Tray Feature EllenB

Ellen B. of The Happy Wonderer creates this beautiful tray of pewter and lavender.

It looks like something from a different time doesn’t it?

Tiered Tray Feature Sharing Shadymont

Kathy of Sharing Shadymont uses beautiful fall colored natural elements to create

her stunning tiered tray. It creates such a sense of warmth and welcome.


And Susan of Ash Tree Cottage creates a tiered tray of elements perfectly suited for fall: apples and pinecones. Susan’s home is so welcoming.

Visit all of the hostesses at Thoughts of Home who are also sharing features today.

Decor to Adore

Poofing the Pillows

At Home With Jemma

The first day of fall is quickly approaching!

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