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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hunting Easter Eggs in the 50’s: A Confession


My list of special Easter  memories

is as vivid and sharp as if it were yesterday:

* the sharp smell of vinegar when dying eggs

*my new Toni home perm

* a white stiff, crunchy feeling Easter hat

*white ruffled socks and my Spring dress shoes

*Mamaw’s (my maternal grandmother’s) lush carpet grass in her backyard on Alice Street in Kingsville

* the blue plumbago blossoms I liked to stick to my ears as earrings

*my mother’s sewing machine whirring while she made us new dresses


*the dilemma I faced as a little girl hunting Easter eggs.


(my worried expression tells it all)

What dilemma might that have been?
I wanted to win… to find my share of the eggs,

while appearing otherwise.

I wanted to run fast with my petticoat bouncing and my shoes pinching.

I wanted to beat my cousins to every single egg, without seeming like I wanted to.

I wanted to demonstrate the importance of ‘sharing’

while grabbing with the best of them.

I wanted to show that I had learned that

‘company goes first ‘ lesson I was taught,

while winning it all.

And then Mamaw and Papaw would shout “GO!”,

and I forgot about it all.

I just ran.


Happy Glorious Easter dear friends!

Every single, little thing is going to be Ok.

HE said so.


this is a re-post of one of my favorites.


Monday, March 17, 2014

I didn’t know where to look


On a recent trip to see grandsons,

I didn’t know where to look.

One minute I was totally focused on watching my oldest grandson play ball,

and then I turned in my bleacher seat and saw this.


Back and forth- all weekend.


Or the day before watching my oldest grandson fishing

and then turning and seeing this.


I need to go back right away and look some more.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Cookie Butter- A Moral Dilemma



Here are five random things this wonderful Friday, beginning with:

*Cookie Butter- a Moral Dilemma.

Do I go back to the kitchen cabinet where it waits, or do I resist?

Just don’t do it folks.

Don’t buy it,

don’t keep it in your house, don’t think you can resist its siren call.

My only saving grace (literally) is that it can only be found at Trader Joe’s.

The closest Trader Joe’s to my home is either in Houston or Dallas

(7-9 hours away respectively).

When I bought my husband (ahem) several jars on a recent trip to Dallas, a man standing next to me in the

cookie butter aisle was

mumbling, “Gosh I love this stuff….”

Don’t do it.

*I am planting today- regardless.

I was supposed to plant my tomatoes on Valentine’s Day, and I didn’t

because it was cold. I also have a big pile of zinnia seed packets.

Enough already.

* We have parrots in our trees.

I kid you not.

We have a trio of cheerful, squawking parrots nesting in our trees.

I don’t even know what to say about that.

My husband thinks they are even more dramatic than I am.

* You Tube Videos

It is no secret I am a fan of you tube videos.

By now I should have an advanced degree.

It is a rabbit hole you may not want to enter.

(eye makeup application, knitting, performing minor surgery…)

*The Note

And finally, more importantly,

visit Pura Vida's blog to read The Note- a wonderful lesson for us all taught from the playground.


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A Rural Journal’s

Random 5 Friday.

Random 5 Friday

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Daughters: Spring Cleaning for the Exhausted



Dear Daughters,

First of all, I understand your weariness and exhaustion as your workdays begin each morning, during this long, cold winter.

And even though your work may be uniquely yours (as an attorney, English teacher, or librarian),

I understand the feeling of the alarm ringing and the day beginning.

And so this letter is not about creating a Pinterest worthy post of no fail steps for you to follow in tackling your

spring cleaning.

In fact I have decided that published steps about how to do the things in your life often create


It becomes more about reading about the steps than taking them.

Please don’t misunderstand.

I love hearing about how people tackle the chores in their living.

But I also know that we often measure our mastery of said chores by someone else’s confidence in doing them

and talking about them.

To that I say, WHATEVER.

And so the housekeeping, spring cleaning idea that I want to share this morning is simply this-

look at , give away or keep , and clean everything you own.

There are no rules.

There is no timeline.

There is no wrong way to do this.

You don’t need perfectly labeled or color coded baskets.

When I was teaching, I did this every summer once the school year ended, and it worked.

My only rule- which doesn’t have to be yours – is that I looked at and dealt with everything we owned.

This may be the last thing on your mind this morning.

I know that too.

If this doesn’t get done, the sky won’t fall.

I promise.

Love , Mom

Monday, February 17, 2014

Late Tomato Planting

Homegrown Tomatoes

I am a little worried.

Normally, I plant my tomato plants on Valentine’s Day,
but all of the cold weather (even in South Texas)
has delayed things.

Our county extension agent gave me that Valentine’s Day planting advice years ago.

I planted my tomatoes  last February on Valentine’s Day, and I had the best tomato crop I have ever had.
Tomato Planting
My father (the farmer) said the soil is still too cold.

And so I wait…
Have a wonderful Monday!

PS:  I did plant a Pico de Gallo herb bed inside the spokes of a wagon wheel this afternoon.

More on that later.

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