Thursday, September 3, 2020

I Do Love A House Dress


I think when I was deciding how to best be comfortable in the house, I may have time traveled. 


As in BACK in time.


For household lounging,working, or slinging, I am not a fan of girded up athletic wear, tight jeans and a tucked in top, pajamas or coordinated around the house outfits.


I am a fan of the house dress.

This is something about me that is widely known.

When my dear friend Anna calls, she usually asks, "Are you in your bata?"


Here is why I love them... 

Nothing touches you. You float everywhere you walk.

If my house dresses were a little more sophisticated , and if you squeezed your eyes really tight, they could look a little Babe Paley and Truman Capote by the pool..

Their pluses are endless.

If you get sleepy, you can take a nap without changing clothes.

You can play hide and seek with your neighbors while running to the mailbox (in your house dress) in broad daylight.

And finally, the work you can accomplish while wearing one is in another dimension of productivity.

It must have something to do with all that looseness and the freedom you feel.

And the most wonderful house dress day of all is when you stay in it from morning until night.


My mother left me a wonderful legacy when she told me early on-

"Laura Ellen, sometimes you just need to stay home in your gown all day."


Why yes I do:)


PS. If I do need to leave the house (sigh)... you will probably find me in this- my town dress:)


I bought my yellow house dress (above) on Amazon because our youngest daughter Katherine had one. Sadly, it is sold out.

That means there are more of us:)


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Deanna Rabe said...

My grandma had house dresses, she called them mumus. I don’t wear mumus but I like a nice knit swing dress for all the reasons you like your house dresses. Comfort, ability to move around free and get stuff done! When the weather turns colder, I throw on leggings and a cardigan.

Their perfect!

Jeanie said...

I don't think I've worn a dress 20 years. You make me want to!

Loui♥ said...

As i sit here reading and smiling while enjoying my first cup of the day, I to am wearing a comfy gown/housedress !!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Mom wore house dresses all the time when I was a kid. Yes, it's a garment that has all but disappeared in our modern days.

It's Just Dottie said...

I thought I was alone in my love of them. I adore them for the same reasons you do.... I buy most of mine online from The Vermont Country Store

Nancy's Notes said...

A Housedress sounds so comfortable! Love your idea of comfort! They are so pretty and you can get out in them, unlike a robe. I could easily get use to them if I were to buy one! Great post, my dear friend! 💛

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Yes, a housedress is comfortable to wear all day and night when you are home. I love how bright and cheery they look.

Theresa said...

Oh yes, a house dress is a must have:) Love feeling comfy morning to night. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

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