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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wish I Had MY Red Pen


(favorite grading pen:  red, medium point BIC pen)


Just when I’ve decided to take a

blogging break (today),

someone nice writes me an email and says

she enjoys my blog.

Now what to do?

I went back to my earlier posts-

I have written 673-

(which prompted me to shout

“Good night nurse!”),

and I saw a distinct difference in my writing

from one year to the next.

If I had my red pen from my days as a high school English teacher,

and I could write teacher notes in the margins of my own recent post margins,

I might write:

”Laura, where are you headed with this?”

“How many times do you plan to use the word amazing?”

”Dance with who brought you and get back to the voice of your blogging youth.”

See what happens when you receive a nice email?


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ah, a nice's what spurs us onward in this bloggy world, I think.

...glad you don't grade the comments! ;)


Lemon Lane Cottage said...

That last comment made me smile...I know you were (are) a teacher so every comment I leave you I imagine you have your red pen and are checking me for grammatical errors. Like that run on sentence I just wrote with the three period thingy majigs that I use way to often. Getting back to your post..blogging can be a lot like looking in the mirror. Some hair days are just better than others. Stay true to you because I really like her a whole lot. Patty

Jojo said...

That's the greatest thing about blogging-you make your own rules and other bloggers understand.

Black or red, enjoy!

Theresa said...

Sweet! A nice email makes me smile! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Bliss said...

Me thinks if you would of told us you were taking a blogging break you would get more emails asking you not too.


PURA VIDA said...

folks can just be so nice. niceness makes the world go round. I too look back, at my motive and my content. all has changed and I have grown.

I really enjoy the way you write and you need to entertain us. keep it up please!

NanaDiana said...

Awww...I love your blog, too, Laura! I am so happy that you have been one of the bloggers that stayed AND you have gotten better and better! xo Diana

Deb said...

love it Laura...

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Don't sweat it Laura! You're doing just fine!

Karen said...

That would probably serve us all well if we would go back and see how we've changed. Good idea!!
BTW: I love your blog!!
Ladybug Creek

Nancy's Notes said...

Miss Laura, your blog is most certainly one of the best ever!!! Never ever stop, you are one gifted writer and your thoughts are always golden! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, you hear that, Missy! So does everyone else!

From one bossy friend, to another!

Love you!

June said...

I love what Jojo wrote Laura. It's a good thing we all can make our own rules and corrections when we need to. Sometimes it's good to stand back and breath though.

Can I borrow the pen when you're done?
sending hugs...

56steps said...


Knowing I sent you an email this week, I'm choosing to believe it's mine you're referring to.
Reading your post makes me realize that we all don't reach out to you enough and tell you how much we enjoy your writing.

We do. A ton.

There. Done.

Thanks for writing,

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