Friday, May 25, 2012

Honor in Sports


At my oldest grandson’s last game of the little league season,

while standing at the concession stand buying my youngest grandson a

ring pop sucker,

I turned my head and saw this posted on the fence.


What else is there to say?

For all of the opinions rolling around out there,

I know, my husband knows, our daughters know, and our son- in- law knows

there is great honor in sports.


And when I stood at the chain link fence,

as close to the batter’s box as I could manage,

trying to get my blogging camera to focus perfectly on

my oldest grandson’s face of

pure determination- at age 8-


I knew every determined member of our family,

long gone,

was watching too.


And when I turned and saw my husband

tutoring our youngest grandson ,

who was all sticky and hot with ring pop all over his face,

in his new summer haircut,

on how to best swing the bat,

I knew my husband was remembering

a time in his past when he was looking up on the receiving end

of that same advice.



sweetvintageofmine said...

AMEN.....Did you feel you were in the TWILIGHT ZONE when you saw that SIGN? or maybe watching The Andy Griffith Show? All I can say is....GOD BLESS AMERICA!! and our Service Men and Women who have/is serving our COUNTRY! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Laura, what a wonderful post. Great and profound words that you found, so important to be shared. What I find so precious and beautiful, your grandson up to bat and your sticky faced grandson with your awesome husband.

Love to you and your sweet family.


Alex M said...

We need to keep kids involved in sports -- and the ethics in sports has to be preserved too! I think this is as important as the arts.

Patty Marker said...

I love this post. What a determined look your grandson has on his face and your hubby giving advice is priceless.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Wonderful post! That sign should be posted in all ballparks around the country. What a handsome little grandson. Happy weekend!

Deb said...

awww what a wonderful the summer haircut...

NanaDiana said...

Laura- What a beautiful post...and one that stirs memories of other simpler times. I love that plaque posted on the fence. It's too bad we hear so much about the bad kids and not so much about the kids like you see here- xo Diana

Theresa said...

I believe that kids growing up in Sports learn important lessons for life! We have spent countless hours watching our Grands play and can't imagine what we will do when they all grow out of it! CUTE picture of your Grandsons! Love that serious look! Have a blessed day dear Laura, HUGS!

Karen said...

What a great post, Laura!! What else is summer about when there are little boys in your life??? As much as I loved reading the pledge, seeing John tutoring... the part about the summer hair cut flew me years back when all boys made their trip to the barber shop to get their "burr" cut for summer. It was my least favorite "do" and therefore my poor sons had to suffer through South Texas heat without this cool cut. (Shame on me!) But I am also thinking about the early 1950s and my brothers and the neighbor boys sporting their fresh buzz... their skin all white and pink where the hair had been cut so short I wondererd if their parents had taken them to the dog groomer. lol Now I long to run my hand over those hair stubbles, smiling and knowing those are boys who are ready for summer... swimming, sweating, and not giving their hair a thought until time to start school in September. Long, long, ago. Thanks, Laura!!
Ladybug Creek

Bliss said...

This one choked me up, how silly huh? Probably because I was the ball coach and our own days on the bench are done. I even recognize the twist of the wrist in the follow through.


Pura Vida said...

Laura this one brought tears to my eyes. You write so well and there is just so much depth between the lines. An amazing post

Jojo said...

A friend at work stresses all the time because her kids are both on teams where "doing your best" isn't encouraged. One of her sons works so hard at his game and has gone home crying in frustration with kids just playing to pacify parents. That sign is a great reminder to all and it applies to much more than sports.

Love that determination on your grandson's face.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

There is honor in playing a sport. There is more honor in being a good sport. My kids played sports all year long and I was always so proud of how they took a loss. In fact I think that how you lose is more important than how you win. Your grandchildren are adorable.

savvycityfarmer said...


how ARE you friend?

Katie said...

I've been to a lot of Little League games in my past and never have seen that sign. What a gem. I blog often about sports and the many life lessons watching from the bleachers I have learned. Maybe more as a mom than I was an athlete playing sports. There is definitely honor in sports!

Julie said...

Aww...I love this post. Beautifully said! :)


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