Friday, June 4, 2010

I Didn’t Know I Was Collecting It Until I Found It


 And no…I am not collecting this- although I wish I were.

This photo of Villeroy and Boch’s Acapulco, which many of you have seen before, is just my post prop.

Yet having said THAT, I am so easily influenced, so sensitive to things that call to me, that just seeing this photo reminds me of that wanting.

In addition, I was at the Guild Shop in Houston today, where I first saw an entire set of these dishes, and of course they weren’t there today.

Someone else must be using them while playing Sinatra records and preparing fondue. In my first fantasy image I also had on evening pajamas with a Nehru collar.

While standing in the dish room of the Guild Shop, I spotted an entire set of Lipper Blue Danube , which I also collect, because the mother of my best friend from college collected it, and I thought it was beautiful, and then my oldest daughter selected it as one of her patterns for her wedding registry (which may have been because of some slightly coercive pressure on the part of the mother of the bride -me), and now my youngest daughter also collects it , but I didn’t buy it today even though there were

58 pieces!


So my mode of operation for starting a collection has usually been because I have spotted something that caused that same reaction.

Yet having said that, I have NEVER started a collection by buying something at an antique store.

There just isn’t enough fun in that for me.

It needs to be a ‘found object’, maybe at a garage sale, or on the side of the road, or in a dusty box at the flea market, or because it is 25 cents, and of course because it called to me.

My Collections Over Time

Milk Glass

Franciscan Platinum Renaissance china

Franciscan Grey Renaissance china (with a gold rim

Franciscan Hacienda

King’s Crown Goblets

Punch Bowls


Hammered Aluminum

Red 6 sided goblets

Singapore Bird China

Waterford Waffle Cut Glass (not that Waterford)

Tiffin Madeira goblets in yellow

Blue Danube China

I also have several sets of pottery from Mexico, Spode Blue Italian, and Woodland Spode.

Although I no longer add to these collections (I have my share), I have used every single piece of all of these collections multiple times with great joy and pleasure.

What do you collect?



Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Interesting, Laura, I like to collect in a thrifty way, too. (BTW, You won't believe this, but my MIL had Blue Danube, and no one in the family wanted it. We sold it in an Estate sale - it wasn't cheap!) I have Tuxedo by Lenox and a beautiful set of china from my aunt, so I am not collecting any more nice china, but I've been on a binge of collecting white things: pitchers, ironstone, milk glass, tureens, urns, etc. I also like to collect anything French - baskets, iron, etc. They are so easy to collect while thrifting! In the past I collected Henri Italian angel figurines carved from wood - charming! Linda

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I love to collect, and than means everything that I think is pretty! I have to admit, I collect the things that my mother has passed down to me, her milk glass collection, her Toby Jug collection, her musical collection, every thing she collects, I am in awe of! Oh and on my own, I collect dishes, little flowered ones, dainty little cups and saucers...I am a collector of all things and it does not matter where it comes from. I could come from a flea market, a garage sale, an antique store, I just love shopping for old treasures!

Hugs to you!


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I too find that I collect what calls to me...I love old Silver and books and Cloches and Apothecary jars and oh so much more. Whatever catches my eye and says, I'm lonely and need a family to keep me company....and I don't care where I find those family members. I love the thrill of the hunt up to a point, but am not a person who likes to get down and crawl around or dig through boxes. I want the victim to not be able to hid too well. =)

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Hi Laura,
Right now I am in to collecting crowns, milkglass, anything Paris related and junk!!! Love your list.
Happy weekend!

Traci said...

Milkglass - reminds me of my grandmother and looks fabulous filled with hydrangeas - the other thing I collect. Perused your garden section and LOVE your birdbath!

Tanna said...

I have "some" of a lot of things... but, the only "collection" seems to be of old silver and silverplate. My gosh, I have no need for ANY more... yet, sometimes it will just NEED to come home with me anyway. LOL! I have six boxes/cases of as many patterns... love 'em all.

Wren Barrett 2011 said...

I love to collect all types of tableware...nothing especially fancy, fragile or rare mind you.Brown transferware, Franciscan Apple stoneware, Franciscan Madeira goblets in green, yellow and brown, Franciscan Madeira stoneware, Franciscan Jamoca, Masons ironstone, and Rogers Oneida Del Mar silverplate are among my favorites. I'm also currently mad about anything in the Temp-tations Old World stoneware line available on QVC.

I also love to collect quilts and quilted throws...they have appeared in several of my tablescapes.

Finally, I take pride in the fact that almost every piece of furniture (except for beds)in my home came recycled from Craigslist!

Stop by my blog sometime and check it out!

Karen said...

I collect:
Lusterware - although thinking about closing that
Fostoria - American
Milk glass - but only if it calls to me. I am looking for a punch bowl though
Green Depression glass - have not bought a piece in years so I think I'm done
Better Homes & Gardens Cookbooks - consider myself a "rescuer", especially if the owner's handwriting is in it
Putz Village - think this may go in my booth starting in early Nov.
Dept 56 Snow Village - too many now

I prefer antique stores. I enjoy the interaction with other people who like to collect.

Love your list of collections, Laura!

Ladybug Creek

Lemon Lane Studio said...

I admire your restraint...I tend to collect by color. Right now it's aqua blue, it just seems to call my name at thrift stores and garage sales...the hunt is half the fun!

Debra@CommonGround said...

on my lambs
brown transferware
white ironstone
squirrels and chipmunks
"Mother" verses and Mary Gold
Vintage Jesus prints
anything "bird"
garden statuary
bisquit tins
old silver
old linens
and anything I accidently realize that I might have 3 of.

Pondside said...

My collections have changed over the years - but I'm never able to part with a collection once I'm no longer adding to it. I love - hearts, Johnson Bros Hearts and Flowers, blue enamel cookware,red transfer ware, blue transfer ware, small pitchers, wooden Christmas ornaments............

Tamra said...

I've never intentionally collected anything. I just seem to pick up something I love and then later on realize I have acquired a whole lot of whatever it is I have been loving.

I seem to collect white ironstone and antique silver. The cheaper the price is the more value it has to me. I love a bargain! Oh I also collect white vintage tablecloths. At last count I had about 25. Crazy, I know but when I see a beautiful old white (usually damask) tablecloth for a buck or two I just can't help myself! I also collect vintage white and clear refrigerator dishes. I hate Tupperware or plastic stuff.

Queen "B" said...

Aloha Laura,
I'm so happy to be visiting you, I've been a little crazy with life and I've missed all of my blogsphere beauties, so glad to see all is well. I love my collections of white vintage milk glass and ceramic, china pieces. family heirloom teacups and saucers,heirlooms of hand painted plates that encircle my Kitchen walls, my silver framed photos of vintage family Ancestors. I also collect vintage cookbooks, my oldest cook book is from the 1700's. and vintage rollingpins and tin boxes for my kitchen. I didn't realize that I was really a collector until I started to tell you what I am into! wow...did I include my vintage jewelry collection and my vintage wind up clocks that was also handed down from my Mother in law all the things from her Grandmother as well.I guess I have collected Ancestor collections as well.Does that make me a double collector? HA HA HA
Aloha Wishes

Lisa said...

I love blue and white transferware and antique pine. BTW I love your collecting MO.:)

Olive said...

Oh let's see: frame less oil paintings, mirrors,
old cameras,
mortar and pestals,jugs,on and on...

Now I can't think! Too much really. Found objects are the best as you said.


ChaChaneen said...

My mom was a glass collector like you, even had a little antique shop for a few years. She sold nearly all of it and kept only a few pieces she truly lurved. Hmmm, I haven't started a collection yet. Nothing has called to me yet, although there are several things I have a lot of such as cookbooks! ha ha

Brenda Pruitt said...

I seem to collect a lot of dust, but that's not intentional. I love old quilts, white pitchers, rubber stamps, old Singer sewing machine tables, and I'm sure many others that don't come to mind at the moment.

Unknown said...

Actually, I felt as though I was having a "flash back" as I read your post. I have collected almost he same list, see below. But as of late, I have sold much of it in an effort to organize and make more room. Wrong. I am now collecting a very strange assortment of things...

Milk Glass

Punch Bowls

Silver plate, some sterling (very little)

Hammered Aluminum

Clear 6 sided goblets

Blue Willow China

Art Glass, Cut Lead Crystal

Blue Danube China

Now, wooden handmade objects, linen, toile, bamboo, diner service ware, picnic baskets, baskets of all types, old office stuff (rulers, staplers, hole punches, etc...)

I guess it's the menopause....smiles.

Rustydiva said...

Right now I'm indulging in a "white dishes" addiction. Anything Ironstone or Buffalo. My first collection was anything in the shape of a heart in High School. Then I moved on to anything quilted or made from scraps of old quilts. That's only the tip of the iceburg, I'm sure. Collections are great!


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