Monday, February 21, 2011

Does Anyone Else Water Like This?


Does anyone else water like this?

This is what I meant when I said that we purchased a water ticket, and

the canal rider was going to turn on the valve.

We purchased 3 hours of water for $17.00.


I cast fertilizer while walking around in my baby blue rubber boots.

I asked my father if it was a good idea and in his simple way he said,

“It can’t hurt.”


It is exhilarating for me.

It makes me feel like the farmer/rancher’s daughter that I am.

In gardening, there is nothing I like to say more than

“I need to go water.”

It means

I am on the move,

doing the next right thing,

tending to something in my care,

doing the best I can.

It is so satisfying.

Note to daughters:  Regardless of where you live, buy a hose.

It is wonderful therapy.


It can get a little dicey…

especially when the water covers the front porch.


When the three hours is up, the canal rider turns off the water, and within an hour,

most of the water has been absorbed.


My gardening list is growing.

I pruned my roses and fed them today.

photos 266

I am planning a new bed with a limestone border behind the little house.

photos 270

And I am off to find tomato plants later this week.



I received a wonderful, concerned email from Kim at Happiness Farms

regarding my refrigerated caladium bulbs,

which was a terrible idea on my part.

After an exchange of emails from an expert, I will be buying all

of my caladium bulbs from her in the future.

Do not put bulbs in the refrigerator.

Isn’t Happiness Farm a wonderful name?


Sandra said...

How wonderful to have springtime so close. I'm afraid we have much more winter ahead of us . . . :-( XOXO

Sarah said...

Laura, I've never seen anything like this.
I'm feeding the roses tomorrow. They got pruned back this weekend. ;-)
Actually just about everything in the garden was cut back. Old Man Winter made a mess of things around here. But I did spot the first daffodil today.
Yep, I do thing spring is on its way. ~ sarah

NanaDiana said...

Holy Cow, Laura!!! You mean does anyone FLOOD like this? What? How does this work? You mean your plants don't all wash away? And..what about baby rabbits down in their winter hidey-holes?...and ....and... what about kittens at play on the lawn? Lordy- please tell me everything does not just wash away!?! Love your Dad's response....can't hurt...gets him off the hook...because he doesn't actually say it will help either! Gotta love a man like that! Hugs- Diana

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow! I have never seen a watering system like that! Used a hose? Yes - All the time. Well - at least when the temps are not to cold. :D
Looking forward to Spring.

Karen said...

I always love hearing the reactions we get from our "watering system" here in deep south Texas. We are so fortunate to be able to water this way. We have used up our water tickets but plan to get more tomorrow. Time for a visit from the canal rider!
Things are lookin' good, Miss Laura.
Ladybug Creek

TexWisGirl said...

Holy crapola! Have never seen or heard of this! Obviously not the method used in NE Texas! Freaky!

Dawn said...

I have never ever seen this before! What a concept...really?
Oh I am trying so hard not to be jealous f your springtime talk;) We still are buried under feet of snow!
Have a wonderful week!!

joanne said...

what NanaDiana said...repeat??

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

What on earth...or should I say, What in the Deep BLUE SEA ARE you watering?
the fish?

This is hilarious-- turn on the valve!
Water tickets...
buying water?
You mean you don't get a monthly bill like the rest of the state?
You must tell us more!

Pondside said...

I thought that perhaps I didn't understand because I'm Canadian, but I see that this is as new to many others as it is to me. What an idea!

ipad applications said...

Wow, amazing post.

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

wow! This is definitely new to me!!! A great way to start out with moist ground. It has been feeling quite a bit like spring here and I've been waking up a few of my raised beds. I've also got a cold frame started. I'm going to try direct sowing tomatoes, peppers and some other things this year.

Theresa said...

WOW, you are really opening up those gardening gates:) My Honey plowed up our garden but we are a while from being able to plant! Frost may still come here! Enjoy your day, I bet everything is really fresh after all of that water! HUGS!

Vintage Gal said...

Happiness Farm is a perfect name~! I have never seen any one water like that before. I am so ready to start planting and hopefully we will start to thaw out soon. ;-)

Debbie's Garden said...

Never saw this either. But for $17 you sure got alot of water!!! How far away is the canal? Does everyone along the canal have thee pipes up in their yards?
My gardening is done by looking at magazines and cataloges still. I'm looking out my window at the snow falling this morning on the inch or so we got overnight. No gardening until May.

Marigene said...

Some of the older neighborhoods in Phoenix had that watering system. When we lived there one of our neighbors still had it...needless to say, they had the greenest lawn on the street!

Beeutiful by Design said...

Never seen anything like this - I'm familiar with buying water -but that's to fill the cistern -not flood the yard - different strokes for different parts of the country (get it ~different strokes) well I made myself laugh at least!

susan said...

Laura, just had to post...we just bought a water ticket last week and watered. We buy about six hours of water for our yard. The wildflowers are starting to bloom. Come see them next week.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I have never seen anyone water like that on purpose. Your Texas soil must drain really well. I can't wait to show my husband the photos. Thank you I learned something new today.

June said...

We used to water like that on the farm. But now our water comes from the headgate to our place through a pipe and collects in a cistern, where we sprinkle it from there.
Your post is making me think I need to move to Texas.
sending hugs

Unknown said...

Wow. What a flow! You've certainly gotten ahead of me in doing everything! And, you really got your money's worth! Hope you have a successful planting this Spring. Thanks for sharing with us! Luv-Loretta

Junebug said...

I have to agree with the majority of never seen anything like that. I just need to turn the water off from the sky. I am so envious of your talk of spring. I have Spring Fever really BAD!!! We had our first snow of the winter and hopefully our last. Enjoy your planting and I will be checking back in for my dose of Spring.


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