Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daybook: May 8, 2011


Outside My Window

I can see the results of some of my labor in our yard.

Is that just a South Texas expression?

I always say I am going to go out and work in the yard.

Working in the garden sounds so established- so

sure of the outcome.

I am flying by the seat of my yard clothes’ pants.

Plus my gardening

is definitely

blue collar.



I Am Thinking… and have been thinking all day

about Mothers and Mother’s Day. 

This is what I decided.

This is not an exclusionary club- 


women are mothers,

whether they are married or not,

young or old,

blessed with children or not.

It is the nature- the essence of being a woman.

Who hasn’t been nurtured by the care and

tending of another woman?


I have also been thinking about

blogging blocks (I am in serious trouble here friends),

getting a year older,

and writing an e book.

I’ve said it before-

I have simple needs and complicated thoughts.


From the Kitchen…  I am tired of having things in the refrigerator

and pantry that aren’t getting used.

I have started the pitching/sharing process.


I  Am Thankful For…  things exactly as they are this moment.

Acceptance is indeed the key and the answer

to peaceful living for me.


and this is big,

this acceptance needs to be dynamic.

For example…

Accepting something I can’t change while

sitting on the couch is


the same thing as accepting things as they are

while doing laundry, let’s say.


I am creating…. a gardenia bed.

My daughters Lauren and Katherine gave me two gardenia plants for Mother’s Day.

I want the entire yard to smell like

Jungle Gardenia.

Remember that fragrance?

I am reading….teacher training materials.

I am training first year teachers tomorrow.

At 8:30 am,

when the training begins,

the first thing I am going to say is…

“It’s May.  You’re almost there. Keep a tight rein.”

I am going… to wear pearls tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week!




Low Tide High Style said...

I say I'm going to work in the yard too! When I think of working in the garden I think of a vegetable garden...

I love how you are always doing and thinking, and that you share all of that with all of us! Happy Mother's Day!

Kat :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Lucky first year teachers to have you as a mentor. This is a lovely post! ~ Sarah
Pearls are always a good thing!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Laura, I think "working in the yard" is fairly universal language. :) As for tired of things in the frig and pantry not being used, I'm so there, but in order for that little situation to ever change, I'd have to get rid of my husband, and he's too valuable. He's the grocery shopper and I can't imagine giving that up. I do sneak food out to various family members when he's not looking, however.

NanaDiana said...

I work in "the yard" too! It sounds like you were having an introspective day- a day to dream and think deep thoughts! I love that you decided to wear pearls tomorrow. If that is the ONLY decision you ended up making today- well, it was a good one! xxoo Diana

deb said...

"The yard" is how I've always referred to it, whether it's tiny or huge!! LOVE the pearls...

Darla said...

I too have complicated least you know how to express yours.

Deb said...

always enjoy yours posts...I agree with all women are Moms...even if they don't have children of their own...

savvycityfarmer said...

I'm headed outside and I've got my pearls on

CHERI said...

I love your style of writing! I just finished up with a semester of 16 student teachers plus 9 teachers I was mentoring...definitely a busy few months. I am so thankful I still have a way of being connected to education post retirement from the classroom. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Bonnie said...

I am from south Alabama and we say, working in the yard, too.

Also wore Jungle Gardenia in high school. I love gardenias and already have one bloom on one of my bushes. In fact, my bridal bouquet was gardenias as was my mothers and my daughters.

Rita said...

You are right, you don't have to have children to "mother"! Many women whom I have known have done some serious mothering of other's children and it was so appreciated!


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