Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday Night Lights

It is rare in today’s world of

television programming

to find a show so authentic in its portrayal,

it is hard to watch.


Friday Night Lights,

a show based loosely on the book and film of the same name

and centered around Texas high school football, is such a show.

This is not the train wreck television reality show

that I admit

I have been guilty of watching.

You know what I mean-

the Housewives of Wherever-

that I admit I have guiltily watched.

Friday Night Lights is instead a tragedy of the Greek kind

that recognizes the struggle,

the flaws that human beings of all ages possess.

It is also about the sweet victory of redemption.

It is the exchange- the back and forth of the consequences of these flaws

that makes this show unforgettable.


From teacher/coach to student,

parent to child,

and husband to wife,

it is these tragic flaws that made this show hard for me to watch.

It is also why I loved it.





Pondside said...

I've never heard of this show - perhaps it's taking its time getting up here, or I just haven't been paying attention. I like to have a look when there's been a recommendation from a source that I respect.

Emily said...

We watched the first 2 seasons and LOVED it. Then I think it moved to a station we didn't get. Now it's back on one we do. We haven't watched it because we didn't think it was OK for the kids. I really want to get all of the seasons and watch them. I wonder if you can buy all of them???

Lisa said...

I have enjoyed watching this show, too. The characters are so real and you find yourself cheering them on throughout all their struggles. I am certainly going to miss it.
PS It was also one show both me and my teenager could watch together.

deb said...

For Jemm - she could possibly rent it on Netflix?

Theresa said...

Well, I have never watched it! Sounds like one for me to catch:) Have a blessed Sunday dear Laura, HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

I haven't watched it either but I will have a look at it now. I have also stolen a moment or two to watch the Wives In Action!;>) xo Diana

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

We'll I've got to add this to my list - it's the third time I've heard it mentioned as being great. Hope you are well!

Debby said...

My husband and I loved this show. WHy do they always cancel the good shows.

Gail Dixon said...

I am so incredibly sad that this show is over. It was my favorite. In its second season when they threatened to cancel it I was part of a group of crusaders that mailed a football to NBC begging them to keep it on. I am so happy they were able to create five seasons of this fine show--all of which I now own on DVD. RIP FNL! You were the most amazing show ever!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I always enjoyed watching this show. It's hard to believe what they keep versus who they drop.
Never have understood it. I guess one reason I don't watch much TV
Hope you are doing well

Cecily said...

One of the best shows ever.


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