Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things I Can Not Live Without This Summer

*Dunkin Donuts Coffee/Folger’s Classic Roast- depending on how frugal I want to be.

(My friend Karen at Ladybug Creek has a system for combining the two.)

Either of these coffees prompts whichever daughter I have called bright and early to ask,

“Mother- how much coffee have you had?”


I get really SMART when I drink coffee.



*My huge Tervis tumber that will not leave a ring

no matter how neglectful I am.

To add to this simple daily pleasure ,I found a corresponding plastic lid that

has an opening for both a straw or without.

You will not dribble.

I know- I have been a past dribbler.

This is one of life’s great pleasures.

Add to that the fact that my tumbler fits into my car console,

and I am COMPLETE.

* My Oil of Olay Advanced Cleansing System-

Ladies , this is not a Clarisonic, but

it also doesn’t cost $200.

Has anyone out there looked in a

10 times magnifying mirror-

with lights?

My mother was right.

”Laura Ellen- you need to stop squinting-

you are going to get wrinkles,

and you need to take care of your skin.

Oh. And don’t forget your neck.”


that ship sails in and out of the harbor.

My motivation wavers- does yours?

Buy this scrubbing tool,

apply moisturizer afterwards,

and you will feel like you have always been doing the right thing.

PS.  I buy my moisturizer at crazy Ross Dress for Less.  It is rarely over $4.99.

My mother’s skin care regimen?

1. Cleanse face with Merle Norman pink cold cream and a damp white wash cloth.

2.  Use Sea Breeze for sensitive skin as an astringent.

3.  Apply Formula 405 moisturizer, purchased at Fred’s Pharmacy in Falfurrias, Texas.
(not 409!)


What are your favorite summer things?



NanaDiana said...

I usually use Ivory soap for washing my face because my skin is sensitive. I am so On or Off about taking good care of my skin...and I'm sure it shows. A lot of my friends are doing all the shots and injections and resurfacing,etc...but I have yet to bow in that direction. I have been using the serum that Jayme The Coopkeeper sells and I really love it. It does not irritate my skin at all. xo Diana ps...Your Mom was a wise woman~

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Cold brewed iced dunkin donuts coffee is at the top of my list! And my Tervis tumbler is a must-have in the summer too :)

Karen said...

Oh my... be careful what you tell friends... you just might convert them! But oh my YES... Folgers and that ever-lovin' Dunkin' Donuts Coffee... yum! yum! Had some this afternoon for a special treat while I worked on a project.
So we can still buy 409... I mean 405??? Where??? Your mom had the most wonderful skin.. and you have inherited it, Miss Laura.
I'll buy one of those tumblers very soon, but you'll have to show me how to make that drink... ice coffee??
Ladybug Creek

Alex M said...

All I can say is that your mother's routine sure was a blast from the past! I haven't thought of Formula 405 for years... Good stuff! And Merle Norman -- I had forgotten all about that brand too!

I have wanted a Clarisonic but feel the way you do. I see the same sort of thing on clearance at Marshall's or TJ Maxx and am always tempted to buy...

In the summer, I always keep a spray bottle that is half water, half sea breeze. Spritz it on your tired and sweaty feet, especially between the toes. Feels great!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Gotta love those Tervis Tumblers for sure! We use them all the time.

And, the skin care regime. I've seen the little brushes and have wondered about them. I'm at Ross all the time and will have to check that out.

Great post!

suzieQ said...

Love your quote about motivation. I've entered it into a notebook I keep of quotes that I want to remember and start using.
I am very fortunate to have inherited the skin of my Sicilian ancestors...when my Nuni died at 99 the funeral director commented on her beautiful skin. Olive oil, anyone? None of us use any fancy creams but I always try to wear a hat in the sun.
Been trying to save money by making my own iced coffee since I was spending way too much at D.D.
Love your list and I have been curious about the Oil of Olay cleaning system because I am a lazy dog some nights...I don't wear makeup so it isn't THAT horrible, but still...

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

This is so funny that you posted about the scrubby thingey bc I just saw one in Walgreens and almost added it to my basket. Sounds like my mom, too. Wish I had listened to her when I was in my teens. She is 78 and looks 60. Have a great weekend.

Pondside said...

Iced coffee - one of my favourite summer drinks - and comfy sandals that let me walk all day. This year's are Clark's and they're good looking with jeans or a sun dress.
I've been using Boots #7 from Target - great moisturiser and night cream!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Well, I have a Clarisonic (QVC one time value special) and I love it. I use Ponds cold cream and love that too. It takes off all my eye makeup and face makeup while leaving my skin dewy. Because of my ultra sensitive skin, I use cream or moisturizer from the dermatologist. I am crazy for coffee and usually buy Maxwell House, but I have also been known to combine fresh ground from the supermarket into the Maxwell house. I really enjoyed this post. I'm off to google Tervis Tumblers.

Beeutiful by Design said...

Great post - I have fallen in love with the Target brand of coffee - taste as good as the super expensive ones but is often on sale cheaper than Folgers!

Connie in Hartwood said...

I'm sitting here, wasting time, hopping through blogs, and I landed here. I am now on page three of your blog, and enjoying every minute of it. You sucked me into this post with images of my favorite coffees ... right now I have DD coffee in the fridge in a Folgers can. The Olay cleanser gadget if my newest favorite toy. 10x mirrors are supr scary, but are also necessary if I am to apply eye make up with any sort of finesse. I have learned to ignore the wrinkles.

Now I'm off to continue reading. :)


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