Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four Tops or Judy Collins?


Please tell me that someone out there in cyberspace had a lavender bedroom with lavender carpet as I did growing up?

Pair that with white French provincial furniture and you had the bedroom my mother created for me at the ranch circa 1965.

And while in that bedroom,  if you as I did alternated playing the Four Tops on your record player

(so you could dance in front of the mirror) with playing Judy Collins when you were in a state

of angst (wondering did he like me or did he not), then welcome to my world.

This morning I went back to that bedroom many years ago as I enjoyed my newly blooming lavender lantana.

I may have to prop a mirror up against that tree for dancing in the yard.

Y’all do that too, right?


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I did it, but my era was a tad later. I did have a lavender-ish room. I had really wanted two walls pink and two purple but no dice.

Your lantana is lovely!


Patty Marker said...

Dance away girlfriend! I was more of a Donny Osmond kinda girl but I am sure I had the dancing and angst part right. Your lantana has me longing for Spring.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I had lavender walls, but my room was decorated in pink with the white french provincial furniture!

Dewena said...

No lavender walls but you make he wish I had.Your first commenter said she was a tad later, well I was more than a tad earlier than you! I do remember that Mom let me paint one 3' section of wall bright orange and everyone who came over signed their name in white. that's so embarrassing to admit.

I love the pictures of your daughters yesterday and what you wrote.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh how pretty.

I love your writing style... I love the nostalgia mixes with the present.
I had builder grade paint from 1970 until about 1975...then the faintest softest 'mint green'...What ever you've imagined, it was more faint than that. No carpet.
...if I had carpet, lavendar would have been pretty!
The Osmonds...that was the stuff that played on my record player.
See? Your writing draws me in...Pat

Loui♥ said...

Yes Laura..
I had the Lavender bedroom with white wrought iron bed..much to the chagrin of baby sis Di with whom I was forced to share..to this day she detests the color and anything remotly resembling any shade of PURPLE!
yes danced..to any music!
still do whenver the mood strikes..
my two granddaughters are defined by purple and pink..they know their cards by envelope color and gifts by ribbon colors..gandson..ORANGE!
hugs and smiles! Loui♥

Deb said...

Love lavender... Spent many hours singing in my room... Still love breaking into song and dance it does my soul good

Theresa said...

Please do that and have someone video it for us! Sweet memories and I can relate to dancing in front of the mirror! We are still young at heart, aren't we? Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Donnamae said...

I always danced in front of my mirror...but to The Beatles, or The Beach Boys....but my room was pink, lots of pink! You were lucky to have had white provincial furniture. I think it would be wonderful to put a mirror in your garden....then you can dance...and dance...and dance! ;)

Bliss said...

No lavender for me, but yes to some white French provincial and singing in the mirror, just not to the Four Tops or Judy. I'd still do it again, sing that is, but maybe not in front of the mirror.


Pura Vida said...

ooo...my sister!! her room had the most beautiful purple carpet and light pale walls just a few shades lighter. Down the hall...I had yellow...and we loved us that era of music!

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