Friday, March 8, 2013

Where do Bloggers Go?


Where do bloggers go when the days we have not blogged link together,

and before we know it a few weeks are in the rear view mirror?

Clearly, I don’t have a blogger’s editorial calendar, or a plan, or a strategy, or a way to lure you in

so you will keep coming back, or ‘stickiness’, or SEO, or Google analytics that I can understand, or

link backs.

Here is what I have had or done since I posted last:

*time with my grandsons and standing at a fence at a little league game laughing with pure fun at

the hot mess that is t-ball,

*baking a strawberry birthday cake because my youngest grandson said that strawberry birthday

cake was the BEST,

*making a 7 hour drive to see my grandsons turn into an 11 hour drive because I can’t get

enough of Cuero and LaGrange and Round Top and Brenham and Navasota,

*making frantic phone calls home asking my husband if he watered,

*and wondering and pondering this world of blogging and realizing I don’t fit into the scheme of

strategizing and wondering what to do about it,

* and finally getting home last night feeling worn out and a little under the weather, realizing I had a

slight measure of willingness today to write a blog post.

Go figure.

Love to you all,


Where do you go when you aren’t posting?


NanaDiana said...

Well, I like where YOU went. I go to life held necessities like cleaning and ironing and playing house catch-up. I like where you go much better- xo Diana

Pura Vida said...

oh...I think you get it and I think people get you!

Barbara F. said...

Where do I go? Right smack dab in the middle of life. Blogging is not living life, but an outlet if one chooses it to be, a diary, we need to be living in order to do a post, just my opinion. If you're blogging every single day, well, life must be absolutely grand! Too much getting done, or not enough? lol xo

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you spent some prime time and making memories with your Grands - dealing with important things.
Where do I go? Dealing with life - things that are not blog material. Doing what is necessary to run a household, etc.. Some happy/good, some I need a vacation away from. I don't have a plan/strategy where my blog is concerned - it is my go to place when I need an escape, down time, non stressful time. I think most that have a plan/strategy/run their blog like a well oiled machine are the ones that use it as a source of income from sponsors, ads, have an etsy shop, etc.
Enjoy your weekend.

Deb said...

I love what you did in your non blogging time...the most important things in life....sometimes blogging gets in the way of life...and sometimes life gets in the way of blogging...but sometimes they blend together and a post is born...I always love hearing what you are up to Laura...

Donna said...

I'm still here. :)

Dewena said...

You had the best that life offers--time with family. I'm not sure I know what you mean by "strategy" or if I want it. I don't think you'd better tell me. Ignorance is bliss. And I'm all for bliss, like the days you've written about here.

I try to catch up around the house when I'm away. I read more and I don't wake up every morning thinking about the blog and that is blissful indeed. But I'm thinking I need to plan a trip right away to see our granddaughter. Don't you think?

Always Nesting said...

Blogging is just blogging but is certainly a happy bonus. Cancer sure hit me hard with the realization that there is NOTHING more important than the time spent with and for our loved ones. If God takes me home tomorrow I surely don't want anyone in my family saying "yeah, she was a great blogger." So for me, I'm spending my time with my family. :)

Pondside said...

I've been away from the keyboard for nearly a month now, but I've not been far away. Life has a way of taking over and taking up all the extra time - but I'm still here.

Theresa said...

Well, I post every day! IT is my journal and my oldest Sister will call me if I don't post:) She will say "just checking to make sure you are ok... NO BLOG"! So, I am just here:) I am always happy to see your sweet blog on my sidebar! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Buttercup said...

Enjoying life -- or staying too late at work -- and taking in all that New York City offers. I love blogging and the friends that I've met, but sometimes real life and fun gets in the way.

Bliss said...

Well I'll tell 'ya, there is one thing in the world that CAN keep me from blogging and that's my grand kids. The world stops for them. Period.

But inquiring minds need to know, did your husband sprinkle when he tinkled? I mean when he watered?


Mary Ann said...

My gosh, a good post! Sometimes I take a day off just to RELAX!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I work full time, 180 days a year. When schools lets out in late June, I am able to do more. The thing I really like about blogging is that you don't have to do it everyday. Baseball is so much more exciting. I'd rather be at T-Ball than at a computer.

Connie said...

Those boys are blessed beyond are you!!

Bonnie said...

Catchy title and post. I love hearing and seeing snippets of your life. Can't wait to see your zinnias again. You grow them well. I find it hard to comment and visit like I would like. If we all did it right we would never post because there would be no time left. You summed it up very well and I agree with all you said. We do all have life to live and the nice thing about blogging is you can post when you like.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I'm all for living life, instead of just blogging about it. I had to take time off while helping care for my dad recently, so I've enjoyed being back in the groove ... but it wouldn't bother me a bit to take another break, forced or not.

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