Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Have been studying you this summer


I have been studying you this short, hot summer.

Yes, you.

You of

the blogging DIY makeovers,

the makeup videos on YouTube,

the other people who frequent Ross Dress for Less at 8:00 am in the morning,

whoever the guest is on Darryl’s House (Darryl Hall, Palladia channel),

Gary Clark, Jr, (Texas blues guitarist)


Pretty Woman

how to bake bread with 4 ingredients,
and some of the best television I have seen in years.

(Newsroom, The Killing, The Bridge, Ray Donovan- even if I do hide my eyes)

I have spent time reflecting on my introverted personality,

NCAA  college football violations,

how smart my grandsons are,


how much I enjoy brewing Sun tea.


What did you study this summer?



56steps said...

Studying....mmmm....I need to think about it.
Or should it just pop up? The answer?

I Love The Killing.
What a powerful season.
What an ending, huh?

Stacey said...

Hi friend. :)

I've been studying I35 as I go back and forth to visit my aging parents. There have been beautiful sunflowers all along the road.

Slowly reading a great book The Friendship Bread.

Studying the insane behaviors of my 21 year old son. Will that frontal lobe ever develop all the way?

Studying the neighborhood as I walk a few miles in the mornings.

Do you ever watch Major Crimes or Doc Martin? They are our favorite shows right now.

Jane said...

Studying God as my faith grows.

Studying the behavior of a wiley co-worker.

Studying the birds at my backyard bird feeder as I deal with an incontinent 13 year old chihuahua.

Researching and studying new healthier recipes.

Studying the inside of my eyelids as I fall into bed exhausted every night.

Blondie's Journal said...

I was never good at studying, but...

I have studied my tomato plants taking off and growing as tall as me, yet the zillion tomatoes are not turning red.

I study the sky which never has a sun it, yet rarely rains.

I study my Nook library and wonder why I haven't read all those books I loaded in for summer reading, even the chick lit.

I study my TV, which perpetually seems set on the Lifetime channel.

I have studied my hair which has almost reached my (nonexistent) waist and ask my self if I'm too old to have long hair.

I have studied several ways to say "Mind your own business", inserting various swear words in after 'own'.

Glad to hear yours is going great, too.


Unknown said...

We LOVE Darryl's House. He always has fabulous guests. Sounds like you have had a very busy summer!

trash talk said...

I was working on my M.D. at WebMD, but had to quit as I kept finding diseases I may or may not have.
I have been dabbling in stringing words together as my summer self-motivation assignment.
I have built up my tolerance for the heat by working like a rented mule in my back yard.
I celebrated 40 years of marriage with my one and lonely by renewing our vows at a lovely party under our gazebo...hence the working like a rented mule.
I have had my nose tickled by pink champagne.
I have had my hair and makeup done by an 11 year old and watched way too much Sophia the 1st with a 4 year old.
I have taken a road trip with my one and lonely just for the heck of it.
I have been laughing, playing, and just enjoying being.

NanaDiana said...

I've been studying, too. Learning about Life and studying about our government and how far we have come from our roots....and learning from some of the great men of our time. I am reading books to learn more than I am reading books for enjoyment. Today when my granddaughter talked about McDonalds I was able to tell her that Ray Kroc started McD's with the idea of a SYSTEM and how franchising works. I think I let my brain go dormant for a few years with too many "beach reads". lol Thanks for this post today, Laura. It's a good one. xo Diana
You? An introvert? Really? Never would have guessed that-

donna baker said...

Much too much introspection. I need to get out more.

Deb said...

I've been studying my now 3 year old grandson.... a new adventure every people think it is HOT...when it won't get below 74 degrees in their house when it is 105 nice it is to just sit with your feet in a plastic swimming eating homemade ice cream is the answer to a long hot day...


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