Monday, October 21, 2013

Blue and White in the Kitchen


(my kitchen sitting area)

Earlier this summer, when the yellow and beige walls of our beloved home started closing in,

and I couldn’t breathe,

I decided to go back to my favorite d├ęcor roots .

All of the yellow and beige walls were painted white , and I brought out my blue and white

in abundance.



What did I learn is this process?

*The frame above, previously white (see navigation bar above), was floating like an eye chart.

I set out on the quest to find just the right gold paint.

I wanted it to be Hobby Lobby gold.

More on that later.


The second thing I learned?

How my house feels determines how I feel, and I like that very much.

Plus- I can breathe.


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Ivy and Elephants said...

Love your blue and white with the gold accents! So elegant.

Jeannie Marie said...

Your blue and white is so clean and refreshing. I love that you have a sitting room in the kitchen!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I love blue and white. I've never used it but there's always a first time. I've been thinking of going beachy feel in my bedroom, with some blues, of course.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also like the cobalt blue and white combo. Had it in my kitchen where I lived previously and hope to create the same here - some day.
Have a great week.

donna baker said...

Laura, I know of what you speak. I painted a bedroom red one time, and every time I passed it, my eyes would narrow and I'd clench my teeth. I couldn't paint over it fast enough and it was a chore to cover.

Theresa said...

Beautiful blues:) BREATHING again! Love it dear friend! BIG HUGS!

Pura Vida said...

I love it!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You explained the feeling so well. Colors make such a difference in how we feel...and how we breathe! I love lots of blues. You have a beautiful home!

Patty Marker said...

Isn't it funny how trying a something new can remind us of who we truly are and what we really love? I always gravitate back to the colors and things that make me happy, too.

Melanie said...

I love blue and white too!!! Following you, I love your blog!!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Isn't it something how we know when things must be changed! Love your blue and white, always fresh and so pretty!
Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze me MONDAY!!!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Color very MUCH influences how we feel. If it's not right, there's nothing we can do besides change it until it is. Ahhhhh.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

We are birds of a feather! I'm in the process of painting our yellow living room walls and publishing that post tonight. I also painted a trumeau mirror white and I hate it! I'm going to try stripping it down and applying a stain to "ground" it. Your blue & white is classic and fresh!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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