Friday, May 23, 2014

Perennial Borders: A Gardening Girdle


When I first started gardening in earnest (about six years ago), I was enthralled with the idea of a perennial border.

What a concept- year after year of perpetually blooming flowers with no additional work or cost.

And then I remembered where I lived… on the border of deep South Texas and Mexico.

I garden in that tiny strip (below) at the southern most tip of Texas-

two inches from the surface of the SUN.

gardening zones

My solution? I planted white plumbago bushes around the perimeter of the backyard.

I had an instant perennial border that loved the sun and grew bushy in spite of me.

Why white plumbago?

* It is different than blue plumbago , and the prettiest flowers in a yard full of greenery are usually white.

* It doesn’t mind being planted in soil similar to concrete.

* Large plants in my area are only $8.00 each.

* It loves full sun, very little water, and it is so bushy and bossy it holds everything behind it in making it the best gardening girdle you can find.

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Tricia said...

Plumbago IS a great perennial! But we had such a harsh winter (I'm in Zone 8A on your map) that all of my plumbago died! I need to replace it, maybe this weekend.

daisy g said...

Ooooh, I've never seen the white variety. It's easy to propagate too, so you don't need many to fill up a space. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! Stay cool!

Terra said...

I like the idea of a gardening girdle. White plumbago must be pretty. I planted blue but they didn't grow for me. Would guavas grow in your climate? I have two, and the foliage is pretty and we like the fruit.

Custom Comforts said...

I've never heard of white plumbago and I've never had any luck with the blue. Isn't it a delight to find a plant that is perfect for your ground and climate and just the right price. Thanks for following - following back.

Stacey said...

A gardening girdle - I love that!!

I don't have any plumbago but my dad sure does. He loves it.

BernieH said...

I adore white Plumbago. I've just planted my first and I'm so looking forward to seeing it covered in blooms.

Creations By Cindy said...

Look like you've4 found something perfect for your ground! Love all the green. Thanks for visiting me. You truly made my day! Hugs and blessings Cindy

Theresa said...

Love it, full sun and little water is perfect! Enjoy your weekend dear Laura, HUGS!

Carole West said...

Great post - visiting from Garden Up green. I'm north Texas! Have a great weekend! -Carole

Pondside said...

That's a plant that I don't know at all. I wonder if it will grow in the Pacific Northwest.........

Jean Campbell said...

I never got around to planting blue Plumbago though admiring it for years. I guess I was waiting for you to suggest the white.

Unknown said...

Hello there lovely new follower of mine:) What a gorgeously lovely blog you have here:) Funny you should mention plumbago as it's something I've been tossing up whether to plant here as a nice bushy backdrop hedge plant. I think you've turned my maybe into a yes!!1 Might go get one today. It's ever green isn't it???

Linda P said...

Thanks for the map which is a great help when learning about where you live.Plumbago sounds such a romantic name for a plant and a white variety must be a beautiful addition to a garden such as yours.

Jaybird said...

WOW...thank you so much for this post!! I am in central Texas,(not all that far from the surface of the sun:^), and have been wondering what to put in some beds along our driveway. I will be out to look for these plants next Saturday morning!! I am not enthusiastic about blue, so I thank you for pointing me in the direction of the white!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I learned something new from you again! I did not know there was white Plumbago! I love the blue and the white is just as beautiful! Your gardening girdle is awesome!


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