Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ridden Hard and Put Up Wet


Zinnias in a Turquoise Mason Jar


For the last two days, I have been working in our garage, where it feels like a sauna- which is too glamorous a word for how it really feels.

I look and feel like I have been ridden hard and put up wet.

Why am I doing this?

Do I have some great organizational plan with coordinating labeled bins?

Was I motivated to start by some sense of housewifery?


I started this because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Here is what I have learned.

There needs to be a garage cleaning stool (on rollers) that lowers to the floor, but will also rise to the top  shelf where I store _______________  (fill in the blank).

I have an obsession with community, junior league, church auxiliary cookbooks.  There’s something about those spiral bound cookbooks, with their soft pages, that make me feel like I not only belong to that group, but that I am a great old school cook.

I have millions… I donated most of them yesterday, which made me sad, but I have a new mantra for garage cleaning:

I can replace this if I miss it, which is completely contradictory to the point.

In fact that will be easy at the flea market because other women my age donated their stashes of cookbooks, which have traveled to my area, and now I can have them!

It’s like a flea market Bookmobile!

Side note:  there are equal numbers of diet books at the flea market too.

Which ones did I save and why?

Kentucky Community Cookbook

First off is To Market to Market , The Junior League of Owensboro, Kentucky.  I couldn’t resist the pink cover, the pig riding a horse and the fabulous recipes inside.

Tennessee Community Cookbook

Next, International Delights, by the Welcome Wagon of Germantown, Tennessee.  Why?  I just know Tennessee cooks are good cooks.


Baird, Texas Community Cookbook

And next, Sharing Recipes , from the 1948 Study Club of Baird, Texas.  I can not resist a Texas cookbook.

And now I realize this post may have taken an odd turn, and I know I sound crazy


Jean Campbell said...

This post reads the way I think.

I have trouble discarding books of all kinds. I am trying to weed my cookbooks down to ones with great sentiment like my Cousin's Cookbook that one cousin wrote, "I am sending something that I know you will like." Now, how could she possibly be sure I would like a cookbook with her mother's recipes and those of my beloved cousins? How?

I have commenced weeding out things by asking myself, "Will DIL throw this in the Dempsey dumpster that they'll have to bring in to haul off all my treasures?

Pura Vida said...

Oh friend we just had our city wide garage sale and I got suckered in again...I say never every time but I can't ever seem to get over the first time I made nearly $700....this time it is so worth just having a clean garage that I can park my car in!

Love the pig book for sure!!!

In our little family no matter who or where, when we arrive home from a trip, we announce to each other....jiggity jig...which means we are home safe

Creations By Cindy said...

I am right there with ya girl! I cannot BRING myself to dispose of my books...NONE of them! I am a pack rat to start off with but my books....OH LEAVE MY BOOKS ALONE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Miss Merry said...

Is there a group for us? I not only have my cookbooks, but my mothers and my grandmothers (who used to order the community cookbook of the month from Yankee magazine). I like Jean Campbell's comment about her daughter-in-law and the dumpster!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I cannot part with any book, unless it is given, not tossed. I too have a wonderful beautiful collection of cookbooks. In fact I have my Grandmother's Presidential Cook Book from 1896, a well worn treasure.

Simply LKJ said...

I too love Junior League and church cookbooks. I have had to pair mine down as well.

Stacey said...

Way to go!! That's hard work you've been doing and it's hot already!

Now, do you already have zinnia blooms? If so, I'm jealous.

You can find all those recipes on the internet. You'll forget all the books. :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

You couldn't possibly sound crazier than me! I've missed you! I thought you stopped blogging.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

...I donated many a cook book a couple of years ago.
Let me pause there, just for a sec.
Hmmm-- until today, I didn't miss them.

Jojo said...

Jean, my friend is doing her doctorate on junior league cookbooks and how our food refects the changes in U.S society. Did you know there is a university library in Michigan that houses an extensive cookbook library? Her studies have been interesting as she's also studied the regional differences that are also well-illustrated through cookbooks. So nice you donated your books. Someone will love them.

Nancy's Notes said...

Ridden hard and put up wet, love that, too cute! I'm crazy about cookbooks and have so many too. Can you come over and get rid of mine while I'm not watching?

Aww, so happy to see my sweet friend blogging again! You are the best!


Donnamae said...

Oh I love the pig cookbook! I donated a lot of my cookbooks...the spiral soft cover kind like you had...a while ago. And yes, you can always buy them back...now, won't that be fun! ;)

Connie said...

And from all those recipes inside each & every cookbook, there's that one special dish I go to every time. Love my cookbooks & glad to know I'm in good company!

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