Thursday, July 9, 2015

If We Were Having Coffee


                                                             Talavera Bird Bath in my Esperanza Garden

If we were having coffee this morning, and once we talked about my favorite coffee right now- specifically Gevalia Columbian, Community Club Columbian , and Eight O’Clock Columbian- I’d bring up the following:

We are headed back to El Paso this morning . 

Didn’t we just get back?

It seems like it, but it doesn’t matter because I miss my grandsons desperately and this time we are going to fly.

Our other daughters will be there too, and we have some adventures and exploring planned, so I can’t stop smiling.

I hope you have some exploring  planned this summer too.

In my book, that is one of life’s greatest pleasures.


Stacey said...

Love this kind of post. :)

If we were having coffee I'd ask you if I can do anything for you while you're gone. Water your plants? Feed the cat?

I'd remind you to take your sunscreen and your camera.

Have a great time!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have fun, especially with your grandsons!

Lisa said...

Oh you fanatical coffee drinkers! LOL Have a safe trip and enjoy your beautiful family!

Laurie said...

If we were having coffee, I would say....Whoop, Whoop! Another road trip! Only you're flying this time. Oh but wait, whoop, whoop! Another family adventure!

Hope you have an awesome trip and get lots of grandson sugar!

Connie said...

If we were having coffee.....I would say "I'm so very glad you are flying to your family!" Nothing in this world better than grandkid, kids time ~ & I know I don't have to say "Have fun!" That definitely goes without saying. ;)

20 North Ora said...

Grandchildren are definitely one of God's greatest gifts and pleasures in life. Enjoy!


Pura Vida said...

Your lucky lucky family that get to have you

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, yes, what we will do to see those Grans. Ours is about to move further away and we are so sad,but at least it's only 8 hours. But, he's only 3 1/2 right now, so 8 seems like a lot. Cute post!

Christine said...

Really glad you choose to fly this time!
You'll be able to enjoy more.

Creations By Cindy said...

Love those grandbabies too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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