Monday, December 7, 2015

God is Still In My Glitter

God is in my Glitter

During the Christmas season many years ago, I wrote a post titled

God Is In My Glitter.

It still holds true for me today- in a way that I hope is also meaningful to you.

Here is the 2015 version.


Three trees, one tree, half a tree, no tree- it matters not. 

Decorating the house for Christmas has always been rewarding to me.

It is about who I am because of what I enjoy creating for the people I love .

It is not an either or proposition. 

It re
minds me- in my own quirky way- that if I were lucky enough to be in that manger-


I would , to show love and gratitude and humility, say,

“Do you need anything? What can I do to help? Can we move this here? Are you comfortable?”

In that manger, I would be (I often am)

a Martha in a Mary’s world.

It occurs to me that God knows that, and I believe He loves me anyway-

even in all of my attempts to

bedazzle things around me.

He knows my poinsettias are red and gold and sometimes pink.

For you see, I understand Martha’s need to fix and arrange and prepare and beautify.

So much so, I think Martha needs a shout out-

“Hey Martha, I understand why you think you need to be in the kitchen- I get it.

Here is what works for me though- when the party is over and your gift of hospitality has weakened your spirit.

Jesus likes to sit on the couch with us and prop his feet up too. 

Those are the best conversations. He really does get what drives us.

When you say to him, ‘I can’t believe she said that’, or ‘why didn’t she come?’,

He rolls his eyes and says you are tired, let it go.

And then we laugh.”

I know the world thinks God is not in the glitter, but HE is in mine.



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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Sweet breath of freshness!
I love this. It is spot on with how I feel about traditions, holidays, hospitality... and serving people; when my feet are dog tired, and I'm stepping through the pine needles to rest my rear on the couch... He knows me, yet He loves me anyway!

JB said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Best post ever. To sit on the couch with amazing that would be!. Love you my friend.

Karen said...

I'm with JB!! Best Ever!
You are amazing, girl friend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

God's in everything, even glitter. Maybe especially glitter.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I loved this, Laura.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love to decorate too, although as the children grew up and left home it is a little less. I especially love my manger scene. It's old and worn and parts are gone. The little donkey doesn't have legs anymore but he still is in attendance. I set it up on a chest in the living room and have angels and camels and greenery. I think I like it better than the tree. I'm glad you enjoy decorating for Christmas too.

Southern Gal said...

This was one worth repeating. Excellent.

GrannaGranna said...

Thank you for this beautiful message. So much good in it!

Theresa said...

God is in my glitter too! Such a sweet message! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Pura Vida said...

I loved that post back then and I love it now...amazing the way you put it to words!

Stacey said...

You are such a smart woman. God is in the glitter for a lot of us but he's in so many other sweet spots too.

LeAnne said...

I think God must have CREATED glitter, (like the sun sparkling on freshly-fallen snow!) so He is definitely in it! And since I am definitely a Martha in a Mary world, I can identify! Merry Christmas to you & your glitter!

The Crowned Goat said...

Laura, what a beautiful reminder of what this season is all about. I can totally relate to feeling like a Martha in a Mary world myself. Thanks for the gentle reminder to slow down and remember the amazing gifts we've been given this season...even in the glitter. Hugs for a happy day, CoCo

Connie said...

You have made my spirit smile this morning as I read your post. Thank you for putting into words how so many of us feel during the hurry up time of the season. Your thoughts & stories are a gift & I thank you so much for sharing.

Unknown said...
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