Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walk Away Renee Watering


My husband has a different method of watering plants than I do.

Past experience shows that he is a SPRAYER,  as in spray the plants in their face sprayer.

If I were thirsty, being sprayed in the face would get on my last nerve.

Recently, standing in the yard while my husband watered, I pontificated about all of my

amazing gardening theories, including proper watering.

He listened for two seconds,

and then he walked away.

I may have lost my helper.
       Which caused me to think about Walk Away Renee -the Four Tops version.

Does anyone remember that song?


Here's a little of what I said.

*  I think thirsty plants/people want a long drink of water.

They don’t want to be sprayed in the face when they are thirsty. 

They enjoy spraying for fun , but not to quench their thirst.

*  I think miracle blooming products are like steroids, eyelash extensions, hair color and

other faux beauty products (that I have been known to enjoy) ; however, their dramatic

results are fleeting.

* I think cutter ants, that have stripped most of my rose bushes, at one time or

another over the years , are a worthy opponent. 


They work harder at their

gardening than I do.

Do you see why he walked away?


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Write about and link whatever moves you.

I always do .


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Decor To Adore said...

Aw husbands. Mine is a water miser and wonders why things don't grow. :)

I was at Lowes today and saw seeds/bulbs today for Lily of the Valley and Peonies. I have a big patch that would be lovely for a full shade garden but even so, doesn't it get too hot here for those plants?

Michelle said...

Mine doesn't water at all. Hardly knows we have houseplants during winter! lol

Laurie said...

....."would get on my last nerve." HaHa! That's something I would say. If I left it to him, my husband would water just like that.

Patty Marker said...

My husband and I could have had that exact same conversation! Men!!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

That's the song that came into my head when I saw your post! :)

We all have our own way of doing things don't we? ThoughI 'm with you, I would want a face full of water either! (nor do I think that is a good way to water! The roots need it not the flowers!)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Now,that was just too cute and now I'll be singing this song the rest of the night. My Hubby is just the opposite, he gives our plants a long, nice watering. I'm the sprayer at our house and I'll never do it again that I don't think of this post.

Blondie's Journal said...

How funny! My guy wouldn't know when to water a plant if it came panting straight up to him! lol.

Never spray---mold and bugs...soak the ground. Okay- I'm an anal pest (!!!!)

Theresa said...

You are too funny:) Yes I remember that song! Sometimes I give advice and sometimes I don't:) Enjoy your day dear Laura, HUGS!

MountainMama said...

Ahhh but you're correct - you need to water deeply at the base or most of the water just evaporates anyway!! I see my sweetie do the same thing at his house, in his makes me laugh. Oh well, men will be men!!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

This just cracked me up! :) For one reason here it is about two degrees and I won't be watering any plants just now, and for the other reason, I tried to imagine a hot summer day and yes I'd want the long drink...that's how I usually water mine in the summer :)

HOWEVER if he walked away at least he was LISTENING to you which is more than most men do, ha HA! :)

Donnamae said...

I couldn't help but laugh! I water all the plants...inside and out, year round. I stand there and water my flowers, pots, and evergreens as needed. But, hubby in set the sprinkler for long term watering...during the summer! At least between the two of us it gets done! ;)


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