Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dear Daughters: Feeling Irritated

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Dear Daughters,


The test of a well lived life is often facing the little things that irritate, worry, or anger just slightly.

The women in our family are normally strong in a crisis, but what about when you forget to buy coffee

at the store , or you get a speeding ticket driving through George West on your way to El Paso, or you know it

is less expensive to make cupcakes for the birthday party, but for some reason cupcake success escapes


This is what I think. (You knew this was coming .)

I think the key is accepting that at times we will have cause to feel irritated, worried , or angry.

The source/cause is real.

At the point of irritation is usually when well meaning friends or family say ‘let it go’, which is sometimes fuel to the fire.

I refer to this as ‘the hot lava button in my big toe getting punched’.

Here is my antidote.

While striving to let feelings of irritation go- look back at what was happening prior to becoming irritated.

Are you overly stressed?

Are you tired? Is there an unresolved issue that needs addressing?

Is there an amends you need to make?

Here it is in a nutshell :

Don’t feel guilty for becoming irritated-

instead look at what was going on in your life prior to that point.

That’s where the answer is.


Don’t you just love these letters dear daughters? Aren’t you glad I post them on the internet?

I love you,




Preppy Empty Nester said...

Love this note, Laura. Great advice. However, I hate to admit it but my "hot button" is closer to the surface that either one of my girls. Enjoy your Sunday!

Linda said...

I love this post, thank you...I am the only girl in our household--so, my temper does get the better of me, at times...have a beautiful Sunday, friend.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Me, myself and 3 daughters...we manage to get through most things with some laughter, hugs, and a whole lot of sparkling water!

Stacey said...

So true! It's always what led up to the moment of irritation...never that exact moment in time.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Ouch! that was good and such truth! I'm not your daughter but I needed to hear this. Happy new week!

Diana Taylor said...

Truth that I finally realized for myself a couple of months ago, and it was not a surprise that when I did look back, it was my own procrastination that superseded my irritations. My own fault. No one else to blame. I love reading your blog. I've never commented before but this post hit so close to home. Thank you.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Feelings are complicated and sometimes defeating in times of stress. Overcoming bad feelings is such an important skill to learn to keep life on an even keel. Love your letter.

Donnamae said...

Thank you Laura...I really needed this letter this morning! Great advice as always! ;)

Creations By Cindy said...

I always enjoy your Dear Daughters post! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Lincuden Cottage Life said...

Wonderful advice Laura! I believe when we push our feelings down and ignore the root of the problem, eventually like a tea pot, due to the accumulation of anger or stress we blow our whistle! It's so important to be proactive by incorporating a daily outlet be it exercise, mediation, talking to a friend or whatever else works! Kudos for passing down words of wisdom to your daughters! ;)

Pat said...

Thank you for the gentle reminder that we are women and have a right to feel irritated!
For me, it's usually one of/ or two reasons: fatigue and /or pain.
Many times, with my age, I'm still trying to take on too much.
I don't want to slow down, just yet, and leave it all to the children!
While I'm able. . .I want to dance!


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