Sunday, August 14, 2016

White Spray Paint Housekeeping

August 2016 Study

Here are some things ricocheting around in my steel trapped mind this morning.


Let’s go!

* In writing a recent post on 5 Tips For Lower Ceilings, I faced a spelling dilemma.

I have always spelled moulding that refers to the trim used in a home with a ‘u’.

Many businesses who sell such moulding spell it the same way.

Then there are those that spelling it molding.

The solution? I have no idea.

I spelled it with a ‘u’ and always have, but I wanted you to know that I know, in case you were wondering

while reading ,’Why is Laura spelling moulding with a ‘u’?’.

IMG_7817 (2)

*Recently I shared information in this post about a series titled Poldark that I said could be found on Netflix.

That is completely wrong .

Poldark is a PBS series that is available through your Roku or your Smart TV on Amazon Prime.

If you are still interested in the series after all of this nonsense, it can be found there or at

The term Smart TV and my relationship with the inner workings of my TV are not a fit.

It is an ongoing struggle.

Remember…we still call the remote the Changer.

*My Google Friend Connect gadget that appears on my sidebar- showing all of your wonderful faces past

and present- is now showing an ‘Unfollow’ button instead of a ‘Follow’ button.

I could veer off into a lengthy spiel about why that is ironic and how I care too much about

such ‘follower’ nonsense, but I won’t.

I also don’t have a clue why these things happen on Google.

The wonderful Linda of My Fairy Blog Mother is looking into it for me.

Linda is like a blog paramedic who responds quickly, handles the situation, and is a compassionate friend all

at the same time..

*I redid a recent Peek User Testing exercise where a video is created of someone navigating my

blog and making comments you can hear.

I did this once before, but I thought I would do it again.

Here was the consensus of the second reviewer.

The format of my blog makes sense, but its title White Spray Paint does not- since I am not selling white spray

paint or using it very often.

He felt I should change the name of my blog.


Over the years I have realized this is an issue in my tiny corner of blogland, but I am not afraid of issues, and I

am all about the metaphor.

It isn’t about a physical can of spray paint but what my mother taught me to do with it.

Remember this first post from the dark ages?

White Spray Paint

This explains it all.

Have a great week!

I’ll be back this week with a post titled

Convenience Creates Clutter.

Stay tuned!




Simply LKJ said...

Molding or moulding??? Both correct! One more common in the U.S. the other Europe!! Mantle or mantel????

Nancy's Notes said...

I do get "WHITE SPRAY PAINT!" If there are those who don't.... Pfft!! That means they don't know you well!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

"in case you were wondering..."
That made me laugh right out loud!
How many times I posted something thinking... my readers will think I'm an idiot, they're going to wonder... (fill in the blank)
I also get the "White Spray Paint" ... and had people question me all the time about Corn in my Coffee-Pot. Oh the Why's? I would receive!
Because I'm an outside the box kind of thinker and had no way of cooking corn for my children (which happened to be the only vegetable in the freezer)...
It's Not about Coffee!
again... you make me laugh.

Pondside said...

I, too, get the White Spray Paint. Will I be forgiven if I hazard a guess that if the reviewer was (and this is offered with great love and respect for all the men and boys in my family and circle of beloved friends....and I hope that is enough of a disclaimer!) perhaps a male that it might explain the reviewer's NOT getting it?
I will watch to see what your blog paramedic has to say about the 'unfollow' which appeared on my sidebar as well. Of course, three new followers have joined me since the unfollow went up. It is beyond my understanding!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, White Spray Paint makes about as much sense as CiCi's Corner, but I'm with you, it's my space and I'll call it what I want to. BTW, I love your blog name. And, Google, well, I scratch my head quite often over it. Happy week Laura!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

We just got NetFlix last week and I remembered reading about Poldark being there on your blog. Looked for it and didn't find it, but that's ok because I found a lot of other things I like, instead. I wish they would show re-runs of Poldark, I missed the first couple of episodes, and everyone could probably use another round of Poldark. He was such a pleasure to watch.

Calling the remote the Changer isn't so bad. We call it "The Wand". How goofy is that?

Stacey said...

You are the English teacher so if you say spell it with a u then I will.

I bet your peek tester was a 20 something guy who didn't get Poofing the Pillows either.

Everywhere I turn people are talking about that show on Netflix that has Jane Fonda and Edith Ann but I can't ever remember Edith Ann's real name and Netflix is too complicated.

Pura Vida said...

oh dear...these are the things that make me retreat to my herb garden to watch butterflies. I love White Spray Paint...I GET IT!!! Because I use blue all the time and white is my 2nd favorite :-)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Thank you Laura, such a cute name, Blog Paramedic. So kind of you to mention me. People do get confused about the proper spelling of certain words. You should I always use a "u" in the spelling of moulding. like Lauren said, mantel also has different spellings. Sometimes those peek reviews have no real clue of what a blog should look like. They are everyday people whom the company pays to reviews. So qualifications at all. Hope your day is fabulous.

Pat said...

I love your Blog Name of White Spray Paint, dear friend!
You always "brighten" my day with your posts!
When you've reached my age and arthritis in the hands. . .
I just say I'm having a bad Arthur Day when there are any spelling errors!
That's my story. . .it works for me. . .and I'm sticking to it! (wink!)
Have a blessed mid week!

Jeanie said...

Wonderful blog name, Laura -- never change it!

Do you "follow" your own blog? I think that the unfollow is there so that someone who already follows you can unfollow if they choose. Find a computer or someone who doesn't already follow you and look at it there (make sure they are logged in, not you) and see if it says follow.

And new Poldark's begin in September! Here is a link to the Poldark bingewatcher's guide from --


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