Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finds and Favorites

It wouldn’t be a post at White Spray Paint lately if I didn’t begin by saying,
“It is still hot here.”
It was in the 90s today.
I know…enough already.
Now that that is out of the way, l have some wonderful finds and old favorites
I rediscovered lately.

What I’m Reading
Defending Jacob
The bargain hunter in me loves that I can download e books from our public library on my kindle at no charge.

I am currently reading Defending Jacob that I checked out as an ebook from the library
and prior to that I checked out Robert Crais’s book The Promise. 
I have decided that I need to stop reading book blurbs or dust jacket summaries.
All books these days sound so weird to me, or goofy, or slightly depressing.
If I stick to mysteries and courtroom dramas I am engaged. Some storylines are a real beating.

What I’m Wearing IMG_1679

On a recent trip to San Antonio, I found two San Antonino dresses, a shawl , and a cool table runner from
Mexico I couldn’t live without-
all while my husband waited in the car.
He has had lots of experience .
San Antonio has the best selection of Mexican dresses and tops both at the market downtown and at
I have found the absolute best fall lipstick color by Revlon recently.
Spicy Cinnamon # 641
Spicy Cinnamon
This color is perfect for fall. Revlon has the best color selection for lipsticks,
and if you are from Texas and you shop at HEB , they always have coupons available in their
cosmetic department.
And ladies, I know the trend is nude lipstick colors, but trust me that is not always a good look.

Who I’m Applauding
pink banner
I have contacted Linda of the blog Life and Linda for her blogging expertise so much in
technology desperation, I now call her my
Blog Paramedic.
She has talked me through all of the weird glitches that happen on my blog,
and she is gracious while doing it.
In addition she thinks of you and your blog even when you haven’t contacted her , and she researches issues
you have.
Her rates are affordable and the experience is delightful.

That’s it for now.
I am off to the flea market.
Watch for an introduction this weekend to my new White Spray Paint series!
The Art of Thrifting Edited II


Theresa said...

I wanna go thrifting with you:). Enjoy your day dear Laura, hugs!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love a good courtroom drama myself.

Jeanie said...

That's a pretty color! I'm a Revlon 510 girl myself but I might have to check that one out.

Thrifting? I'm intrigued!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

I LOVED Defending Jacob. They should make it into a movie. I follow Linda's blog and enjoy her very much.

Lisa said...

It's still hot here too, Laura! It's hard to think of Fall isn't it? I love your Mexican dress and had forgotten how beautiful (and comfortable) they are. I might need to take a trip to SA although I know my impatient husband would not wait in the car!

quakerhillfarm said...

Have fun thrifting! One of my favorite pastimes for sure! Lovely lipstick. I have not purchased any new for a long time. Sounds like a trip to my fav store.

Nancy said...

gotta get myself to san antonion STAT!!! especially with this heat in Houston. dresses are the best! going to check out Linda's blog now :) thanks for these tips!

Unknown said...

I always look forward to your products! Very nice to watch.Everything looks gorgeous as usual!


Stacey said...

Love your dress! I'm going to find that lipstick.

Linda saves me quite often.

Reading a great book here too...What Alice Forgot. I don't like depressing books. What's the point in that?

Creations By Cindy said...

It's still hot in my neck of the woods too! Oh I am so ready for cooler weather. And when I get to heaven I am going to ask the Lord why, just why....would he create mosquito's. NOW that is off my chest! LOL! Love that lipstick. YES...I am getting me a tube of that pretty autumn color! Can't wait to see what your thrift purchases are! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Simply LKJ said...

My dad always used to bring me back the cutest tops from his trips to Mexico. I still remember them fondly, and actually think I may have one packed away somewhere. Love the lipstick color. And, Linda is the absolute sweetest!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Laura, I always enjoy wearing dresses. Your dress is darling and the lipstick color is something I would wear. I haven't read in awhile, but I enjoy a good book now and then. Thank you so much for the shout out. That was a nice surprise and so sweet. I appreciate it very much. Hope your week is fabulous.

Pat said...

If I'm not at the computer writing. . .then I have a book or magazine in my hand reading!
Cute Autumn fashions, dear friend!
Glad you were able to get your computer problems resolved!

Botanic Bleu said...

My book club just read The Nightingale, a fiction about two sisters about how each contributed to defying the Nazis occupation of France during WWII. One sister was in the French Resistance and the over worked to save young Jewish children. It was a great book about courage and making a difference with your life even during trying times.


Blondie's Journal said...

I thinks it's fantastic that you can download books from your library. Makes perfect sense and I wonder if ours does the same. But...I have a huge stack on my nightstand and another bunch on my Nook. We bit off more than we can chew.

I've heard Linda's work is wonderful and I've seen firsthand on some blogs! I'm glad you got to work with her, it shows.

The lipstick is a great recommendation. I love their nice selection of nail polish Have to check out more!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Have fun at the Flea - nude does not work for my lips either.

Bev said...

Laura, enjoyed your blog so much. Wow, are you right about nude lipsticks not looking good on everyone. Maybe younger women can wear them, but as we get older, I've read that we need some color. Not too dark, because that's aging, and the make up experts warn that lipstick colors with brown in them make skin look sallow and make teeth look yellow. It's fun to experiment with finding the "right" lipstick colors. I, too, love Revlon.

Summer said...

I so love the colour of that lipstick ♥

Cecilia said...

hm, I might have to check out that lipstick...the color is divine! I feel the need for some thrifting soon. Wouldn't it be fun to get a big group together! :o)

S H Elliott said...

Still hot here too! Trying not to complain too too much because winter will come. My hubby has experience waiting in the car too! Ha ha. Linda is my blog fairy too!! Sheila

Pam Richardson said...

Laura, we still have heat! Love the tip on the lipstick! Have a beautiful weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living


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