Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips and Our Menu

Thanksgiving Card

When I was a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than watching my mother

and my aunts and my grandmothers work in the kitchen,

especially on a day as important to cooking and family as Thanksgiving.

My jobs usually involved putting ice in the glasses, pouring iced tea and whatever duties my mother

assigned, all with a smile on her face.  


It was in that kitchen that my beloved Ranch Recipes were born.

Every single method I use, in preparing –with the help of my own daughters- every dish we share

Thanksgiving day originated in my mother’s kitchen at the ranch.

These are some of the things I do to prepare for Thanksgiving day.

*I bake a 9x13 pan of cornbread 2 days in advance so it is not so ‘new’ when I mix the cornbread dressing.

*I use poultry seasoning in the dressing because outright sage is sometimes hard to gauge.

*I use Sister Schubert dinner rolls because they are the best.

*I bought Riverside turkeys at HEB for years because she said they were just as good.

*I now buy Butterball turkeys because as I shared here, the idea of a 24 hour hotline feeds my dramatic soul.

*I  mix the dressing and prepare Pioneer Woman’s mashed potato recipe the day before.

*For years I prepared a compulsory sweet potato casserole, but this year I think I am going to create twice

baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar instead of savory seasonings.

*After the turkey has been wrestled into the oven, after I have checked the cooking time a million times,

I relax for a moment or two, check the table, and have another cup of coffee.

Thanksgiving Menu 2016


Cornbread Dressing

Spiral Sliced Ham

Katherine’s Sparkle Salad

Heather’s Green Beans With Bacon and Garlic

Lauren’s Brussel Sprouts With Dried Cranberries, Pecans, and Bacon

Pioneer Woman’s Mashed Potatoes

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Giblet Gravy

Sister Schubert Rolls

Pecan Pie with Pecans from Heather’s Tree

Pumpkin Streusel Pie

Flat Apple Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!!


S H Elliott said...

Menu sounds yummy. I love sweet potatoes and yams and will eat them any way they are fixed. I usually make a pecan praline topping for mine. I sprinkle cinnamon sugar and butter cubes in my hot smashed potatoes ...then top with the praline. Like healthy pecan pie. Ha ha. Happy Thanksgiving.

NanaDiana said...

Well, I may have just drooled in my keyboard! lol
So- you make the mashed potatoes a full day ahead and just reheat them? I have been tempted to do that but didn't know how they would turn out. I may just do that this year.
Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. xo Diana

Jeanie said...

Well, first of all, as soon as this opened up I yelped "She has my silver pattern!" Don't you just love it?

Your menu sounds good and thanks for the poultry seasoning tip. Usually I use fresh sage in the turkey/dressing but for whatever reason, it died in the garden this year and I was contemplating a purchase or a substitute. Thanks!

And I'm with you on the savory sweet potatoes. Never a fan of marshmallows and all that in them. I'll make my favorite sweet potato casserole for one of our TGs. It really couldn't be better!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Botanic Bleu said...

Your menu looks delicious for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG that menu looks delicious! Can you squeeze in another guest, lol?

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family! Eat up!

Scribbler said...

Good Heavens! I gained 10 pounds just reading this. What a treat to be at this table!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

And now I'm starving....thanks a lot!! Kidding, your menu sounds amazing - enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Marigene said...

Your menu sounds amazing...wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Laura.

Gypsy Heart said...



Unknown said...
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