Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Simple Fall Decorating Tips

Simple Fall Dining Table Arrangement With Blue and White

Fall for me is that easier, no strings attached time of year that is simply about cooler weather, college football, and setting out some of my favorite fall treasures.
It is about family and comfort and food and enjoying the appeal these treasures bring to our home.

To create that appeal, here are a few of my tried and true seasonal decorating tips that have always served me well. 
1.  It all has to go with the flow and bloom where I plant it.  
I am a jammer and a slinger and my fall decor needs to fit and not fight where I put it. 

These items live with us- not the other way around. 
To that point, you all know I love blue and white, and to my eye fall colors combine beautifully with my long collected mountain of blue and white porcelain pieces.
Have you noticed the mountain ? :)

2.  My second tip always reminds me of an expression my dear friend Celeste from South Texas always says before getting dressed for a special occasion-
"Throw the closet!"
Which means, bring it all out- go for it, and when it is time to stop, you'll know- or someone will tell you!

Our youngest daughter Katherine has teased me for years about a methods demonstration I had her do for 4H one year titled,

"Adorning the Wreathe".

This is now a favorite family expression when it is time to go for it.
So ladies, throw the closet and adorn the wreathe- however simple or complicated that may be.

3. Remember your old friends. 
You have all seen this zebra rug for several years in many of my White Spray Paint posts.

Let your old decorating friends enjoy the season too. 
They are the gift that keeps giving. 
Move your laser focus away from the seasonal item and look around the room at what supports it.

4.  It is not about price, right?
These small pumpkins are not the drop dead gorgeous velvet ones we have all seen, nor or they real velvet and their stems are certainly not authentic, but when I saw them at KMart for $1.50 each I grabbed them. 
Everything you see in these photos are collected treasures from the flea market, thrift stores ,Round Top and Ross.

It is so much fun to create this way.

We have a family philosophy that helps us add thrifted seasonal treasures each year to our collection and it is:

Don't go to the flea market looking for something, but if you need something it will appear:)-

As in 'build it and they will come'.
I am joining these wonderful ladies for our monthly

Please visit all of the other participants. 
They are all so talented and so smart and dear Stacey of Poofing the Pillows corrals us with great patience each month.  
Isn't her new forever home beautiful?

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Kim said...

Your home is dressed beautifully for fall, Laura and your tips are spot on!

Tammy Patina and Paint said...

I love "throw the closet and adorning the wreathe!" My Granny used to say "slap some lipstick on it!". Your home is beautiful and tips are perfect!!!!

Eilis said...

Your new home is taking on your beautiful style. Love how you used those little pumpkins with your gorgeous blue and white collection.

Stacey said...

Ah girl! I always love your wisdom and your decor. You just get it right.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your blue and white collection is magnificent!

Pura Vida said...

I think your fall d├ęcor is just beautiful. I love how the blue is the focus but you just bring in the colors of the season around it! Love it!!!

taylorlisa said...

I think everything looks fallish and lovely. I can't believe you found those velvet pumpkins at KMart. I didn't even know there were any of those still around.

Happy Fall Decorating,

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the tips and all of your little sayings. I love the blue and white as you know. Hugs and blessings dear lady.

Jeanie said...

When you said "these items live with us" I thought, you are my kind of collector. They DO live with us and have their own style, charm, personality. I love your K-Mart pumpkins (who could tell?) and all the beautiful ways you've integrated your style with the season.

Carol@BlueskyatHome said...

Great tips and related in such a fun, memorable way. It's more challenging and satisfying to be creative with things you have and cherish. It's like running into old friends a few times a year.

Simply LKJ said...

Everything is lovely Laura!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

This is good stuff, Laura!

I agree about the throw the closet! You'll know when its enough! And yes, the decor must fit into our life, not the other way around!

NanaDiana said...

Everything looks just lovely. Your collection of blue and white is fantastic and I, too, think everything and anything goes with blue and white.
Love the 'throw the closet'...gotta love that sweet Celeste...and the adorn the wreath is pretty funny, too.
Have a wonderful night-xo Diana

Sarah said...

Good tips, Laura! I love your mountain, and yes, blue and orange are complimentary colors! ;-) I love using my blue and white pieces paired with rusty orange this time of year. Happy Fall!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Great tips and your home looks beautiful. Hope your week is full of treats, Laura.

Unknown said...

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