Friday, April 6, 2018

Dear Daughters: Embracing Your Inner Off Trend Decor Self :)

Saltillo Tile

Dear Daughters,

It takes a certain creative courage to embrace and design what you love in a home when it is not the trend of the day.

(Hang in there with me and please stop rolling your eyes. We have NOT talked about this before.)

Maybe it is because I have had more experience doing this, or because Nonnie did it everyday in her home, or because I know you have this inclination too.

We have not always gone the popular or trending  route in home design- even though we love the creativity and the beauty we see in all homes.

I have said before here at White Spray Paint that I love ALL houses because I know what it takes to assemble one.

Back to off trend decor with a case in point-

saltillo tile floors.
Saltillo 2018-1

You know I love saltillo- you know I have always loved saltillo- but it is not a flooring that you often see chosen in today’s world.

Beautiful wood floors are everywhere now, along with tile that looks like wood, or other kinds of tile.

They are all beautiful.

But in my heart of hearts I keep going back to what I know and love.
Saltillo 2018-2

Maybe it is because of this young couple, your grandparents, who began their married life together on a great adventure in Mexico.

I have always loved all things Mexico, and I know you do too.

It is about what calls to you. Don’t ignore that call. It is your heart speaking.
Saltillo 2018-3

And so , we are having saltillo tile in many areas of Casa Golondrina.
Casa Golondrina Entrance 2

It is far from perfect, it doesn’t exactly match the previous saltillo installed in the house, it all needs to be sealed, and on and on.

As the list of imperfections grows, my smile gets wider.

I love you.


Casa Golondrina Logo 2


Julie said...

I love the message behind this :) And I love your Saltillo tile with its history for your family!

Jeanie said...

I love how the Saltillo tiles look but most of all, I love its meaning for you. I'm so glad you shared the story.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Imperfections reflect the truth of our souls. That's why we love them so.

Nancy's Notes said...

Your style is full of soul! I love the old and new Saltillo. it is so full of character, Laura! Your notes to your daughters, always so special.

Stacey said...

Laura, write a book! Seriously!

Anyone who can spin such wisdom from tile floors should definitely write a book.


Simply LKJ said...

Love the message behind this post. Our homes should reflect what we love, and welcome us home. It truly is one of the few places we can just be ourselves. I love the saltillo floors. I too am fond of slate floors as we had them growing up.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It reminds me of many California homes where I grew up - southern California! It holds up - that's for sure!

JB said...

Oh my gosh woman....your floors look beyond beautiful! You did good!

Bonnie said...


Unknown said...

You have that incredible gift for always pulling off the perfect look. Simply stunning!!

Theresa said...

I love your "dear daughters" posts:) Your floors are gorgeous! My daughter is building a new house and the tile is going in now! The tile guy told her yesterday that she should have hired an architect, she said it is my house and the tile we love. She has chosen some beautiful tile, just a little hard to lay I guess:) Love your home! Have a blessed weekend dear Laura, HUGS!

Art and Sand said...

Trends come and go, but what you love doesn't.

When scrolling through IG, I see so many identical houses, but the ones that make me stop and look closer are those that have their own unique look.

CHERI said...

There is such a life lesson in this post. I believe each person should be an individual and embrace their uniqueness. I tell my granddaughter that all the time. Just be yourself...even if you are wearing bell bottoms when all the others are wearing tobacco pants:)

Tammy Patina and Paint said...

I don't know how many times we have moved into a house and I've learned to love it. Even when I started out thinking that I wanted to change just about everything in it. I think like you, I've learned to embrace and trust what I love regardless of the current trends. Such a good life lesson. I love your new tile floors. They are the prettiest saltillo tiles I have seen!

Scribbler said...

I just love your new house! And I totally agree with your philosophy.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

I say, it's just whatever suits your fancy weather it suits anyone else or not. I love your new home and the new flooring too. Happy weekend!

NanaDiana said...

That is the flooring my brother/sister-in-law have in their home.They spend a lot of time in Mexico on missions and they fell in love with the colors and feel of it all there. I love spending time in their home- it is warm and welcoming and they could care less about what is "in" at the moment.

I, too have pieces that are years old and no longer considered "in" but I love what I love. xo Diana

Sarah said...

I always love reading your "Dear Daughters" posts. Being a Texan, I of course love the look of Saltillo tile. We had a denim color Mexican tile floor in our previous home. None in this house, but I have many friends who live with it throughout their homes. I'm a fan.

Eilis said...

I love that you use what you love instead of just what everyone else is doing this year. I happen to share your love of Saltillo tile. It looks amazing. The different designs are wonderful. Enjoy!

Mary K. said...

This is so true Laura. We don't always have to be slaves to design! We should inject our personality into our homes after all they are OUR homes for a reason!


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