Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

My intention, in putting away Christmas decorations , for the last two days, was not to reorganize my entire house, but I am in the midst of that slightly monumental task.

Tied into all of that is this idea that keeps surfacing about women of ages past working hard, day after day after day.

The modern day concept of 'taking time for yourself' certainly didn't exist for women prior to our modern era.

Read The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent , with detailed accounts of Puritan living during the era of the Salem witch trials ,to see some great examples of hard core working.

At least today I am not butchering anything.

But, I putting away all of my wonderful Christmas decorations, I have moved and shuffled and remembered.

As I struggled with trying not to jam things in boxes and closets, I thought of my friend Anna that I taught with for years.

You could give her 56 things of all shapes and sizes, and she could organize them neatly in her top desk drawer.

So, I sorted and wrapped and occasionally did some jamming. It was at that point that I think the reorganization process began.

In retirement, after 32 years of teaching high school English, one thing seems to lead to another- and it is wonderful.

As I thought of all of my colleagues and friends at school, right across the street ,I wanted to tell them that.

Hang on. You can do it. Keep a tight rein.

And so my house is completely destroyed- but the Christmas decorations are restored to their yearly resting place for now.


Anonymous said...

Wow Laura! This is awesome.......makes me feel at home. I can actually picture you storing your decorations. I am happy that you have not forgotten us, but I am happier that you are enjoying your retirement. Who is the organizer? Is it Anna? Enjoy your family and keep thinking about us......Estela

Anonymous said...

From someone with their christmas tree still fully decorated i salute your disarray. I finally did unplug it and found that it looked completely different and instead of staring for hours at the lights i can actually see the decrations. So that is my excuse for not taking it down to date - that and i can't get to the box the decorations go in out in the garage. I see your clutter and raise you!! I have been cleaning closets and drawers in my house this year and just when am so proud of that clean closet or drawer i turn around and see all the stuff i have removed sitting in the living room floor and sigh - now where am i putting that stuff? I know i need it or will wear it when i lose that weigh i need to lose!!! i know - in the garage!!! haha

love your blog spot
love you

Anonymous said...

Thank you cousin-
Love you too.


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