Saturday, January 3, 2009

White Spray Paint

My mother was a great proponent of white spray paint and its multiple uses and problem solving qualities in home decor. 

This has been an important part of our family's home toolbox for as long as I can remember.

She sprayed everything and taught me to do so as well.

White spray paint transformed every piece of old furniture, that my father hauled in a cattle trailer, to the first garage apartment my husband and I had. As family members arrived with precious treasures to share -my mother cleaned and sprayed, cleaned and sprayed.

White spray paint covered changing tables,baskets,picture frames,mirrors, lamps and wicker screens in the bedrooms of our three daughters- her precious, kindred spirited granddaughters. 

She made their bedding, their curtains, their pillows and shams- all highlighted by bright, white furniture we had sprayed and redeemed.

White spray paint traveled in the back of my suburban to every dorm room, apartment, and rent house that our daughters lived in while at Texas A&M ( as well as to all other homes thereafter) . 

I know we left random spray marks in alleys and parking lots throughout town.

We have always painted with such great abandon.
She taught us that too.


Anonymous said...

Your mom. Oh, how I miss her and wish she was next door for me to run to for advice. I never had enough time to do all of her suggestions, but if she came over for a rare visit, she would visit for a while and then make a comment such as, "That mirror would look better over here." We would haul one of the boys in from playing and she would have them moving furniture in no time. She had such magic! One thing is for sure... you and the girls have inherited that gift.

Jane said...

I love this.....and the meaning and sentiment behind "white spray paint". What a meaningful way to share the legacy......

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