Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labor of Love

     I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

     I am training mentor teachers tomorrow , and on Friday I am looking forward to my girls, my grandsons, and my wonderful son-in-law being here this weekend for a visit.

     In preparation, I have been a spray painting machine.

     Even my cell phone has white spray paint snow on it. My mother would be proud.   I even used a surgical mask, because all of the young DIY bloggers wear them while painting.

     My glasses fogged up!

     I haven’t decided on my menu yet.  When I am undecided, I usually take my favorite cookbook (La Pinata, a McAllen Junior League cookbook) with me to the grocery store and prop it on top of my purse. 

     Yes, I am that woman who stands in the middle of the grocery aisle blocking the view. 

     The good news is very few people are at the grocery store when I like to go (between 6-7 am).  I am up anyway and McDonald’s opens at 6:00 and has great , normal priced coffee.

     Have a great weekend.

Ideas for Sunday supper-

brisket or rib-eyes, layered salad (lettuce, bell pepper, and green onions ‘iced’ with mayonnaise and topped with crispy bacon and grated cheese), my husband’s pinto beans, hash brown casserole, and garlic bread

for dessert- I may bake a cake- or cupcakes-

I want to see my youngest grandson eat a chocolate cupcake (or 2) with lots of icing.


However you labor, I wish you rest and relaxation. You deserve it.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you too Laura. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your little family! I'm sure you will cook up something great and they will certainly be excited about the home cooking!!!! Be sure and bake something messy for the little one, with LOTS of chocolate! Have the camera ready!!!!
everything vintage

Jo said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your family ~ it sounds lovely!


Beth said...

Enjoy the visit with your family.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I need to get the spray paint technique -- I just got some bubbles and runs on my tray -- what am I doing wrong? Too close?

donna baker said...

You're so sweet.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy your family.

Carla said...

What fun!! We do un-iced cupcakes with icing on the side, everyone has fun frosting their own!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Have fun on Labor Day weekend!~Patti

trash talk said...

That's the way to spend Labor Day...laboring with those you love. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy said...

It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend...I also do my grocery shopping early in the morning...7:15 am, right after I drop the kids off at school! I usually have the store to myself! I hope you enjoy your time with your precious family!

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, Oh how I love it when the kids and grandkids are home, time stand still, please! Enjoy every second!

Domestic Designer said...

Have a wonderful time with your family!

Tootsie said...

Happy long weekend!!! we get one too!!! enjoy yourself!

Jennsmere said...

Have a wonderful time with your family, Laura!!! Your menu sounds wonderful...yum...

Be blessed,


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