Saturday, November 28, 2009

God is in My Glitter


        Three trees, one tree, half a tree, no tree- it matters not. This decorating for Christmas is so rewarding to me, I thought this morning that I would identify why.

*It is about who I am because of what I enjoy .

*It breaks the boundary of the world’s reason for the season.

*It reminds me- in my own quirky way- that if I were lucky enough to be in that manger- AT THAT MOMENT- I would , in my own way, to show love and gratitude and humility, say, “Let’s move this here. Wouldn’t this be more comfortable? Do you need anything? What can I do to help?”

*In that manger, I would be (I often am) a Martha in a Mary’s world-but it occurs to me that God knows that, and I believe He loves me anyway- even in all of my attempts to bedazzle things around me. He knows my poinsettias are red and gold and sometimes pink.

*I understand Martha’s need to fix and arrange and prepare and beautify. I think Martha needs a shout out-

“Hey Martha, I understand why you think you need to be in the kitchen- I get it. Here is what works for me though- when the party is over and your gift of hospitality has weakened your spirit, Jesus likes to sit on the couch with us and prop his feet up too. 

Those are the best conversations. He really does get what drives us. When you say to him, ‘I can’t believe she said that’, or ‘why didn’t she come?’, He rolls his eyes and says you are tired, let it go.And then we laugh.”

*I know the world thinks God is not in the glitter, but He is in mine.


Beth said...

What a beautiful post. Give us something to think about. I recently got the book "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanne Weaver. Now I just need to make the time to read it!

Lee said...


I heard it said once, if women followed the star and went to the stable, they would have cleaned it from top to bottom and brought an assortment of casseroles! We are driven like Martha, aren't we? I agree with you God is in the glitter and I think it delights Him to see us make a show of this sacred event. It's a fine said it, let it go, but to do that mustn't we become Mary's?
These post make you sparkle!

trish said...

What a lovely post. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Theresa said...

Laura, God is in my glitter too! Wonderful thoughts:) Have a blessed day!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh How I love this! Especially about Jesus rolling his eyes and putting his feet up!!!
talk soon,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Laura...

My friend, this is just the best post!!! It really did "hit home" with me! I completely understand where you're coming from...I think that I am more often like Martha as well...but God created me this way! I just adore how you put it..."that God is in your glitter"!!! He is prominent in all of my desires...the desire to create a lovely and loving home! I hope that I bring Him the glory that is all that I do!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us...I never quite thought about it that way!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Laura...

I'm back! Hehe! My friend...I was just going down through some of your past posts that I missed and just had to come back to say how lovely they all are!

I love your Thanksgiving really is one of the prettiest that I've seen this season!!! Love, love, LOVE all that beautiful, elegant silver mixed with the pretty browns...those titilating textures...the "natural" elements! Simply gorgeous!!! I also really enjoyed seeing your beautiful "reds" of Christmas! I can't wait to see your home all decked out in its Christmas finery!!!

By the way...your new "Christmas" header photo is simply divine!!! Fabulous pretty!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

What a great message, and so well said. I'm sure many who read this will think your message often during the coming weeks - I know I will.

PS - your Christmas header is just lovely!!

Maree said...

I'm a Martha with Mary tendencies ;-)....I get what you are saying, and wholeheartedly agree!

Lisa said...

From one Martha to another, it's so good to know that God made us and loves us just as we are. Besides, without us, who would organize the neighborhood progressive dinner, buy all the hubster's employees the perfect gift or make the lambs' costumes for the Sunday School Christmas Pageant? :)

anythinggoeshere said...

Laura, I have added you to the Vintage Christmas Monday Link List.

Welcome to the party and I am excited that you have joined us with your award winning blog.

If you haven't already please read the original invitation button at the top of my sidebar...and check out the instructions.

It will be fun to see what you post. xo Joan

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great post! I always look forward to your posts - you say what I want to sometime, but don't know quiet how to spit it out. :)

Cathy Cobblestone said...

What a beautiful post. And your Thanksgiving tablescape - breathtaking - so very elegant. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a blessed Christmas season. Cathy

Rebecca Nelson said...

I love this. Simply beautiful. No other words for it...lovely~

Love, Rebecca

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Thank you for the wonderful blessed post! Warm wishes, Coralie

Hootin Anni said...

I love the picture this one line you typed...the picture it conjures in my mind ----how He likes to prop his feet up and relax with us on the couch. Awesome.

Simple Home said...

This is a wonderful post Laura. I think it's easy to become Martha's when we have families that need us. I always felt for Martha too.

Carol said...

You understand what most people don't ever understand. How awesome it is to have an intimate relationship with God. You have brought blessings to many with your story!

The Rev. C. Earl Mahan said...

He is in your, and all our, glitter.

love you - Fr. Earl

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh Laura, what a beautiful post! I love this! Especially the part about Jesus rolling his eyes and saying let it go! He does that ALOT with me!!

Thank you so much for your inspiration...on many levels!

Lou Cinda

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I love this post! I am a Martha. I always have been. But work hard to have a Mary heart. But it is so comforting to know God loves us Marthas too! :)

Sarah said...

Oh how I love your post! God is in my glitter too and sometimes, He is my glitter. :)
God's blessings on your Christmas, Sarah :D


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