Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Basketball and Brownies


        Tuesday night was basketball night (another benefit of the Christmas season). My husband, father, and I have been following my nephew’s basketball games. He is a junior at a very small high school out in South Texas ranch country.

        So I decided to bake him a batch of brownies that he and his buddies could have on the bus ride home.


        I went to the Hershey’s web site because I had this.


         And so , I mixed up all of the ingredients-


in this…my mother’s yellow Pyrex mixing bowl.


         Tonight as I handed over the brownies to Trey my nephew, I felt like my mother was there too.

         Hey Nonnie (my mother’s grandmother name)-

He said he wants a pecan pie next.


Debra@CommonGround said...

See what you started? Brownies, pecan pie, next thing they'll be wanting Cherries Jubilee! Just jokin', that's really so sweet of you! Seeing that yellow pyrex bowl just proves we are alot alike. I use mine, which was my grandmother's, whenever I make a cake, it's my favorite. Do you have the whole set? I have 3, I think one was broken long long ago. Hershey's cocoa brownies...yum yum...they are just the best!
big hugs,

Glimpse of My World said...

in response to your ? -- regarding book signing! Need to find out if a wristband is required, if so when can she pick up, ours at Borders were color coded. I had gold- i picked it up early yesterday as soon as the store opened and waited about 20 minutes for one of those. Then, I got back to Borders last night at 5 and the signing started at 7... hope this helps... do your research! hugs

trash talk said...

Did you at least save me one? I have a large jadite bowl that was my g'mother's that I use for everything. When I hold it, I feel like she is holding me. I know just how you feel about your mother's...everything is made with love AND two cups of pecans.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a sweet bunch of things to do. It must be really touching to Trey that you come to his games...and then to bring a treat! Neat idea to go to the website. You are sure to get a great recipe there because their name is on it. There is a huge Hershey store in downtown Chicago filled with unbelievable chocolate confections. Christmas time is like a chocolate wonderland. I will try to get pictures, even they will make your mouth water!!

Happy Wednesday, Laura!


Lisa said...

Everyone needs an aunt like you. :)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Ohh...I LOVE Basketball...AND....brownies. Our son is a Senior Captain of his varsity basketball team.

I'll be sure to copy down your recipe....I know Andrew would LOVE them.

Enjoy following your nephew's season!

Sandra said...

YOU are amazing! Best aunt, daughter, wife, mom, and friend ever!! Your mom is so proud that you are stepping right in . . . xoxo

Theresa said...

Your Mother WAS there:) I believe that she saw what you did, that you used her yellow bowl and that your nephew was happy about it! Have a blessed day!

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous aunt you are! My little basketball player would be so jealous. I know he enjoyed the fact you took time out for him.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


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