Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daybook December 7, 2009

FOR TODAY Outside my window... my patio is covered with leaves.

I am thinking... about jury duty Monday . I never get picked. Once I took a copy of Runaway Jury into the auditorium. Was that why?

I am thankful for... my husband. He makes me laugh every day.

From the kitchen... I will be making chocolate candy this week and a chicken and wild rice casserole. I will also be planning my next food treat to take to my nephew’s basketball game. Saturday I took 2 dozen tamales and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. He was the MVP of the tournament. For the next game, I may take him a pot roast. I want to continue to outdo myself just to see my brother laugh. I might take the roast into the game in my red crockpot.

I am wearing... one of my crazy silk caftans.

I am creating... a red crocheted ripple afghan, once I find 10 skeins of brick red yarn in the same dye lot. I have been to 3 Wal Marts with no luck. How about a red baby blanket?

I am call my Aunt Mary in Phoenix to thank her for the wonderful pumpkin bread she mailed us.

I am reading... Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and A Matter of Taste, a cookbook I bought at Goodwill in Dallas. It is from the Junior League of New Jersey. Taste travels.

I am hoping... that cold weather will return.

I am hearing… Christmas music.

Around the house...I am arranging and re-arranging.

One of my favorite things... being in my home.

A few plans for the rest of the week… have a health test, wrap gifts, laugh.


trash talk said...

May I suggest moving laughing to the top of the list...makes the week go so much slower!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you have been and gonna be busy. Hope you have a better jury duty experience than I had the last time. :( The jury commissioner did say that was not a good book to bring in to read when on duty :-)
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great week.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Pot Roast! I'm on the floor with laughter. Take that back. I WOULD play basketball for your pot roast and chocolate chip cookies!!!
love ya,

donna baker said...

You sound just like a teacher! Would that I could get that much accomplished this week. I haven't even thought about my Christmas baking yet, though I need to put that on my list.

Sandra said...

I so wish I could walk into that gym with you as you carry the red crock pot with the delicious pot roast. I'll carry the rolls and dessert! Love this post! Be sure to carry your book with you tomorrow so you can get back home quickly! ;-) xoxo

Nancy said...

I have many Junior League Cookbooks. I was an active member for about ten years and had hoped to do one for Reno - but we never got around to it. I like them because Leaguers are always entertaining, which translates to good recipes. My all time favorite is Colorado Cache.

I love the idea of the pot roast! Especially in a red crockpot. How festive!

I'm working on an afgan that I initially made too long, then couldn't get any more the yarn, so it has the original yarn in the middle - flanked by another color on each end. Oh well, it's for my little hippy daughter...

Theresa said...

Sounds perfect to me:) How do you ladies find time to make afghans? Love being at home especially during the Holidays! Have a blessed day!

Barbara said...

Laura, Sounds like a busy and wonderful week.

I will be glad to send you leaves and cold weather. I am not a fan of either.

Have a great day today.

From the Old InkWell said...

Busy lady! Good luck on your juy duty!

Anonymous said...

Busy busy and you sound very thankful for all you have in your life. I love my home also because I can't replicate the serenity I feel there no matter where I go.

Lee said...

My home is my refuge, I am such a recluse.
I don't know if that is good or bad. When I am with people I have so much fun, but I have fun all by myself or with my husband. My husband is not a funny person unless it's on accident and then he is halarious.
You made me hungry again, Laura!

Marguerite said...

I hear your pain on the jury duty. I was called to serve last year, and out of 300 people, they chose only six and took three days to do it! And your list is incredible. (your lucky nephew) Good luck with everything!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by on Vintage Monday, it is nice to meet you Laura!
My husband always gets jury duty summons, I have slipped through somehow...knock on wood.
Have a great week

Domestic Designer said...

Sounds like a busy week to me. Also sounds like that there is alot of happiness in your plans. Have a great week!


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