Thursday, February 4, 2010

Game Night

IMGP1158         This stoic face , the face of my father, is watching his grandson play basketball.

          I was sitting behind him poking at him, getting aggravated at the referees, aggravated at the fact that no one wanted my courtside analysis, aggravated that certain players on the court were not playing the way I wanted them too, and aggravated that the coach did not call time out and ask me what I thought.

        I was in HEAVEN.

        My husband and daughter #2 were sitting behind me, and my brother was sitting behind them.

        The game was the epitome of what I love about high school sports, small school gyms, and my love and respect for small, South Texas communities- far from ‘town’. 

        It was standing room only, more people than not had on cowboy hats and mud splattered boots-including a sheriff  (holster,gun and all), popcorn was popping in the concession stand, and technical fouls were called .  One player from the opposing team was even ejected.

        I was in HEAVEN.

        My father also had after the game plans.  Two of his hunting buddies were with him, and all three of their trucks, filled with barking, hunting dogs, were waiting in the parking lot.

        His plan?  He was headed to the nearby ranch that he managed for many years ,to his camp, to go cat hunting- that night.

        As I stood in the parking lot after the game watching his caravan of trucks, friends, and dogs pull out, I thought,

        I’m not the only one in HEAVEN.

        I am off to bake banana bread .  It’s game night tomorrow.

        Guess where?  Agua Dulce.




donna baker said...

Sounds like heaven, Laura.

trash talk said...

You sure can paint a picture...I can smell the popcorn and the mud! I bet your daddy is an Old Spice man like mine was!

Sandra said...

You need to write professionally! Great story. I love watching high school sports, too. I love to help the officials and coaches, also. Officials are so frustrating! xoxo

Theresa said...

Just seeing your Dad's face is heaven to me:) I love family ANYTHING! Sweet night and to end it with the sweet smell of banana bread, honey please! Have a blessed day dear Laura!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

I love this post...brings back memories. Nothing like high school anything! We share your memories! Linda

Deb said...

aint nothing better than living in Texas....

Dixie said...

Laura, I just love the way you tell the story of small town Texas. It is Heaven and WE do love it don't we... Our little town, population 1300, is filled with characters, cowboys and community picnics... thanks for telling our story so eloquently... hugs. Dixie

I Do Declare said...

I love high school sports! I'm such a nostalgic for everything you described!

Domestic Designer said...

Sounds like heaven to me!

June said...

I love this post so much Laura. It seems that we live parallel lives, only mine was a little before yours. My children are no longer in small town high school sports. My husband was always the officer in the stands, gun and all and hat of course. I know just the very feeling you are experiencing and is Heaven. I love my small town roots and when I drive to the school for an activity it takes me right back to my high school days. Yep, I went to school and walked the same halls as my children and now my grandchildren. Scary huh?
Thanks for reminding me of just how blessed I am.

etphonehome21 said...

One of the best basketball tournaments of my life was played in San Isidro. I almost got ejected and did fly into the bleachers. Good times.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Your post made me smile...and LAUGH!! I know that you and I would get along JUST GREAT!!

It's game night here too...and tomorrow!! I SO love hoops!!! In fact, I posted about it today too..on my blog.

Hope ya win!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Great post, Laura, I can see it all and hear that loud whistle. I especially like the stomping sound on the bleachers! Have fun Sunday!
Save me some banana bread!
love ya,

Jenny said...

Laura, another beautiful, thoughtful post. I love the way you write. I am putting you in my sidebar. Thank you.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for stopping by. The store has so many different items in the store, I could easily spend a fortune in there.
Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.


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