Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Are Not Breaking Up


        I have what I would describe as a healthy collection of milk glass. 

        Do you remember the state dinner metaphor and the silver plate? I have the milk glass to accompany it.

        I have used it, loved it, stored it, forgotten some of it (just being honest), and used it all over again, for years.

         I started collecting it at least 25 years ago, and at first I was so excited to find it inexpensively- I was not very discriminating.

        In fact I have many white florist vases to show for that zeal. 

        I graduated to opalescent pieces, but although stunning when held up to the light, I set out to collect solid, opaque pieces, larger in scale.

        I began the search for cake pedestals and bowls, and ice cream dishes to match my mother’s, and 12 place settings of dinnerware, and pitchers and matching goblets.


        (This is not a lead up to a decision or an announcement that I am ending this relationship and getting rid of it all.)

        We are not breaking up.

        How would I set the table for spring table settings, or a white Christmas, or baby showers in my home, or pour the cream into my coffee every morning of my blessed life?

        I used my milk glass at my daughter’s wedding reception, I have hauled it to other friends’ homes, and when I have found new pieces (the photo above is a piece I found at the flea market two weeks ago), I have joyfully bought them to share with my daughters who are also collectors.

        As I look at things to place in my booth at the antique mall, I realized that the size of the party I would be having, to require the use of 3 milk glass punch bowls and matching cups might indeed be a tad LARGE-

         But… there is always the chance…


I am linking to White Wednesday at Faded Charm.


Karen said...

Laura, please drop by sometime to see the milk glass that I bought at Memories recently. I'm so excited about them and hope to get to "play" with them before too long. I have not studied milk glass at all even though I have a decent collection, but I'm getting there.
Milk glass punch bowls? My mother somehow lost her's so sadly she did not have one to pass down to me, but someday I hope to find one.
Love your posting.. as usual!
Ladybug Creek
P.S. Trey was awesome last night. Go Tigers!!

Simple Home said...

I love the look of milk glass but I only have a few pieces. How wonderful to have so many that you can use and share.

Julie Harward said...

I don't have even one piece of it, that shows how unaware I was! How fun to do that with your daughters...you must all have a ton of it! :D

donna baker said...

Laura, I just found two small (8") milkglass pie plates. They are too cute.

Theresa said...

I have some milk glass also... just not that much:) I have a pitcher and glasses that I have displayed on my china cabinet. Enjoy your day and perhaps I will start looking for more pieces. Enjoy your day dear Laura!

trash talk said...

I think I have told you I have half my mother's collection. There is just something about the weight of the Westmoreland pieces that I love.
P.S. I think a prearranged betrothal is just the ticket!

I Do Declare said...

I adore milk glass! I just started collecting it last year!

France Guérin said...

Just love it!
But no more space for it!

Jenny said...

Beautiful post. Glad to see the counseling is helping your relationship. ha

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

I enjoy the milk glass, too, as well as lots of white and creamware. It is so soothing and clean looking! Glad you are not breaking up : )

Miss Gracie's House said...

PRETTY! It is fun to collect that which we love and use, huh?! Happy WW!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I do like milk glass, but don't own any yet. You see I said yet. I believe I need to get a few pieces. It is very pretty.

Deb said...

I love milk glass too...and have several pieces...

June said...

Laura I love milk glass! My mother has several beautiful pieces. I only have one and it's nothing special, just beautiful. I'm glad you will be staying together. And I look forward to seeing more.
hugs to you,

Nancy's Notes said...

I have my mother's milk glass collection and love it! I do have to admit that it is stored in boxes at this point, I need to get it out soon! Not breaking up, a good thing.

Gay Vaughan said...

Laura, I am so happy you found me because I have so enjoyed your beautiful blog. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back often.

Faded Charm said...

I've always been drawn to white milkglass. Hope you had a wonderful WW.


Maree said...

Hi Laura, Hope all is well with you! You know I'm mbrinke at facebook if you use that...some people hate it, but I love being in touch with friends and family every day! I'm still here is you ever need me!;-)


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