Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daybook September 5, 2010



 a favorite tapestry in my home


Outside my window... it has been raining off and on all day.

  Fall may have arrived in other parts of the country, but it hasn’t arrived in my world yet.

It is trying.

It was 86 degrees this morning.

I am taking it slowly- not rushing the season.

The colors in my favorite tapestry are my version of fall for now.

From the learning rooms...  I am preparing for a new training that I will be doing next Saturday.

It is Day 1 of 6 days of Ginger Tucker’s First Year Teacher Academy.

I will be presenting on The Effective Teacher and on Legal Issues. 

I also have 11 interns (beginning teachers) this year, and I have enjoyed my campus visits.


From the kitchen... I am being intentional about using what I have before I buy more.

I haven’t been perfect.

Even though I have a ‘not my favorite’ (as my grandson says) bag of coffee in the pantry, I purchased a pound of Community Club Columbian this morning at Target. It was on sale for $4.99.

After several cups of it tomorrow morning, I may be playing an accordian on the roof.

Coffee in the morning is one of life’s great pleasures.

I am wearing... a house dress (knit, tropical print) a la Mrs. Roper.

I am creating... an ongoing list for fall planting.

I am going... to find dark charcoal bath towels for our youngest daughter who will be moving soon.

I am reading... (this evening)  The Hunger Games. I wish Kaye Gibbons had a new book.

I am hoping and praying for... health and peace for family members and friends.


I am hearing... the sound of a television show called Making the Cut (about Ranger School).

Around the house... I am going to clear away magazines- again.

One of my favorite things...laughing at my father’s theories about the economy, the drug wars, WalMart, keeping coyotes out of your yard,

and Al Dean and the All-Stars (a country western band).


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Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Been thinking about you darlin'. Hope you are feeling peace today. I agree with you about the coffee! I often go to bed at night looking forward to the morning cup.

NanaDiana said...

Laura, I see there is another coffee addict in the house...guess we can add Jayme to it to as I read her above post!

You sound a bit happy/a bit sad/ a bit sound like a normal woman at the end of a busy day!

I love your old tapestry. It's beautiful! Diana

Sandra said...

I truly love my morning coffee friend. It's the little things, right? xoxo

Lisa said...

I love wearing house dresses! There. I admitted it. When did we get old enough to wear house dresses? It happened over night.
PS The tapestry is beautiful!
PSS I am smiling as I think of you on the roof with an accordian. :)

joanne said...

drinking coffee in your Mrs. Roper dress huh? Sounds like a great start to the day...

Theresa said...

I enjoy my morning coffee too! I try really hard to use up stuff before buying more! Kind of a game to make casseroles out of pantry goods!

Have a blessed day my friend! Hope it cools off a little for you!

Pondside said...

I really enjoy your Daybook format. Always eager for new book recommendations, I'll look for The Hunger Games.

Debbie's Garden said...

With fall (which we are having here in Chicago this week) I have put myself on a financial "diet". Christmas is coming and I'm trying to prepare a little. But, I do believe in my favorite coffee, expensive or not. Don't ever feel guilt over treating yourself to that one little happy!
House dresses - when did this new love sneak up on me? I can just picture my Grandmothers wearing them.

I think getting older gives us a nice patina.

Amy said...

Mrs. Roper never knew how cool she was... I gotta find me some of those!

Olive said...

I always look forward to and then relish your daybook entries. I adore coffee. hugs♥olive

Janean said...

i think we have the same tapestry!!!! i have it hanging in my winding staircase in our lake home!!! i adore mine too.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee....especially that first cup!

CHERI said...

Enjoyed your post. Fall hasn't arrived here in south GA either but we keep looking for it! I have 7 young teachers to mentor this year and they are all just precious and so excited. I think they will all do a great job. I would love to hear what you do during the year (other than training). I'm the only one here who has ever had this job and they don't give me any direction!!! Glad they trust me but I'm always looking for new ideas!

June said...

Hi Laura,
I haven't been near a computer for the last few days and just had to get on=line and see what you were up to. I love your daybook entries. Call me nosey, but I love seeing what my friends are up to. I can see that you have definitely been accomplishing more than me, that's for sure!!!
Can you believe that it was 33 degrees when I got up this morning? I think I want to trade your 86 degrees for my 33. I went out at 1:00 am to cover the garden, because I forgot to do it earlier. I was a little afraid, being out there all alone (the veggie garden is out by the pasture and Dale was on duty), but then I heard the hooting of an owl and the whinny of the horses and knew I was in good company. It is too early to be having to cover my vegetables already!!! I want Summer back. Maybe we could do a house trade this Winter????
Love and hugs to you...

Entertaining Women said...

Thanks for the dress a la Mrs. Roper. I wondered if I might agree with your Daddy on his take on the economy, etc. I enjoyed your post...a nice moment in my day...Thanks! Cherry Kay

Sue said...

I think I rushed the season a bit by putting up my fall things over the weekend. But, I have my dad coming for a couple of weeks and I knew I wouldn't want to do it while he was here. I sorted and pitched a ton of magazines yesterday. I love it when I do that!


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