Monday, October 25, 2010

Favorite Fall Fragrances


Oh how I love a sweet smelling house, especially this time of year.

These are my favorites.

Orleans Cinnamon Orange Candle

I first discovered Orleans Cinnamon Orange at a Christmas Shop in Plano, while visiting our youngest daughter who lives there.

I almost swooned.

That’s a great word, isn’t it?

After all, my nickname, originally given to me years ago by my friends JB and Debbie,

is Laura Belle-

or Belle for short.

Swooning is my game.


Slatkin and Co. Leaves Candle

This is a newly discovered favorite.

I bought this at Bath and Body Works, which I always want to call

Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The scent is pretty strong, but I am not really into delicate…


Pier One’s Asian Spice

This is an all-time favorite.

My friend Anna and I can have an entire conversation about

Asian Spice.

You must try it ( particularly the room spray).

It is also affordable.


Claire Burke’s Original Vapourri

I love this room spray because my mother used this.

It makes your house smell wonderful.

You may not recognize the packaging shown (I didn’t), but it still the same fragrance.

A few minutes before a get-together at my house, I like to open the front door and spray outside.

Then people smell it as they reach the front door.

clinique elixer

Clinique Elixer

This perfume is not new or modern but once again,

I love it because my mother wore it.

In fact,

after she passed away,

I wore her robe because it smelled like her.

It smelled of Clinique Elixer.

smell of christmas

Aromatique’s The Smell of Christmas

I can’t live without this.

I stockpile candles, room spray, and bags of potpourri at after Christmas sales.

I am hoarding some small bags of simmering potpourri, which they apparently don’t make anymore.

I am desperate.

It is bagged in tiny cotton sachet bags.

If you see it anywhere, just email me.


What are your favorites?



Pondside said...

They all sound wonderful! I will have to give some of them the sniff test! My favorite scent is lavender.

René said...

I have always loved Claire Burk Original and try to keep a bottle on hand at all times. Thanks for sharing the others too.


ChRiS said...

clove anything with clove and i love a strong spice scent....clove is very hard to find so i grab when ever i see it. some of these sound very interesting and only heard of 1 or 2 of them.

Theresa said...

Oh I will try these! I keep Bath and Body Works... Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin wallflower plug-ins! I stockpile them and the smell is heavenly! Can't wait to look for some of your favorites! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Karen said...

There is NOTHING that will make me go off my budget than a great scent... room or body! Claire Burke Original is one of those. Also, their Christmas scent from so long ago I bought it at O-Kay's original location on 10th Street McAllen. Still have it!! Probably doesn't smell that great now since that was over 20 years ago (I'm pretty sure). But I keep the bag to remind me of wonderful Christmases with my family.
Thanks, Laura!
Ladybug Creek

trash talk said...

You and the picture in my head of you wearing your mother's robe. I did the same thing.
Aromatique's Christmas blend...
Tyler Candle Co.s High Maintenance...surprised?
Henri Bendel Home Fig candles AND room perfume (I should own stock in this one)!
Finally...Savonnerie de Bormes linen water...the packaging alone is worth the price.
P.S. I guess the days of a home smelling like Lysol are gone, huh?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that word, swooned. That is so me and I've been known to gasp in delight when something touches that place in my heart that makes all my world glow.

I am definitely a scent person and I'd love to try that Christmas scent now that the holidays are approaching.

Olive said...

Go ahead and get ready to laugh at me but it is Murphy's Oil Soap. I clean my floors with it and love that clean wood smell. Not perfumey. I do not like perfume except for Fresh Sugar Lemon but I rarely use it. I dusted and mopped the entire yellow house yesterday and it smells wonderful right now...yes I am a freak.

NanaDiana said...

Oh-I am with Olive above- I love Murphy's Oil Soap too. I use it on all my wood floors. all time favorite scent is Claire Burke's AppleJack for Fall. And I love her Christmas Memories. Years ago, just before Christmas, we had moved to a new home (old but new for us). My daughters were teenagers. I put all the Christmas stuff out and they said several times that it just didn't "feel like Christmas" at the house. They went shopping with friends and while they were gone I found my Clarie Burke's Christmas Memories and sprayed a bit of it around. When the girls came home they were walking around a bit and then both said at almost the same time...You know, Mom, I guess it really DOES feel like Christmas here. Because I had sprayed that scent in my house for all those years the girls associated Christmas with that smell. It's amazing how a whiff of some scent can transport me back to the time and place that that particular scent was emited. For instance, Old Spice always reminds me of my Father. Great memory producing post- Hugs- Diana

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Thanks for sharing your list of 'favourites'! This is definitely the time of year when I start bringing out the candles because I'm stuck in the house more often than not.

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh girl these are some of my faves too.
I have the B&B Leaves in a spray and it goes a long way!! A dab will do ya! :)
I do the spray on the porch when guests are coming too..tee hee!
Love me some Claire Burke anythang and try to stock up when it goes on sale after the Holidays.
I need to try and find the Orleans candle no..looks yummy!

Linda Jo said...

Ohhhh...I remember wearing my mother's robe after she died, too. sigh.... My daughter just gives me "that look" when I say "oh, I got this at Bath and Body Works"...when I meant to say I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Life is complicated.

Anonymous said...

I love the Aromatique brand and have been buying it for years. The fall fragrance is always my favorite and has huge chunks of fall foliage in it.


Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I adore the earthy smells of autumn.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I love this post. It speaks to me. I have the best sense of smell. I should have been a "nose"! I can smell the ingredients in perfumes, food etc. So thank you so much for the great suggestions of some new aromas to try! I love the cinnamon orange candle!

To answer your question~ you can just plant your mums in the ground. Water them in well. Don't cut them back until they are all dead. Then the stems will break off but leave the ropt in the ground.

When your mums come up in the spring let them grow until the 4th of July. At that time pinch off all the buds (or they will bloom in July). I simply cut mine back just below the buds. Then just let them grow and bud and bloom~ and enjoy!
Hope this helps!
xo Yvonne

June said...

Now I'm craving a litlle candle burning of my own Laura. It's just one of the reasons I love Fall. I feel like nesting a bit and making everything a little snugger.
Thanks you for letting us in on your faves.
Are you having a great Fall down there? I sure hope so dear friend.

Love the Decor! said...

My favorite fall is the Yankee spiced pumpkin and my all time favorite christmas one is also Yanke and it is called home for the holidays. Love them

Sue said...

I would love that first one. I get headaches easily, so I have to stick to "food" smells with my candles rather than perfume smells. So, I love vanilla, sugar cookie, pumpkin spice, banana bread...etc.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love wonderful scents! And Jergens lotion always reminds me of my mother.

Rustydiva said...

I am a candle freak!!!! Love "food" scents: vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon bun, cookie etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I have been recently addicted to scented candles too! I have been collecting them. I will be checking the ones you've posted soon.

jelly andrews said...

Whoa! It seems pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this one. This got me thinking. Maybe I should have one of those scented candles.


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