Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gardening Questions



Everything in my yard smells wonderful right now.

When our citrus trees bloom,

all is right in my world.


I never knew this crazy jasmine would bloom so profusely.

It is a plant that will not take no for answer.


Gardening Questions:

1.  What is a wax rose?

2.  How can I get lush,layered, dense beds of perennials

around the perimeter of my yard,

in a drought and hot temperatures,

without ending up on a stretcher?

3.  I have had more thorns in my feet and hands

this past month than I had my entire childhood.

4.  What do you wear on your feet when you garden?

5. Do you think the lines of character (wrinkles)

on the face of a gardener (me)

add character?

6.  Do you ever wish it weren’t dark outside

because you wanted to go out

and work in your yard?

7.  Who is going to unload the 20 pieces of limestone

I have in the back of my poor,

mistreated Tahoe?


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Olive said...

#1 no idea,#2 when you find out tell me,#4 tennis shoes or flip flops, #5 adds character, #6 not usually, #7 you need some helpers

Deb said...

1. I don't know what a wax rose is
2. I wish I knew you know this Texas heat
3. me too....
4. flip flops or tennis shoes
5. they have to be charachter...please tell me that's what they are...
6. all the time
7. one at a time....just one at a time...

Emily said...

I'll have to see where you live, but here in Kansas we can have very hot and dry summers. Echinacea (purple coneflower), Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan) and Lamb's Ear are some really great drought tolerant plants I grow. Peonies and Bearded Iris are great perennials too that require next to no maintenance. Yes, I do sometimes wish it weren't dark out :)

Blondie's Journal said...

I am so far from Texas, it's not even funny...I can only suggest you wear wellies or Crocs when gardening, they rinse right off.


Elizabeth said...

1. I'm guessing it is a rose that has waxy leaves

2. I want one too! I would say get someone to plant them for you and give them some lemonade!!!

3. OUch~

4. Chanclas.. aka flip flops or tennis shoes

5. Yes, they are beautiful.

6. Yes

7. The same person you get to plant the perennials!!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

You're so funny!
The answer to your questions:
1 Have no idea
2. Hire a gardener & pay lots of money
3. Not a question LOL!
4. usually my good shoes
5. of course!
6. Yep
7. Only 20?

Anonymous said...

Aye Laura, you do make me smile! Okay here goes.

1. sorry no help, I have no idea.

2. In Southern California I grow roses, shasta daisies, lily of the nile, geraniums, dianthus (lots)foxglove, pincushion flower, lambs ear, nemesia, gerbera daisies, azaleas, hummingbird bush and some ferns.

3. My feet get so rough in the summer that my husband says they could be registered as weapons when they brush him bed.

4. Old tennis shoes for the serious stuff. My feet tend to sweat in those rubber gardening shoes (was that tmi?)

5.Please...I stopped worrying because that added to the wrinkles. I just make sure I have sun block around my eyes. Note-This does not go well with the aforementioned sweating.

6. Yes, especially when that's the only time it's cool enough to want to work outside.

7. Oh Honey...

Hope this helps, Patty

Pondside said...

I can't help you with most of those, but I wear old runners when I garden, and often wish it were light so that I could get out and garden!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I have the gardening wrinkles...AND I am sorry to tell you that number 3 needs to be rephrased because it is NOT a question! Got it????;>) Diana

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, you funny lady!

Well, I have to hurry with this answer, have to head outside to do some planting. Do you know it may hit 93 today?

No clue.
Wish I knew.
Aww...so feel your pain.
Flip flops.
Yes, yes, yes!
Hire someone, life is too short to hurt yourself!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

1 I don't know.
2 Check out High Country Gardens for water wise, heat loving plants.
4 Sneakers and socks.
5 Yes.
6 Yes.
7 Not me.

Happy gardening!

Made In The South said...

WOW...first I love all the spring smells, my all time fave is when Camo Man cuts the yard for the first time. I just sit on the patio and sip on a Dr. Pepper. LOL
Ok to your questions
1. No sure..might have to google that one.

2.Plant sun loving lantana

3.Soak in a nice warm salt water bath

4.Flip Flops..too hot here to wear shoes

5.Yes character and says you have gardening wisdom!

6.Love my yard, but not enough to garden in the dark.
By the time its dark, I want to sit on the patio and watch fire flies

7.Bake the neighbor a cake and leave the back of the Tahoe open, maybe they will get the hint. LOL

Haave a great week...

Sharing with Sherri said...

Your jasmine looks beautiful Laura! Oh... I love it too when my citrus trees are in bloom too, they smell SO sweet...

To your questions...

1. I did a image search for a wax rose and found a photo of one that looked like it belonged to the cactus family...it also had the word (ginger) next to the name.

2. No idea! But on the south side of my house where it gets hotter than heck I have iris that seem to do well whether they get watered or not.

3. Hmm, you must be either trimming rose bushes or picking lemons! Those thorny lemon trees are treacherous!! Try gloves with rubber palms...

4. I like to wear rubber type flip flops in the summer that are easily washed off. I've also been wanting some garden clogs too!

5. If so, then my hubby must be VERY wise! Lol!

6. Yes! and thank goodness for outdoor lighting!

7. I find homemade cookies will get you almost anything you want!

Good luck, and Happy Spring!

deb mills said...

#4....this has been a subject of interest with my family that i just might do a blog entry on. the quick answer is "a pair of holey, falling apart slip-on sneakers".
#5...definitely yes.
#6...definitely yes.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

1 - I don't know but it sounds lovely.
2 - I don't know (sensing a trend here) but when you find out, please post it and I'll do the same here in my end of Texas.
3 - Ewww!!! Hate thorns - I ended up with a metal shaving in my foot last night!
4 - flip flops or crocs
5 - absolutely!
6 - never ;-)
7 - my last load of limestone was 3 tons - I hired someone!!

PS - Love the jasmine - what kind is it. It almost looks line some kind of honeysuckle...

Rosie@travel-i-tales said...

I checked out your post on your garden shed, and that is going to be my dream garden shed. I like your philosophy of 'simplify'.


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