Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are You Free For Coffee?


If my doorbell rang,

and you were really stopping by for coffee

this morning,

I would probably tackle you with excitement.

Can you imagine

meeting face to face?


The absolute first thing

I would want to talk about,

after pouring you a cup of Breakfast Blend,


the blessing of physical work.


After my post

 Anatomy of a Blog Post


I have been inspired.

Thanks to Pat


Corn in My Coffee Pot,

I have been reminded

of my humble roots

and the women in my life and family

who work/worked



Pat reminded me by
steering me to the blog

Dilletante Proprietor

and its owner


All I can say ,

after reading many of her posts

and learning about her idea of

the American Dream,



(in the words of my Grandmother Mills,

one of the hard working women in my life)

Lisa’s attitude about

work is a core belief

that I saw growing up.

It is not about busyness and calendars,

commitments or appointments,

stress or self thinking.

It is about


hard, exhilarating,

back breaking,



You must go visit Lisa’s blog.


Would you like another cup of coffee?

When can you come again?

How about next Tuesday for

our Virtual Coffee?

Virtual Coffee
Visit Amy at

Lucky Number 13

to have your next cup.




Olive said...

What does the Bible say? If you don't work you don't eat...a principle that is timeless. I always sleep so much better after long physical labor.

Sue said...

Great post. I'm not always all that excited about physical work and yet I feel so good when a hard task is accomplished. I'd rather just sit and chat over coffee:)

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Laura, I loved this.

BTW, I tried to go to Lisa's blog, but your link is not working. After a few minutes of scratching my head, I realized you're missing an "e" in your link address. Easy fix. :)

designchic said...

Great post...heading to check Lisa's blog!

NanaDiana said...

You had me at Breakfast Blend because I know a Starbucks name when I hear it! lol

I believe in hard work too...if there is one trait I cannot tolerate it is laziness...other than that-I am pretty laid back~ But laziness-whole 'nother story. This country was built on the hard work of our ancestors and I think it is our duty to be as industrious as each of us CAN be- realizing, of course, that there are those who CAN'T work for one reason or another. And, if that is the case, the WORKERS need SUPPORTERS so, you see, in my perfect world EVERONE has a role! GREAT POST, Laura! Pour me another cup! xxoo Diana

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

We do have it easy, for the most part in this modern world. I love a good hard work day myself. Love the feeling at the end of it, like I've been fully aired out. And the sleep that comes! Oh, the best! Now I'm feeling a little guilty here sitting on my butt surfing the net. Ah well, there is always tomorrow!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a great post! Hard work definitely leaves me feeling good but I'm afraid that I will never know the hard work of my Grandmothers.

Have a great week!

D.B. said...

I have done hard work in my past and will work hard when asked. I come from a long line of "hard working" women and men. Nothing like seeing the results of hard work. However, did you mention a second cup of coffee????

Lisa said...

Oh Laura, Thank you! I have a deep and abiding respect for all things "Grandma"...mine used to wake me up at 0' dark thirty to wait with the rest of the grandkids on the back porch...fresh, homemade bread would be passed thru the screen door one 2 inch thick slice at a time with a gob of butter and a little sprinkle of sugar...and then...work...I loved my Grandma...she taught me a lot of things...and I LOVED crawling into freshly starched sheets smelling like sunshine and running my toes around on the cool smoothness...after you washed your feet of course! no one was allowed in the bed til hands and feet were clean! My best memories are spent with her and her 1940's attitude and iron back bone...I hope, with all my heart that my Grandkids have those same memories...this world has become a "virtual" world...where you run around in your head 10-12 hours a day instead of around your yard! it is hard work too!

You are absolutely right...it is very satisfying...and I thank you and am deeply grateful for your recognition!

d e l i g h t said...

A very thought provoking and interesting post. There's nothing like good hard work. Love your blog. A new follower.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Laura--
How very sweet of you -- to send some ladies my way.
I too come from humble roots. My granny was a hard worker if ever there was one. So glad that you and I have that in common. As always, I love reading your blog... thanks again for the mention.


Pondside said...

Thanks for the coffee break and the great post. As my mum always said 'hard work never killed anybody' and she learned from her mum who raised 13 children, sold clothes door-to-door, bought and raised a cow, had it killed and then, by herself, butchered the meat and sold it. When she went to church on Sunday she looked like a lady of leisure.

Lisa said...

Pondside? How did they do that? butcher...raise 13 children...and still look like a fresh summer rose without a speck on them? I would love to master that for sure! LOL!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

It's 9:00 PM...too late for coffee for me! This is my first visit to your blog, and I've enjoyed browsing through!

ipad applications said...

I like it.

Nancy's Notes said...

Truly profound Laura. Coffee with you, dear friend? Anytime.



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