Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Was Reminded


I was one of thirteen hostesses this past weekend at a baby shower for a friend’s



It reminded me of a few things.

I was reminded that…

*I enjoy working with a group of women on a mutual project.

*Yellow walls (which is what I have in my home) are a challenge to


*A delicious white cake is hard to find, but the young woman who baked this

has mastered it.

This cake was to.die.for.

I wish you could taste it. Your eyes would roll back in your head.


I was reminded that

*My silverplate cake pedestal from Casa Guero in Laredo has served me well.

Now I need to find a pave rhinestone cake server.

Who knew that existed?

Can you imagine?


*I was reminded by my friend Anna that you can

buy cut up fruit in a pinch.

This was delicious.

It had slices of fresh coconut.


*I was reminded that being a good cook is an art.





I was reminded I need to find





Privet and Holly said...

This reminded me that
I love a beautiful gathering
where you use all the
pretty things that you love.
After our last party, I vowed
Not to worry about putting
gold-rimmed china in the
dishwasher....Life is way
too short to not pull out
the stops for any reason.
Thanks for sharing what
you know : )

xx Suzanne

NanaDiana said...

Laura- It looks like it was beautiful and everything turned out to be perfect-just as it was meant to be! I always loved entertaining-especially large groups! lol I think I feel a party coming on as soon as our weather cooperates. Hugs-Diana

trash talk said...

If anyone ever comes up with a perfume that smells like white cake with buttercream frosting...I'll be first in line to buy it. Better yet...make it a man's fragrance and I'd be all over C.D. like a cheap suit!
Listen very, very carefully. I.want.every.single.recipe for what's on that table. I'm not kidding. Do it for me and you can forget all about bribing me with tamales. Those salads are absolutely gorgeous!

Karen said...

It was amazing!!! You beautiful Valley women have proven once again that the lovely art of celebration and entertaining is alive and well.
Job well done!
Ladybug Creek

Darla said...

Must have been some shower! Everything looks beautiful and delish!!

The Green Pea said...

The table of food is beautiful. It that a potato salad with tomatoes? You should post that recipe.
Are most of the dishes American Fostoria? sandi

June said...

What an awesome spread. WOW! It looks like you all have mastered the art of entertaining, my friend. What a beautiful table this was!!!!! Not to mention...delicious!
sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

Laura it looks fabulous. I agree...I'll be waiting for the sequel post entitled, The Recipes. It all looks so delicious! You Texas ladies really no how to pull out all the stops.

Loui♥ said...

The photos are DIVINE!
my mouth is watering..
I've not had breakfast yet..
am like all the others..
anxiously awaiting your posting of ..
warmest hugs..

Rustydiva said...

Remember when showers were just cake and punch? Birthday parties too! I'm drooling over that silver cake stand - gorgeous!!! It's all beautiful.

Debra@CommonGround said...

How Gorgeous, Laura. it all looks delish and I'm in the same boat with Debbie, although I have found candles that smell just like white cake. Trouble is they make me soooo hungry. You "do" a great party Laura! xoxo Debra

Olive said...

I cannot get your images to pop up but from your post and the comments I get the idea and I know you threw a Texas sized shower. There is something seriously special about the fellowship of women. ♥O

Theresa said...

Thanks a lot Laura for getting my mouth watering:) YUMMY dishes, all of them! Love the variety of goodies and the dishes holding them are gorgeous! That cake looks delicious, I hope you saved me a piece!

Have a blessed evening, gotta go get something to eat! HUGS!

Blondie's Journal said...

It was interesting to see food and salads that look to be so different from what we serve up North. All of it looks delicious, by the way. And beautiful!


Nancy's Notes said...

Everything looks scrumptious and absolutley beautiful the way it was all presented! Impressive Miss Laura!


Marigene said...

I can hear that table groaning from here!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Beautiful presentation...the food and your descriptions!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, brought back such fond memories of all the fun gatherings I have hosted over the years here in our home. Don't have too many occasions for bridal parties any more or baby showers, but still enjoy just gathering friends for a good time over a good meal.

Always love your simply gorgeous entries!

Marguerite said...

I just love baby showers and what a great job you and the other 12 hostesses did! Gorgeous spread and I would love to try everything! Beautiful! And that dessert looks sinfully delcious!

Renée Finberg said...

what do they say?....
presentation is everything?

yes it is!
oh my, what a lovely affair indeed.
thank you

Rita said...

You had no trouble photographing those yellow walls! You did a superb job with all the photographing! And that food looks simply delicious,especially in that last photo! Wow, what a spread you ladies had. I know you enjoyed it all. I love a beautiful table full of scrumptious dishes!

Bonnie said...

Just catching up on the 900 blogs to read in my google reader since I have been out of town and read this post. Your food is so beautiful and inviting and I laughed at your comment about looking for comfortable shoes. I do agree and they are so hard to find!!

The Coffey Grounds said...

Thank you for posting pictures of the beautiful shower. As we are approaching our first grandchild soon, girlfriends and family members are gathering together this coming Saturday to shower my daughter with love. The cakes looks so yummy. Is there any chance of sharing that recipe with us. The salads look delicious too. I really enjoy your blog.
Liz from sunny Mesa Arizona


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