Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Daughters: Design 101


Dear Daughters,

Here is a list of my favorite

beliefs about



*  The best house , the perfect house

is the house you can afford.

Our condemned HUD listing of a house,

that your grandmother suggested we consider


as a fixer upper 21 years ago,

has treated us well

everyday we have lived here.

Always take a second look. You never know.

*  There are no rules in my kind of design;

however, there is

common sense .



* For example, 

low table- tall lamp,

tall table-low lamp.


*  In your home, give people what they need:

an end table to set a glass on-

a lamp to read by-

an ottoman to prop their feet on-

a rug to walk on. 

* Let candlesticks be candlesticks and lamps be lamps-

the two aren’t always a match-

as in a candlestick lamp.

Their skinniness will challenge whatever anchor you are trying to create.

I know firsthand. I am staring at two right now that need to be retired.

*I love symmetry.

There , I said it.

It really

*  Buy every over-sized mirror

you can find,

(Or buy the frame and add the mirror).


(waiting to be hung in the Nap Room)

*  If something seems wrong in a room,

you may

need something round.  

The shapes in a room shouldn’t look like

a warehouse full of crates

(as in non-stop rectangles).


* Shopping in a retail furniture store is not in your genetic code.

(but you already knew that).  


*  You can never have too many chandeliers.

(waiting to be hung in the Nap Room)


*  See through coffee tables are usually the prettiest. 

*  There has been way to much made out of

‘letting the eye travel from high to low objects’

around the room.

My advice?

Ask yourself what happens when

your eye


That is the true test.

*  The absolute best bang for your traditional decorating buck


blue and white porcelain

blue and white dishes

silver plate

cut glass

mirrored place mats

black lampshades

old school brass urns

ornate framed mirrors

anything urn

and an

an ivory upholstered couch


And finally,

as our family crest should say,


“…if all else fails, spray paint it white.”



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annies home said...

loved reading your post I believe you have a talent for breathing new life into old objects come see me at

joanne said...

I always love your Dear Daughter posts...full of great advice. Thanks for sharing it with all of us..;j

Deb said...

awesome advice...something we can all use...

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

This is so sweet, and so true!

Pondside said...

Such good advice for all of us daughters, no matter how old or experienced!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great advice. And love the last tip. Ha! Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

Always Nesting said...

Yes! Great post and ITA about the spray painting. As I go forth and junk - it's the spray painting that can turn the corner on any potential treasure.

Karen said...

When are you going to make "Dear Daughters" into a book?? What a wonderful gift that would be. And can I be a daughter/recipient too??
Love your advice... and please keep us posted as to where that mirror is going... and who helps you hang your mirrors??
Ladybug Creek

Anonymous said...

sage advice plus an hysterically funny ending. I was nodding my head in agreement regarding the candlesticks and lamps. I once had two. Many years ago. They also had to retire. I heard they are now living in a condo in Miami. xo, Diane

Unknown said...

Great advice...the only thing I would add:
there should be something pretty to look at, from every vantage point, in a room.

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I agree with Karen! A book would be fantastic and I'd want a signed copy! I'm always so tickled, love the way you give advice to your girls, it's always just perfect advice and always a great post! Great photographs!

Linda said...

I love your "Dear Daughters" posts. They make me smile. :) A lot of truth to what you write. I like your first truth the best - buy what you can afford. That's the perfect house. Not what a lender told you that you could afford, or what you wish you could afford, but what you actually can afford without monthly stress. I firmly believe that. This is why we bought a small, comfortable ranch home 11 years ago - not the big dream house I would have liked, but it's what we could easily afford without being stressed every month. I've never regretted this solid decision. :)

Honey at 2805 said...

I love this philosophy! It's all great advice! Thanks so much for another Dear Daughters post!

Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. You are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Love this post. So many great ideas!


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