Friday, July 27, 2012

When Truth Meets Fiction Part II: San Miguel De Allende



When I am not running my bait shop in Southern Louisiana,

in my mind’s eye,

I can be found here,


San Miquel de Allende,

a beautiful colonial city in Southern Mexico.


Having visited there several times, I have had the luxury

of a few practice runs.

A day in my life there would include daily visits to the

mercado for fresh fruit and avocados,

and I’d be wearing my favorite San Miguel sandals -

which are perfect for walking the city’s cobblestone streets.

On my way there, I’d greet the store merchants who were sweeping

their front step.

”Buenas dias.”


I think my mother’s braids would be perfect, don’t you?


All I would need are these

a few of these,

this skirt ,

and these earrings.




Karen said...

Wait for me... I want to go! And where did you get those shoes????
Ladybug Creek

Honey at 2805 said...

From bait stand proprietor to San Miguel - I like all your make believe characters!

Theresa said...

Karen and Laura... pick me up, I wanna go too:) HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

Oh what a great place to spend some time. I love the whole scenario! xo Diana

Loui♥ said...

I want the shoes..the bracelets..let's all go!!

Bliss said...

I volunteer to run to the market for you. I promise to pick the best avocados and I'll even make them into salads for you. And me. Yummm.


Pondside said...

Can I come along and carry your market basket

Deb said...

sounds perfect....

Patty said...

Laura, you need to go on a trip with friends of mine. Their second business is taking small groups into Mexico for historical and cultural tours. He is a professor and author with 20 years experience with these tours, which he now takes with his wife. I was trying to find the website for you but my computer won't let me go to it right now. If you might be interested, the name of the company is Tierra del Sol. His name is Ward Albro. They took the last year off, but they will have two trips to Oaxaca this year, one for Day of the Dead, and the other at Christmas. They go to other areas as well, so you may find them going to San Miguel when you're ready !

trash talk said...

Make sure you get two sets of for you and one for me. I want to look like Wonder Woman too!

Pura Vida said...

Doc Hollywood:
"Slide a bit Nancy Lee...I'm coming with!"

David said...

I enjoyed your writing here. Clearly you've also been biten by the San Miguel bug! This town is truly a magnificent location, and is becoming a locale of choice for American and Canadian expats. There are upwards of 12,000 permanent expats that live here. Culture abounds, and there is extremely active social calendar. There are easily forty or more art galleries in town. The climate is among the best, with warm, dry temperatures year round. Also, San Miguel is a very, very safe place to live, and the local community is extremely welcoming and friendly Real estate here is among the most beautiful in the world, and your dollar can buy you so much more house than in the States or Canada.


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