Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Post 2012


Dear Friends-

The post below had the highest number of page views this past year,

and that tickles me because the message I have shared here really speaks to

who I am and how I feel about home design.

I also get tickled when I see the term DIY.

When I see that, I always want to laugh and shout,

“…for goodness sake of course I am doing it myself”-

but I digress.

Enjoy this re-post and thank you for reading it the first time.

It is a Dear Daughters post .


blue and white bedroom


There really is no mystery here.

I promise.
In fact your eye is far beyond mine was at your age(s).
Let’s pretend you asked my opinion about design anyway…

Here are a few


Key Point #1:  In the world of daily real world design (where we live), I have realized

that a key distinction (in addition to talent and training) that separates confident, successful

and even professional  designers

from you and me



They are simply confident in the doing of it all.

My recommendation when you are standing in the middle of your living room feeling doubts?

Think ‘this is not world peace.’

Key Point#2:    My confidence is not really confidence.
It is rather

the mother of invention,

the shoestring budget,

the sciatic nerve pain from moving furniture for a million years with my hips because I just HAD to try it right then,

the shouting, when in a bind on a step stool with small sharp nails in my mouth, to anyone who will listen,


the avoidance of furniture stores,

and the pleasure I find in seeing what you do.

blue and white bedroom 3

Key Point #3:  You do not have to know what you like.

Like it all.

You know how we gravitate to the diverse anyway?

Your home is your love of diversity with a roof.

It is what we do-

as in invite everyone.

Be very, very glad I realized early on

that nothing good could happen in a world of cookie cutter harvest gold and avocado green.

I so cookie cutter tried.

blue and white bedroom 2

In 1958, when Nonnie (my mother) painted her kitchen at the ranch

bright white,

with white cabinets,

used black wrought iron pulls,

and installed red formica countertops,

she wasn’t looking for like minded people.

How can you dance in the kitchen to Ray Charles

if it looks like everyone else’s?

Love, Mom




NanaDiana said...

I love this post and I love what your Mom did in the 1950's. What a great gal!!! xo Diana

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Beautiful post, Laura. Happy New Year!

Theresa said...

Love it dear Laura:) You are just precious to me! Love your Mom's decorating technique:) Sweet! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Great post, Laura! I wish you a very happy 2013.

Donnamae said...

It's just as great a post the second time around. Should be required reading every once in a while, to keep us all centered! Happy New Year Laura! ;)

Bliss said...

Making Whoopie or Georgia On My Mind?

Happy New Year Dear Daughters Mom.

The Charm of Home said...

Your "Dear Daughters" post are precious! Love this one and the memories you share! Happy New Year!


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