Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ranch Recipes # 11 Queso Blanco Con Espinaca


My mother was a master at creating delicious appetizers

during the holiday season,

and in honor of her feisty spirit, creative nature,

hard work ethic,

great mothering,

and courage,

I’d like to introduce a young woman who has all of these traits and more:


Heather Broughton Marks.

Now meet her recipe for Queso Blanco Con Espinaca

(which translates to

White Cheese with Spinach)

and is a new honorary member of

Ranch Recipes.

Prepare to be catapulted into another dimension of

melted cheese/chili con queso wonder.


Queso Blanco con Espinaca

2 small cans green chiles

1/2 small can of Herdez salsa verde

fresh spinach (stems removed, half bag or to taste)

1 pkg cream cheese

1 large block of Velveeta (or HEB brand) queso blanco, cubed 

Marvel of marvels,

who knew Velveeta came in white???

Add items to a crock pot or microwaveable bowl in the order listed above. Heat  and stir until smooth.
*Can be thinned out with milk or cream, if desired
**Chopped jalapenos can be added for extra heat



Thank you Heather for contributing to Ranch Recipes.


Stacey said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll definitely save this one.

We have decided to have mexican fiesta dinner on Christmas day. By the time that day gets here, we will have had the traditional dinner twice. That's good. :)

Marigene said...

This is one of my favorite dips!

NanaDiana said...

Oh! That sounds good! You mean Velveeta comes in WHITE cheese? Seriously? xo Diana

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds and looks wonderful - wish I had a big serving right now! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Lorilee said...

Looks and sounds delicious. I didn't know velveeta came in white either. Bookmarking this one!

Bliss said...

If it's something my family loves, it's cheese anything, so pinning this.


Grey said...

I am always happy to have a new yummy recipe. Thank you!


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