Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Daughters: My Un-Word of the year


Dear Daughters,

A very wise friend said the following to me recently,

after I re-hashed my usual laundry list of worries:

”Everything your adult daughters will learn about life and living,

from this point forward,

will NOT be from you.”

The need to teach and tell, to dig up ‘when I was your age’ anecdotes,

to tell it like it is,


”But I am a teacher, I am their mother, there are things I KNOW!”

”I have to tell them what I think!”

And then something broke loose-
and not because of my willingness for goodness sake.

I am, after all, the Queen of Balkers.

No, it was God again-

up in the sky with his jackhammer of help.

And as is always the case, with God’s jackhammer and the breaking loose of old habits and ideas comes understanding.

We all (including you, my adult daughters) have our OWN right to know.

So, my un-word for 2014, lived to the best of my ability, is to Un-Know.

I love you-

Have a great week,




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Linda Stoll said...

I love this, Laura! As a mom of 2 adult daughters, it's been good to let go of the teaching mode, and just kick back and enjoy the women they've become ... so much wiser and fun than I ever was at that age.

I want to be just like them when I grow up!

So nice to meet you today!


Nancy's Notes said...

You are a wise woman, a wise mother and a wise friend! Love this post, it's surely one that I'll think about!

Kim said...

My children are not adults yet, so I am still in teaching mode. However, even now there are times when I have to force myself to step back and be okay with them learning on their own...hard to do!

Pondside said...

What you've written is so very true, Laura. I learned from my mum that we don't need to say everything we are thinking. Sometimes my tongue is bitten nearly clear through, but better that than to have gone on and on!

Simply LKJ said...

Great post. While yes, God is ultimately in control I will disagree a bit. While you may not "verbally" be teaching them, you are teaching by example. That never ends!

Unknown said...

Wise words, I also had to take a step back, and that's when the most beautiful and blessed relationships with my daughters developed. We are now best friends. Thanks so much for visiting. I love a good estate sale, yard sale or flea market, even free is good. Have a blessed week.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Excellent post! I will have to remind myself to un-know, or just keep quiet, for my daughter and son to learn for themselves, and sometimes even teach me a thing or two.

Found this site tonight and just started following on Google Friend Connect.

Pura Vida said...

Listen perhaps????? Great lesson in un...


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