Friday, January 31, 2014

Easier than easy Fountain


This is by far the easiest fountain you will ever find.

And if there is a word that means easier than easy, it would be that too.

Once I ordered mine from Overstock and it arrived, all I had to do was place it across a container of water and plug it in.

The container I used is an old concrete water trough our daughters used many years ago to water their lambs for 4H.

(Just make sure you measure the diameter of your container before ordering.)

Here is the link.



Linking to Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time.

PS. I know the extreme cold weather has kept us all from starting our spring gardens, but we can plan, right?


    Simply LKJ said...

    Love fountains and running water. Our koi pond was frozen over this week. Lowes has roses out. So anxious to dig in the dirt again!

    Kim M said...

    I love easy! We have a pond on one side of our yard and I love to listen to the fountain. I would love to get something like this for our covered porch.

    My Garden Diaries said...

    Yes we can! And that fountain is the perfect way to get the garden started! So pretty! Nicole

    Sue said...

    Hi Laura...thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I love any type of fountain or running's so soothing to listen to...we have a waterfall spa attached to our pool that I could sit and listen to all day in the summer...only problem about every 30 minutes I have to go inside to use the bathroom...

    Linda said...

    I am going there now~~

    Pondside said...

    The sound of water in a garden is one of the loveliest things in summer. We put a fountain in the middle of our pond and it is very soothing. I like the bamboo!

    Sarah said...

    Love the sound of falling water. I'm off to look at these.

    Nancy's Notes said...

    What a fountain, Miss Laura! Oh I love the sounds of a waterfall! I love it if it's swishing, falling, swishing, bubbling, name the sound and I'm in heaven. So serene isn't it? Never to early to start the planning and I'm sure your planning will turn into something full of wonder!

    Jean Campbell said...

    I love the water dripping from a bamboo pole or what looks like bamboo. My birdbaths have dripping water but not a recirc; water is nearby but not electricity.

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