Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rose Panic

Roses From My Garden
There is so much to learn about rose gardening.
I feel so often that I am making it up as I go along, and I have so many questions, even though my roses previously grew and bloomed in spite of me.

I wish I could talk to my Grandmother Mills.
She grew all of her plants from cuttings and in coffee cans, and everything grew.

I went to the nursery this morning to look at rose bushes, and they were ALL gone.
I panicked and asked why?

A nice young man said, “M’am, people have already planted their new roses.”
“But it is still cold,” I said.
“M’am, that’s when they like it.”

So I went back home and looked through my giant stack of library gardening books for Southwest gardening (note to self: get ONE book next time), and I quote:
In January, roses transplant easily on cool days. Choose a cool cloudy day. Lift the plant and inspect the roots carefully. Remove any diseased or dead roots.

Dust the roots with sulphur to help heal small lesions and prevent rotting problems.  (Month by Month Gardening in the Desert Southwest)

At which point my roses from our old house shouted across the miles:

“Mister- she’s not going to do all of that!”
Well, I never.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

The answer is clear. You must move to Canada. That will give you a couple more months before you should plant.

Simply LKJ said...

I had a beautiful tea rose, that is until knock out roses were planted in the same vicinity...they cross pollinated! UGH. I really would love to plant some more. I did them at the nursery the other day. We have had warm temps however and everything is already blooming.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Oh- so sad---you will find some somewhere, I bet. I love roses and left most of mine at our old house. I am hoping when we move this time that I can take my scrambling New Dawn with me- it is always a showstopper.

Hope you have a good night! xo Diana

Cecilia said...

Oh dear, what ever shall you do? I still need to cut everything back - should have done it two weeks ago. I'm blaming the grey rainy days. Hope you find some roses!

Theresa said...

Well, I have planted roses at all times so you should be ok if you can find some:) Your thumb is so green, you can grow anything anytime! Enjoy your day dear Laura, HUGS!

Jeanie said...

I laughed when I read that in January roses can be planted on cool days. In January here we can't even break the frozen ground -- if we can dig out the snow! Ah, growing zones. Seeing these gives me hope for spring!

Creations By Cindy said...

I love roses. Wish I had a yard full of them! We usually plant nothing till Easter. My husband always says that we will have one more frost. I am hoping not cause I would really like to plant some things now. My hands are itching to be in the soil. I did not know that you could plant roses in January though. Good stuff today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Bonnie said...

If you find some,I think it'll be fine to plant now. It's not hot yet where you are is it?

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Truly?? How can this be? I am becoming baffled by all of these USDA planting zones. I agree with Bonnie, certainly you could still plant. Jackson and Perkins has wonderful roses and you could order them and have them shipped directly to your home!

Stacey said...

Laura, I love this so much!! I love that your roses spoke to you all from the distances. They will do that....when we moved from Oklahoma mine were speaking to me.

Order your roses and carry on, friend!!

Do you know about the rose rosette disease we have here in north Texas? It's a virus spread by mites that blow on the wind. It's terrible!! There were so many rose bushes all over our town 3 years ago but they are mostly gone now. I want to plant roses here so badly but just don't want to spend the money on them now since so many are dying. What's a girl to do? We bought 9 Rose Creek Abelias the other day that will go in the bed where roses should be.

bj said...

I do love roses but they are a little hard for me...I will plant only one...with mites and such, you can get a lot of money invested quick...Zinnias are sooo much easier...

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh---you are so cute! I've gone a little late to my favorite nursery, and certain plants and flowers were gone and not coming back. Hint: Go to eBay. Lots of good 'ol folk selling things they grew with their own two hands.

We have such a small window here, in which to plant. We can get a frost right up until late May. I'm getting braver and I'm not afraid to cover pots with plastic bags. I also mulch a lot. So if you hit the nurseries and big box stores in early June, you might have a limited choice of plant that have seen better days.

I miss your "dear daughters" letters. We both have two, right? Sometimes I feel they are guiding me through life, rather than the other way around. It's hard to get past their self-assured, all-knowing nature, with my experience and lessons learned without a battle, so it's like walking a tightrope.

Thanks so much for your compliments on my writing for the papers. I know you were an English teacher, so I appreciate the grade! It's very difficult. Most columns are essays that have to appeal to a large, diverse group. Total panic attack sometimes.

Let's give it a good shot, shall we?

Jane xxx

My thrift store addiction said...

You are so funny! True confession--I have 30+ rose bushes and have never planted in January. I have learned to prune them before Valentine's Day though. Best wishes on your rose planting adventures ;)

Pura Vida said...

My Great Grandmother and grandmother also had a garden full of green bean cans...I really love that! I have 3 very large rose hedges of roses that I bought after a late May freeze about 4 years ago at half price and planted them in the summer. They are all about as big as my fence now!

Katie Mansfield said...

I love this. I hope you find some roses. I'm out when something is too complicated. Thanks for linking up to Keep In Touch.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have a garden of yellow roses - they were planted when we bought the house - they do need special care and trimming all season long to be truly beautiful! It is worth it ♥

Sandra said...

Lindas rosas. Feliz fim de semana. Cumprimentos.


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