Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Changer

In retirement, I have discovered elements of technology that everyone else knew existed.

Our daughters aren't surprised at this late blooming. Our middle daughter, the librarian, has been our hotline, talking us down from all sorts of technology ledges for years.

the librarian: "Did you read the instructions?"

Us: "Uh, yes..."

Once while our oldest grandson was visiting, he shouted , "You mean the remote??", when my husband and I kept asking , "Where is the 'changer'?"

Our technology challenges are slowly improving.

When I discovered you could watch HBO's The Wire on Netflix last summer, I immediately re-watched all 5 seasons.

We have become so adept at navigating changers, we are re-watching things :).

My husband and I can now easily load and play a DVD most days.
The only time we have a problem is if anything goes wrong or when we try to answer the phone with 'the changer'.

1 comment:

Susie Q said...

LOL! You could be my sister...who keeps trying to turn off her TV with the remote for her car.


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